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What is Beverly at Epcot?

This article is your complete guide to the Beverly soda in EPCOT 2024. The Beverly Italian soda has been a little bit of a fun, but controversial topic surrounding Walt Disney World leaving guests wondering … what exactly is it?! Beverly is a bubbly, bitter soda that is meant to be an after-dinner aperitif to … Read more

What is Figment from Disney?

This article is your guide to answering your question of what is Figment? “With F.I.G.M.E.N.T. you can see things differently!” The Disney character Figment has been giving us tours through the Imagination Labs and delighting the hearts of everyone at EPCOT for over 20 years now. Many Disney World guests have no idea that Figment … Read more

What is Go Away Green at Disney?

This article is going to be your guide to Disney Go Away Green, one of Disney’s biggest secrets! Disney is known for whipping up magical solutions for constructing their parks. Go Away Green paint is a specific formula that Imagineers created to hide the appearance of infrastructure in the parks. There is also a shade … Read more

Our Favorite Food at Festival at the Arts in Epcot

Festival of the Arts is our favorite Epcot festival, and as self-proclaimed foodies, the food is the biggest draw. We’ve spent years as Annual Passholders going to FOTA (Festival of the Arts), and found that while the menus were smaller in 2024, the quality was by far the best. That’s why I am writing this … Read more

What’s the Latest with the Epcot Construction 2024?

This article is your complete guide to stay up to date on the latest Epcot construction updates for 2024! If there’s one theme park in the world that was built and designed to change, it’s Epcot. An ever-evolving theme park known for its celebration of human achievement and international culture. In 2019, Disney announced it … Read more