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Complete Guide to the Best Places to get Coffee in Disneyland 2023

This article is your complete guide to the best places to grab Disneyland coffee in 2023! We’ve all experienced the rush of getting up before the sun, ready to start our magical Disney day. If you’re like us, you wouldn’t think twice about waking up at 6am, and rushing out of your resort to spend the maximum time inside of the theme parks. Once that morning excitement wears off, you might realize that you started your day without the most important part: Disneyland coffee.

Running around in theme parks, staying up late for nighttime shows – all of it combined could be making you wonder, “Where is the best Disneyland coffee?” Lucky for us, Disneyland knew that nearly every adult would be asking that question and has plenty of places to get coffee in the parks. Even if you’re a hot or cold coffee drinker, we have the perfect spots for you!

And if you’re a Disneyland foodie and looking for the famous Disney cocoa puff cold brew 2023, we’ve even got the scoop on that, so keep reading to learn more!

Best Places to Get Coffee at Disneyland Overview 2023


As adults who love going to Disneyland, weYou can also find delicious roasts in Disney California Adventure Park, Downtown Disney, and even the Disneyland Resort hotels. With how much there is to do in a Disney day, it was almost necessary to have Disney parks coffee for guests. Its not a secret of how good an idea it was to add coffee into the parks. Almost anytime you visit, you can see a long line at the Disneyland Starbucks, with guests needing their boost.

What are the best places for coffee in Disneyland?

  • The Golden Horseshoe – Frontierland, Disneyland
  • Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe – Main Street USA, Disneyland
  • Market House – Main Street USA, Disneyland
  • Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe – Buena Vista Street, DCA
  • Hungry Bear Restaurant – Critter Country, Disneyland
  • Red Rose Tavern – Fantasyland, Disneyland
  • La Brea Bakery Cafe – Downtown Disney District
  • Cappuccino Cart – Pacific Wharf, DCA
  • The Coffee House – Disneyland Hotel
  • Docking Bay 7 – Galaxy’s Edge, Disneyland

Where is the best place for a hot cup of coffee in Disneyland 2023?

  • Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe – Main Street USA, Disneyland
  • The Golden Horseshoe – Frontierland, Disneyland
  • Paradise Garden Grill – Paradise Gardens Park, DCA
  • La Brea Bakery Cafe – Downtown Disney District

If you’re looking for a plain old cup of coffee to make your morning brighter, look no further than these spots. All of these participating restaurants sell hot Disneyland coffee for guests enjoy.

What Kind of Coffee Does Disneyland Use 2023?

If you’re wondering what kind of coffee does Disneyland use? The official coffee supplier of the Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World, and Disney Vacation Club is Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. Of course Disneyland does have plenty of other coffee types throughout the parks including Starbucks.

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Where to Find Starbucks at Disneyland 2023


It has become a traditional morning routine to get your coffee on Main Street U.S.A at the Starbucks inside of Disneyland. It was a big win for Disney coffee lovers in 2012, when Disney decided that adding Starbucks into the parks would be a great idea. Thankfully this came after years of guests asking, “is there Starbucks in Disneyland?” Now we can say the answer is, yes! Disneyland was able to seamlessly incorporate the major coffee chain right into the park! You can get almost any Disneyland Starbucks drink just like you would outside of the parks. When it comes to coffee in Disneyland, Starbucks isn’t going to be your only choice when it comes to caffeine.

Where is the Starbucks at Disneyland 2023?

  • Market House – Disneyland, Main Street USA
  • Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe – DCA, Buena Vista Street
  • Starbucks Reserve – Downtown Disney District

There two locations to get coffee inside Disneyland, and only one location currently in Downtown Disney. This isn’t a bad thing tho! This Starbucks location is a Starbucks Reserve and is HUGE! We are hoping once the construction on Downtown Disney’s West Side, the demolished second location returns. If you’re like us, you’re going to pick up the best iced coffee in Disneyland and enjoy it in the hot California sun.

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Where is the Best Coffee at Disneyland 2023? – Top 10 Best Disneyland Coffee Spots Ranked

Before we dive deep into the best coffee in Disneyland Park, let’s do a rundown of the top ten in a quick list. Here are our top ten best coffee locations in Disneyland ranked:

#10 – The Golden Horseshoe – Best Black Coffee Disneyland 2023


Location: Frontierland

Price: $3.79

Mobile Order Availability: Yes

Overview: It may surprise some frequent Disneyland visitors that The Golden Horseshoe made our list. But we think the Golden Horseshoe is one of the best spots to grab a normal, plain ol’ hot cup of coffee at Disneyland. The only option here on the menu is “coffee”. Simple and straight to the point. If you’re looking for a pick me up with little to no line, especially if you take advantage of the mobile order option available at this location this is the spot for you.

Speaking of location, that’s the other reason it made our list. The Golden Horseshoe is situated close enough to the hub to warrant a visit for coffee. You can pick up your Disneyland hot coffee here and not have to plan it into your route to your next park activity.

