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Complete Guide to the Beverly Drink at EPCOT 2023

This article is your complete guide the Beverly soda in EPCOT 2023. The Beverly Italian soda has been a little bit of a fun, but controversial topic surround Walt Disney World leaving guests wondering … what exactly is it?! Well, as Annual Passholders we love taking a trip to Club Cool and giving that infamous Beverly Italia a taste, so we can tell you all about it!

So, if you’re interested in learning about the Italian soda Beverly, keep reading!

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What is Beverly Soda at EPCOT?


The Beverly Soda is an Italian carbonated soft drink created by Coca Cola in 1969, which is featured in Club Cool at EPCOT. The Beverly Italy drink is one of 8 different global Coca Cola creations offered for guests to try free of charge! The Club Cool Beverly is definitely the most controversial sample soda option, as it is extremely bitter.

The Italian Beverly Soda has become such a Disney phenomenon that frequent visitors often prank first-timers with the drink. So, if you’re reading this, be prepared if your friends ask you to try the Beverly at Club Cool. You’re going to get a mouthful of a bubbling, bitter beverage that you might want to spit out!

What does Beverly taste like?

The Beverly Drink flavor is extremely bitter, almost so bitter you miss out on the slight citrus-y notes it has. One of the main components of Beverly is grapefruit rind, which is what makes the drink so intensely bitter. Other that a slightly chemically bitter taste, the Beverly Italy drink doesn’t really have a strong flavor of all of it’s ingredients.

What is the history of Coca Cola Beverly?

The Beverley soda was the result of Coca Cola trying to change up ingredients and flavors to market to Italian citizens. It was in 1969 that Coke wanted to aim for its European market, where bitter aperitifs are popular. An aperitifs is thought to help with digestion and was often sipped before meals to aid in the process.

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Where Can I Try Beverly Coca Cola Soda?

If you’re visiting Walt Disney World and want to know where you can try Coke Beverly, you’re going to want to head into EPCOT park. There, you’ll find Club Cool, which is a Coca Cola sponsored store with a free EPCOT soda tasting. The Beverly soda Italy is one of a handful of drinks you can try within Club Cool. Don’t fret though, it isn’t the only place you can try this infamous drink!

Beverly Italia can also be found at the Coca Cola store at Disney Springs and the World of Coca Cola Museums in Atlanta, Georgia and Las Vegas.

What country is Beverly from?

The Beverly coke product was originally marketed for a European audience, specifically Italy. When you visit Club Cool, the infamous drink is referred to as an Italian Beverly soda for guests to try.

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Beverly Soda 2023 FAQ


What is Beverly supposed to taste like?

The Italy Beverly soda is supposed to taste like the bitters of a grapefruit rind. We personally cannot taste anything other than pure bitterness when we try Beverly, but it does have a citrus-y aftertaste.

What is the flavor of Beverly soda?

The Beverly coke flavor is supposed to be a result of grapefruit rinds, which are the main ingredient in making the drink.

Where is Beverly soda sold?

The Beverly soda was discontinued in 2009, therefore, you can’t purchase it outright anywhere (that we could find). You can still get taste of Beverly in a few locations other than Disney, like the Coke Museums in Atlanta and Las Vegas.

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