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What is Figment from Disney?

This article is your guide to answering your question of what is Figment? “With F.I.G.M.E.N.T. you can see things differently!” The Disney character Figment has been giving us tours through the Imagination Labs and delighting the hearts of everyone at EPCOT for over 20 years now. Many Disney World guests have no idea that Figment started as an educational cartoon character for an Epcot Edutainment (education and entertainment) short film series!

If you want to learn more about Figment the dragon, keep reading!

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What is the Dragon Figment?

Figment is the whimsical and magical purple dragon that has been the star of the show in the Journey into Imagination attraction at EPCOT. Since Disney’s Figment doesn’t have his own standalone movie, many Disney guests wonder where he’s from or why he’s there. It’s simple! He brings that “One Little Spark,” to the park and reminds guests of the magic we all have inside our mind. Figment is considered EPCOT’s unofficial park mascot since his debut in EPCOT Educational Media, which were short films made for schools.

Now, guests will find the Figment character still in the EPCOT attraction today! Since popularity of this Disney dragon has surged, we have now seen him being included on more park merchandise. There has even been two different popcorn buckets themed after Figment, and a character meet and greet!

He’s not just a figment of imagination; he’s the EPCOT dragon that has captured the hearts of many! Including ours, as Figment the Dragon has climbed to the top of our list of iconic Disney World characters especially if you visit for the Festival of the Arts, where he is the star of the show.

Where did Figment come from?

Figment was a part of an original story of the Dreamfinder, who was EPCOT’s original host of Journey into Imagination. The Dreamfinder created Figment from his Imagination, as well as, being the collector of dreams and an instructor of Imagination. Since refurbishment, you will now take the tours with Dr. Nigel Channing played by Eric Idle.

Figment is a figment of the Dreamfinder’s imagination; and according to his attraction’s original song, he’s, “two tiny wings, eyes big and yellow, horns of a steer, but a lovable fellow. From head to tail, he’s royal purple pigment. And there, Voila! You’ve got a Figment!”

What movie is Figment from?

Figment from Disney is not the star of an original Disney film, a fact that often surprises many fans. Instead, he was created specifically for EPCOT Education Media short films. The series was called “Language Arts Through Imagination,” which was a unique blend of animation and live-action designed to help teach kids basic concepts of reading and writing.

In these educational films, Figment would take on the role of a magical guide, inviting a group of children into his imaginative playhouse to explore the language arts. With his playful demeanor and engaging lessons, Figment became a beloved character, helping children understand complex ideas through fun and interactive storytelling.

Is Figment a dragon or a dinosaur?

Figment is actually a purple dragon at Disney with two tiny wings, large yellow eyes, the horns of a steer, and a crocodile’s snout. This unique combination of features makes him stand out as a one-of-a-kind creation. He is meant to embody a whimsical, magical dragon that could only be dreamed up, a true testament to the power of imagination.

As the Disney Figment mascot, he represents more than just a character; he symbolizes the creativity, innovation, and wonder that are at the heart of the Disney experience. His design was carefully crafted to capture the essence of imagination, and every detail, from his vibrant purple color to his playful expression, contributes to his charm.

That’s why we love Figment the Imaginary Dragon and how much thought was put into his creation.

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