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All Of The Best Tokyo Disneyland Food

This article is your complete guide to finding all of the best Tokyo Disneyland food! I have been to Disneyland in Japan twice now and each time I come home, I’m already planning my next trip back. And a huge part of that is for the Tokyo Disneyland food! If I had to pick only one food to take home with me, it would be the Minnie Mouse Ice Pop! As we go through our list, you’ll see why Tokyo Disneyland food is so iconic.

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Ranking the Best Snacks in Tokyo Disneyland in Japan


When you think of Disney in Tokyo, iconic characters and out-of-this-world parades come to mind. But let’s be real. The number one thing we love to do on vacation is eat! And Tokyo Disney Resort food does not disappoint. From Mickey and Minnie-shaped items to unique flavored popcorn, both Tokyo Disney Parks have delicious food items around every corner. Below, you’ll find my ranking of all of my favorite Tokyo Disney snacks that I’ve gotten to try. But I’d like to let it be known that it was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to order these! because everything I’ve eaten there is so yummy!

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The Best Tokyo Disneyland Food

Mickey Glove Shaped Chicken Bao

Price: ¥600 / $3.90

Location: Huey, Dewey and Louie’s Good Time Cafe – Toontown, Disneyland

What to expect: The Mickey Glove Shaped Chicken Bao is quite possibly one of my favorite snacks at Tokyo Disneyland. Imagine a crispier, lighter, but more flavorful McChicken. This sandwich consists of fried chicken, lettuce, and a very thin layer of egg salad. What sets this sandwich..handwich?..aside from other snacks to eat at Tokyo Disney is the bun! Mickey’s Glove Sandwich captures the magic of Disneyland Tokyo food perfectly.

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Mickey Shaped Chicken Nuggets


Price: ¥400 / $2.65


What to expect: Perfect for a small snack, little ones, or someone who is looking for food for picky eaters at Tokyo Disneyland, the Mickey-Shaped Chicken Nugget is a classic snack with a Disney twist. As an American, I will once again relate this to a McDonald’s menu item, the McNuget. However much crispier and flavorful, these nuggets offer a familiar comfort food in an irresistibly fun shape, making them a must-try snack at Disneyland.

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Minnie Ice Pop


Price: ¥350 / $2.32

Location: Ice cream stands throughout Disneyland and DisneySea

What to expect: The Minnie Ice Pop is hands down one of the frozen treats at Tokyo Disneyland that I recommend trying no matter the temperature outside. There are two versions of this ice pop, the Peach & Rasberry Minnie Ice Pop and the Tropical Fruit flavored Mickey Ice Pop. I’ve tried both and while the Mickey version is tasty, the peach flavor really can’t be beat! As you’ll see, some of the best Disney Tokyo food is surrounded by character motifs!

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Green Alien Tokyo Disney Mochi


Price: ¥400 / $2.65


  • Pan Galactic Pizza Port, Tomorrowland – Tokyo Disneyland
  • Plasma Ray’s Diner, Tomorrowland – Tokyo Disneyland
  • Zambini Brother’s Ristorante, Mediterranean Harbor – Tokyo DisneySea

What to expect: The Green Alien Tokyo Disney Mochi are as adorable as they are delicious. These soft, sweet dumplings, inspired by the popular characters from Toy Story, are filled with custard, strawberry, and chocolate, making every bite a delightful surprise. While my personal favorite is custard, the strawberry flavor comes in a close second. The chocolate flavor isn’t bad! I’m just not a big fan of chocolate fillings and it feels slightly too much like chocolate pudding rather than filling. This quintessential Tokyo Disney snack is one of the most popular and you can get it in both of the Tokyo Disney parks!