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#9 – Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe – Best Iced Coffee Disneyland 2023


Location: Main Street, U.S.A

Price: $2.99 – $6.29

Mobile Order Availability: Yes

Overview: Jolly Holiday is one of, if not the most popular Disneyland quick service breakfast locations. With this title, you better believe they deliver some great brews for the morning jump start that guests are looking for. This isn’t a location that can make any drink you want. But it does have the standards for almost every type of coffee drinker there is. On this menu you can expect to find both hot and iced coffee, macchiatos, cold brews, and lattes.

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#8 – Market House – Starbucks in Disneyland


Location: Main Street, U.S.A

Price: $3.69 – $7.19+

Mobile Order Availability: No

Overview: This is the only Starbucks location in Disneyland Park! Like any Starbucks outside of Disney, you can get whatever your heart desires when it comes to customizing your drink. If you like consistency and not trying new brews, we recommend getting your daily boost here. You can get the same drink from this location as you can at your local Starbucks. The downside of this location is that this is where to get coffee in Disneyland for most guests. So expect a long wait!

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#7 – Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe – Starbucks in DCA


Location: Buena Vista Street

Price: $3.69 – $7.19+

Mobile Order Availability: No

Overview: This is the Starbucks location for Disney California Adventure! Both Starbucks locations made our list of best coffee at Disneyland list for those bean drinkers who don’t like change or to customize their daily brews! Not to say that there are no other options for coffee in California Adventure, but the options here are more limited.

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#6 – Hungry Bear Restaurant – Best Coffee Inside Disneyland 2023


Location: Critter Country

Price: $3.79 – $5.99

Mobile Order Availability: Yes

Overview: Tucked away in Critter Country on the path to Galaxy’s Edge, you’ll find Hungry Bear Restaurant. This location is mostly known for its loaded fries and funnel cakes. But you can also always get a hot cup of coffee at Disneyland here. But this location is on our list for its seasonal coffees and cold brews! Check the menu to see what the seasonal offering is, but we have yet to be disappointed! Some of our favorites have been the Honey Cream Cold Brew and the Snickerdoodle Cold Brew.

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#5 – Red Rose Taverne- Best Coffee In Disneyland and Cold Brews


Location: Fantasyland

Price: $3.79 – $6.29

Mobile Order Availability: Yes

Overview: Tucked away on the pathway between Pinnochio’s Daring Journey and the entrance to Frontierland you’ll find the Red Rose Taverne. A Beauty and the Beast themed quick-service location popular for the “Grey Stuff” treat, burgers, and flat breads. We love this location for it’s seasonal flavored cold brews! The seasonal flavors always give us the holiday feels but we also recommend their house “Taverne Cold Brew”.

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#4 – La Brea Bakery Cafe – Best Coffee at Disneyland for Special Blends


Location: Downtown Disney District

Price: $5.00 – $7.50

Mobile Order Availability: No

Overview: If the Downtown Disney Starbucks line is too long for you and you want your Disneyland coffee before you enter the park, stop in La Brea Bakery Cafe! This local chain restaurant’s Downtown Disney location has a full breakfast and dinner menu as well. This is a great way to spend your morning before heading into the parks. For coffee, we recommend their Silverback Single Origin Rwanda Coffee as it’s the only location to get that blend at Disneyland!

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#3 – Cappuccino Cart – Best Joffrey’s Coffee Disneyland 2023


Location: Pacific Wharf

Price: $3.25 – $7.25

Mobile Order Availability: Yes

Overview: This is the location to visit for the best coffee in California Adventure. This location has been here for a while, but in 2021 it reopened after the pandemic closure as the first Joffrey’s location at Disneyland Resort! The offerings aren’t the same as the Walt Disney World Joffrey’s locations, but they are amazing none the less! Not only can you get amazing specialty lattes and cold brews, but you can grab food items here as well! The rotating breakfast and lunch menus are a big bonus too.

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#2 – The Coffee House – Best Coffee at Disneyland Hotels 2023


Location: Disneyland Hotel

Price: $3.00 – $6.25

Mobile Order Availability: Yes

Overview: This is the hidden gem of coffee locations at Disneyland. The only catch is that its only open until 12PM! So if you plan on getting your brews from here, get there early! This location has every type of coffee you could ask for! Here you can find espresso specialties, cold brews, hot coffee drinks, iced specialties, and more! This location also offered grab and go breakfast options that you can take with you and enjoy it on your walk to the park.

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#1 – Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo – Best Coffee at Disneyland Resort 2023


Location: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Docking Bay 7

Price: $6.29

Mobile Order Availability: Yes

Overview: We know, why make the number one location not a coffee location? There’s only one answer. The Cold Brew Black Caf. This drink became so popular that it traveled galaxies and made an appearance at the Walt Disney World Galaxy’s Edge! But what makes this drink the best coffee at Disneyland? The cold brew fresh and smooth and is topped with a cream cheese foam and Cocoa Puffs!

