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What is Beverly at Epcot?

This article is your complete guide to the Beverly soda in EPCOT 2024. The Beverly Italian soda has been a little bit of a fun, but controversial topic surrounding Walt Disney World leaving guests wondering … what exactly is it?! Beverly is a bubbly, bitter soda that is meant to be an after-dinner aperitif to assist with digesting. But in Walt Disney World, its found in Club Cool and used as a prank, test of endurance or just a unique soda to sip.

So, if you’re interested in learning about the Italian soda Beverly, keep reading!

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What is Beverly Soda at EPCOT?


Beverly is an Italian soda, made by the Coca Cola company in 1969. Currently, guests can find this soda in Club Cool at EPCOT, a small store that lets guests sip international soda for free.

Club Cool showcases Coca Cola’s international selection, offering 8 different sodas from around the world. But among this international lineup, the Beverly Italy drink is among the most popular … or infamous depending on who you talk to.

What does Beverly taste like?

The Beverly Drink flavor is extremely bitter, almost so bitter you miss out on the slight citrus-y notes it has. One of the main components of Beverly is grapefruit rind, which is what makes the drink so intensely bitter. Other that a slightly chemically bitter taste, the Beverly Italy drink doesn’t really have a strong flavor of all of it’s ingredients.

We cannot taste anything other than pure bitterness when we try Beverly, but it does have a citrus-y chemical aftertaste on the tongue.

Where can I find the Beverly Soda?

  • Club Cool at EPCOT: Head to Club Cool for a free soda tasting, including the infamous Beverly from Italy. It’s a cool spot to take a break and sample sodas from around the globe.
  • Coca Cola Store at Disney Springs: Head to Disney Springs for the day and enjoy the incredible soda collection among the other Disney stores.
  • World of Coca Cola Museums: Visit the World of Coca Cola Museums in Atlanta, Georgia, and Las Vegas. Explore the history and evolution of Coca Cola’s products, including Beverly, through an educational and tasting experience.

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Beverly Soda FAQ


Where is Beverly soda sold?

The Beverly soda was discontinued in 2009, therefore, you can’t purchase it outright anywhere (that we could find). You can still get taste of Beverly in a few locations other than Disney, like the Coke Museums in Atlanta and Las Vegas.

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