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Tokyo Disney Mike Melon Pan


Price: ¥500 / $3.31


  • Sweetheart Cafe, World Bazaar – Tokyo Disneyland
  • Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery – Mediterranean Harbor, DisneySea

What to expect: The Tokyo Disney Mike Melon Pan is a fan-favorite Disney Japan snack. While you can get better versions of Melon Bread from Department Stores around Tokyo, this version is still delicious! This treat is a bread stuffed with cantaloupe cream and topped with a green sweet melon flavored pastry sheet. If you don’t like melon, I’d say to skip this one. But I love it so it made the list!

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Tokyo Disney Baymax Curry


Price: ¥1,580 / $10.47

Location: Center Street Coffe House, World Bazaar – Tokyo Disneyland

What to expect: For those seeking something savory, the Tokyo Disney Baymax Curry is a great and unique to TDL choice. I almost put the Peppered Pork Ramen from China Voyager in Adventureland as my savory dish, but Baymax is what really steals the show here. Not only is this fun to eat, but the Coffee House has comfortable indoor seating which is much needed after a long day of walking the park. The orange sauce is a chicken curry and the brown sauce is a beef curry. Both are delicious, not spicy, and the sweet potato heart really helps earn this dish a spot on our list.

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Yucatan Sausage Bread


Price: ¥500 / $3.31

Location: Expedition Eats – Lost River Delta, DisneySea

What to expect: I know, I KNOW. But trust me on this one. This is one of the most basic but DELICIOUS snacks at Disneyland in Japan. The Yucatan Sausage Dog is a flavorful twist on the classic hot dog. Located right across from Indiana Jones: Temple of the Crystal Skull attraction at DisneySea, my favorite part of this snack is the warm freshly baked bread the sausage is inside of. My morning routine at DisneySea is to rope drop Journey to the Center of the Earth, then ride Indiana Jones, and have this as my breakfast afterward. The line is usually pretty long for this Tokyo Disneyland snack but it’s worth the wait!

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Sea Salt Ice Cream Tokyo Disney


Price: ¥350 / $2.32

Location: Ice cream stands throughout DisneySea

What to expect: The Sea Salt Ice Cream Tokyo DisneySea is a beautifully balanced dessert. Some people may be put off by the salt aspect of this treat but let me assure you, it’s only the slightly bit salty. Inside the wafer sea shell is the ice cream and a sweet raspberry jam filling. The unique combination of sweet and salty is refreshing and makes it a beloved favorite among both tourists and locals! This snack should be on your list of must-try Disney Sea food.

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Curry Popcorn


Price: ¥400 / $2.65


  • Popcorn Wagon Next to the Trading Post, Westernland – Tokyo Disneyland
  • Popcorn Wagon in Front of Arabian Coast, Arabian Coast – Tokyo DisneySea

What to expect: Last but not least, the Curry Popcorn is by far my favorite of all of the popcorn flavors at Tokyo Disneyland. This savory popcorn is an addictive snack that you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again. This flavor, like most flavors of popcorn at Tokyo Disney, is unique to the list of Tokyo Disneyland popcorn flavors. It offers a savory twist on a classic Disney snack but still perfectly embodies the innovative snacks from Tokyo.

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BONUS – The Best Drink at Tokyo Disney

Coffee Tapioca Latte


Price: ¥600 / $3.90

Location: Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery – Mediterranean Harbor, DisneySea

What to expect: As the resident coffee connoisseur here at Theme Park Today, this is my favorite pick-me-up in either of the parks. It’s not necessarily a snack but I feel that more people need to know about this drink! Located to the right of the entrance to DisneySea, this latte consists of milk, clear boba, coffee syrup, and coffee jelly. This latte stands out as the best Tokyo Disney because it honestly is the only drink that’s not plain coffee. And not only does it taste great, it is fun to drink!

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Exploring the best Tokyo Disneyland restaurants and snack spots is a delightful way to enhance your Disney experience. Remember, every dish tells a story at Tokyo Disneyland, and those stories are filled with flavor, fun, and a dash of magic. So, come hungry and leave with memories (and tastes) that will last a lifetime!

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