We also recommend the newest addition, the Taro Cold Brew Disneyland Coffee! It’s the same nitro cold brew but instead topped with a sweet taro cream. But that’s our number one, so you’ve got to stop by soon and the get cocoa puff cold brew Disneyland coffee!

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Bonus: Where to Find the Best Disneyland Cold Brew 2023


Cold brew is growing in popularity, as it is one of the strongest brews you can get with super delicious and creative toppings. Disneyland has caught on to this trend and started creating seasonal cold brew Disneyland specials. Since we are Magic Keyholders and coffee lovers, we tend to try all of the new Disneyland cold brew coffee as we visit monthly and look for it!

Where to get cold brew Disneyland 2023:

  • Docking Bay 7 Cargo
  • Pym’s Test Kitchen
  • Red Rose Tavern
  • Starbucks

Docking Bay 7 Cold Brew

Docking Bay 7 is already on our list for the famous Disney cocoa puff cold brew, which is our favorite staple coffee in the parks. The new Star Wars Cold Brew which comes with Taro Sweet cream on top is the newest guest favorite in Galaxy’s Edge. We’re sure that the chefs at Disney are going to continue making specialty cold brew black caf Disneyland specialities to come.

Pym’s Test Kitchen

Pym’s Test Kitchen is a surprisingly great place for food and Disneyland cold brew coffee, and definitely on our list of best places. If you’re looking for just a plain, smooth cold brew coffee, or even Nitro cold brew coffee, Pym’s has just a delicious plain brews. As of late, we’ve also tried to butter pecan cold brew Disneyland coffee, which was a perfect seasonal treat.

Red Rose Tavern

The Red Rose Tavern has been a hot spot for Disneyland cold brew with seasonal favorites like their very own pumpkin spice cold brew Disneyland special. They also have a Halloween candy apple cold brew Disneyland, which is a special treat for those visiting during spooky season. During the summer you can find the caramel vanilla cold brew at Disneyland, which is a delicious staple for any park goer.

Honorable mentions for seasonal cold brew at Disneyland:

  • Disney California Adventure Festival of the Holidays – Churro Toffee Cold Brew Disneyland
  • Rancho del Zolcalo – Disneyland Horchata Cold Brew
  • Troubadour Tavern – Cardamom Cold Brew Disneyland

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Best Disneyland Coffee FAQ

Q: Is There Coffee at Disneyland?

A: Yes! There are a multitude of locations to grab your pick me up through the entire resort! Some are even the best coffee shops in Disneyland.

Q: Is There Coffee at Disney California Adventure?

A: Yes! Not only can you grab Disneyland Resort specific coffee blends. But you can also grab coffee from the Starbucks in California Adventure

Q: Where Can I Get the Best Coffee in Disney’s California Adventure Park in 2023?

A: The best drinks in California Adventure can be found at the Cappuccino Cart in the Pacific Wharf area of the park. It arguably is one of the best places to get coffee in all of Disneyland.

Q: What is the Best Place for a Hot Cup of Coffee in Disneyland 2023?

A: Every location that sells coffee at Disneyland has hot coffee. We would recommend the coffee at Jolly Holiday, The Golden Horseshoe, Paradise Garden Grill, or the La Brea Bakery Cafe. 

Q: What Kind of Coffee Does Disneyland Use?

A: The official coffee supplier of the entire Disney Company is Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. 

Q: What are the Starbucks Locations at Disneyland Resort?

A: You can find Starbucks in Downtown Disney, DCA, and the Disneyland Resort! 

Q: What is the Best Coffee Location at Disneyland?

A: We think the number one spot to get coffee at Disneyland is at Docking Bay 7 in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. 

Q: Where Can I get Coffee at the Disneyland Hotel?

A: You can get coffee at a multitude of locations but the best Disneyland coffee can be found at the Coffee House at the Disneyland Hotel. 

Q: Where to get cold brew at Disneyland?

A: Guests looking to find Disneyland cold brew should make their way to Docking Bay 7 in Star War’s Galaxy’s Edge where they can find truly the best coffee in Disneyland. There are two offerings of Black Caf cold brew with either cocoa puff or taro sweet cream topping.

What is the best coffee in Disneyland 2023?

  • Docking Bay 7 – Galaxy’s Edge, Disneyland
  • Market House – Main Street USA, Disneyland
  • Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe – Buena Vista Street, DCA
  • Cappuccino Cart – Pacific Wharf, DCA
  • Hungry Bear Restaurant – Critter Country, Disneyland
  • The Coffee House – Disneyland Hotel
  • Red Rose Tavern – Fantasyland, Disneyland

Your day at Disneyland doesn’t have to be sluggish, as we’ve clearly seen there are plenty of places to get your coffee fix. Whether it be you want it to be the perfect iced coffee in Disneyland, or a scrumptious coffee shake in Disney’s California Adventure, there is something for you.

We hope that this article helped you find your newest coffee shop in Disneyland and that if you’re heading to Disneyland soon that you have magical trip!

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