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Complete Guide to the Beverly Drink at EPCOT

This article is your complete guide the Beverly soda in EPCOT 2024. The Beverly Italian soda has been a little bit of a fun, but controversial topic surround Walt Disney World leaving guests wondering … what exactly is it?! Well, as Annual Passholders we love taking a trip to Club Cool and giving that infamous Beverly Italia a taste, so we can tell you all about it!

We personally love to force ourselves to sip the Club Cool EPCOT Beverly and try and pick out all of the intended flavors. Especially seeing as that it is completely free for guests to go to Club Cool and try out drinks like the EPCOT Beverly!

So, if you’re interested in learning about the Italian soda Beverly, keep reading!

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What is Beverly Soda at EPCOT?


Ah, the Beverly Soda, also known as the Beverly Coke drink in some circles, is a sparkling enigma in the world of carbonated beverages. Originating from the heart of Italy, this unique soft drink was birthed by none other than Coca Cola in the year 1969. It’s not just any soda; it’s a cultural experience, especially if you find yourself wandering through Club Cool at EPCOT. This venue serves as a global stage for Coca Cola’s international prowess, offering a curated selection of 8 different sodas from around the world. And guess what? You can sample them all for free! But among this international lineup, the Beverly Italy drink stands out like a sore thumb—or should we say, a bitter tongue.

What does Beverly taste like?

Let’s talk about the Beverly drink taste, shall we? The Club Cool Beverly is not your run-of-the-mill soda. It’s a rollercoaster of sensations, primarily dominated by an intense bitterness that can catch you off guard. Imagine taking a sip, expecting the sugary sweetness typical of most sodas, only to be greeted by a mouthful of bubbling, bitter liquid that dances on your taste buds in the most confrontational manner.

The Beverly Drink flavor is extremely bitter, almost so bitter you miss out on the slight citrus-y notes it has. One of the main components of Beverly is grapefruit rind, which is what makes the drink so intensely bitter. Other that a slightly chemically bitter taste, the Beverly Italy drink doesn’t really have a strong flavor of all of it’s ingredients.

What is the history of Coca Cola Beverly?


The Beverly soda is more than just a drink; it’s a chapter in Coca Cola’s storied history. The tale begins in 1969, a time when Coca Cola was eager to expand its global footprint. The company set its sights on Europe, specifically Italy, where the culture of enjoying bitter aperitifs was flourishing. An aperitif is a drink typically consumed before meals to stimulate the appetite and aid in digestion. Recognizing this trend, Coca Cola decided to create a unique beverage tailored to the Italian palate. Thus, the Beverly Coca Cola drink was born—a daring venture into the world of bitter aperitifs aimed at capturing the European market.

Beverly: The Italian Sensation at Club Cool

Fast forward to today, and the Beverly Italian drink has found a second home at Club Cool in EPCOT. This Disney venue serves as a global showcase for Coca Cola’s diverse range of beverages, and Beverly holds a special place among them. It’s not just another soda; it’s a cultural artifact that tells the story of Coca Cola’s ambitious foray into the European, specifically Italian, market. The Beverly Club Cool experience is a must-try for anyone visiting EPCOT, offering a taste of Italy in the heart of Disney World.

So, the next time you find yourself at EPCOT’s Club Cool, don’t miss the chance to sample this intriguing Beverly Italian drink. It’s a sip of history, a dash of culture, and a whole lot of flavor, all in one glass. Salute!

The Beverly EPCOT Challenge

What makes the Beverly drink so iconic? Its notoriety, of course! The Italian Beverly Soda has become such a Disney phenomenon that frequent visitors often prank first-timers with the drink. So, if you’re reading this and planning a trip to EPCOT, consider yourself forewarned. When your friends, grinning mischievously, offer you a sample of Beverly at Club Cool, know that you’re about to partake in a Disney ritual.

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Where Can I Try Beverly Coca Cola Soda?


If you’re visiting Walt Disney World and want to know where you can try Coke Beverly, you’re going to want to head into EPCOT park. Nestled within this iconic Disney park is a hidden gem known as Club Cool, a Coca Cola-sponsored haven that offers a free EPCOT soda tasting experience. Among the diverse array of international sodas, you’ll find the Beverly soda Italy, waiting to either delight or shock your taste buds. But don’t worry, if Beverly isn’t to your liking, Club Cool offers a variety of other sodas from around the globe for you to sample.

So, if you are taking a break from some of the rides in EPCOT, take an air conditioned break and a sip of the Globe!

Beyond EPCOT: Beverly at Disney Springs

If you find yourself enchanted by the Beverly experience or simply want to prank more of your friends, you’re in luck! Beverly Italia is also available at the Coca Cola store at Disney Springs. This expansive retail and dining complex within Walt Disney World Resort offers another opportunity to sample or purchase this unique Italian soda. It’s a great way to continue your Beverly journey outside of EPCOT.

For the true Beverly aficionados, the journey doesn’t end at Disney World. You can also find this iconic beverage at the World of Coca Cola Museums located in Atlanta, Georgia, and Las Vegas. These museums offer a deep dive into the history and evolution of Coca Cola’s extensive product line, including the infamous Beverly. It’s not just a tasting experience; it’s an educational journey that provides context and background to this polarizing drink.

What country is Beverly from?

What country is Beverly from?” you may ask. The answer? Europe. Specifically, Italy. This isn’t just a random fact; it’s a journey into Italy’s scenic landscapes and rich culinary traditions. The Beverly Coke product was no accident. It was a calculated move, designed to resonate with the Italian culture and palate. The goal? To capture the essence of Italian aperitifs, those bitter drinks often sipped before meals.

Now, let’s talk about Club Cool at EPCOT. If you’ve been there, you know. Beverly isn’t just another soda. It’s an experience. A unique one. At Club Cool, it’s called the Italian Beverly soda. Why? Because it offers a little slice of Italy right in the middle of Disney World. And it’s legendary. The EPCOT Beverly drink has become a must-try—or a must-avoid, depending on how adventurous your taste buds are. Either way, it’s earned its place in EPCOT folklore.

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Beverly Soda 2024 FAQ


What is Beverly supposed to taste like?

The Italy Beverly soda is supposed to taste like the bitters of a grapefruit rind. We personally cannot taste anything other than pure bitterness when we try Beverly, but it does have a citrus-y aftertaste.

What is the flavor of Beverly soda?

The Beverly coke flavor is supposed to be a result of grapefruit rinds, which are the main ingredient in making the drink.

Where is Beverly soda sold?

The Beverly soda was discontinued in 2009, therefore, you can’t purchase it outright anywhere (that we could find). You can still get taste of Beverly in a few locations other than Disney, like the Coke Museums in Atlanta and Las Vegas.

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