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How Much Does it Cost to Drink Around the World at EPCOT 2024?

This article is your complete guide to the EPCOT Drink Around the World cost for 2024. EPCOT is a park known for celebrating the culture and innovation of civilizations worldwide with themes involving space, nature and discovery. But did you know that EPCOT is also a major hub for delicious food, and most importantly drink? That’s why adults visiting Disney have come up with the famous EPCOT Drink Around the World 2024 challenge for when walking the World Showcase.

Keep reading to learn more about how much it will cost to drink around the world at EPCOT!

What is Drinking Around the World at EPCOT?


If you are new to Disney, or have only been a few times, you might be wondering, how does one Disney Drink Around the World? One of the four “neighborhoods” in EPCOT is called the World Showcase, which is appropriate for how it is themed! Situated around the World Showcase lagoon are pavilions that represent 11 different countries from around the world. These pavilions are filled with shops, restaurants, entertainment and merchandise that are perfectly themed to represent that particular country.

Drinking Around the World at EPCOT became popular when many of the different delicious international festivals started running around the World Showcase. The four international festivals offer smaller plates and drinks, allowing guests to sample more and not spend as much when snacking their way around.

How to Drink Around the World at EPCOT 2024

Okay, so now for the fun part, how exactly can one Drink Around the World at EPCOT in 2024? All it takes to participate in Drinking Around the World at EPCOT, is to purchase one drink PER country around the World Showcase … and of course, be of legal drinking age. Our favorite thing about this challenge is that there are no rules! You can make it as fun, or as cheap as you’d like as long as you’re safe and having a good time. We especially love that it is common for those drinking around the world at EPCOT to share with a friend or two so it doesn’t become too much.

Some guests create special t-shirts to mark off each country’s cocktail while drinking around EPCOT, or even make their own checklists to bring around the park to go all out. In our guide, we are going to cover the two different times in EPCOT to consider all the EPCOT Drink Around the World prices: during festival season and not!

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How Much Does it Cost to EPCOT Drink Around the World? – EPCOT Festival Season

There are two separate times in EPCOT to grab drinks and that is during festival season, and not. This can change how much the Drink Around the World EPCOT price will be due to the smaller and cheaper offerings sold at the international festival booths.

There are four festivals that run throughout the year and they are:

  • Festival of the Arts
  • Flower and Garden Festival
  • Food and Wine Festival
  • Festival of the Holidays

Since there are only a couple of weeks throughout the year that EPCOT is not running a festival, let’s start with the EPCOT Drink Around the World Cost there!

It is important to note that each festival has its own unique menu offerings and they typically change from year to year, so this is just an example. We are going to use the Flower and Garden Festival 2024 to price out the cost to drink around the world.

EPCOT Drink Around the World Prices – Festival Season

  • Mexico – Poppy Flower Margarita $13.75 at the Jardin de Fiestas booth
  • Norway – Carlsberg – Pilsner $10.75 at the Norway Beer Cart (There are no EPCOT Norway drinks offered during festivals but the cart is there all the time!)
  • China – Jasmine Draft Beer 6 oz $9.00 at the Lotus House booth
  • Germany – Apfelschaumwein $10 at the Bauernmarkt: Farmer’s Market booth
  • Italy – Peroni Pilsner 6 oz $6.00 at the Primavera Kitchen booth
  • American Adventure – Bayou Cocktail $12.00 at Magnolia Terrace booth
  • Japan – Cucumber Cooler $8.50 at Hanami booth
  • Morocco – Pomegranate Mimosa $11.00 at the Tangierine Cafe booth
  • France – La Vie en Rose Frozen Slush $13.50 at Fleur de Lys booth
  • United Kingdom – Bold Rock Watermelon Hard Cider $5.00 at the Cider House Booth
  • Canada – Maple Popcorn Shake with Maple Rye Whiskey $13.00 at the Northern Bloom booth

Total EPCOT Drink Around the World cost: $112.50

It roughly costs about $10.22 per booth to Drink Around the World at the Flower and Garden Festival.

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How Much Does it Cost to Drink Around the World at EPCOT? – Non-Festival Season


It is rather rare to be visiting EPCOT when the international festivals aren’t running due to how long Disney World has extended the dates of them. With that being said, it is still most than possible to Drink Around the World at EPCOT during the “off” time. There are so many specialty carts and quick-service restaurants that serve delicious cocktails, beers and wines all year long so you will not be missing out. Many of the drinks on our best drinks with alcohol can be found at EPCOT throughout the year and we highly recommend checking that out if you’re a cocktail connoisseur.

So, with that being said, let’s calculate the EPCOT Drink Around the World Cost 2024 for an “off” season visit! All of these drinks can be found at quick service restaurants or carts, so you will not have to grab a dining reservation to complete Drinking Around the World.

Drink Around The World EPCOT Price

  • Mexico – La Cava Avocado $17 at La Cava del Tequila inside Mexico Pavilion
  • Norway – Frozen Viking Coffee $14 at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe
  • China – Tipsy Ducks in Love $13 at Joy of Tea stand
  • Germany – Beck’s Pilsner $14.50 at Sommerfest stand
  • Italy – Frozen White Sangria $11.00 at Gelateria Toscana
  • American Adventure – Cigar City Jai Alai IPA $10 at Regal Eagle Smokehouse
  • Japan – Plum Wine $11 at Katsura Grill
  • Morocco – Frozen Mint Tea with Gin $15.00 at Oasis Sweets & Sips
  • France – Orange Slush $14.50 at Les Vins des Chefs de France
  • United Kingdom – Imperial Pint $10.00 at Rose and Crown Pub
  • Canada – Ottawa Apple $14.00 at Canada Popcorn Cart

Total Drink Around the World EPCOT Price: $144

The average price to Drink Around the World at EPCOT is about $13 per drink during the non-festival season.

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How Much is Drinking Around the World at EPCOT?

After adding up all of the drinks for the festival and non-festival season, it looks like it is going to cost you at least $112, going all the way to almost $150. So, as you can see, it is not cheap to Disney EPCOT Drink Around the World in 2024. With that being said, there are so many different ways to save money while trying to combat the EPCOT Drink Around the World prices.

It is important to note that we recommend taking a look over the EPCOT drink prices and menus in advance. Many of the frozen and specialty cocktails offered in the parks can top $15, which would make the total cost for drinking at EPCOT much higher. It is easier to plan a budget ahead of time than when you’re already on the World Showcase having a blast!

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Tips and Tricks for Drinking Around the World at EPCOT 2024

Now that we know how much it is going to cost us for Drinking Around the World at EPCOT, we have some of our best tips and tricks.

Budget ahead of time

We briefly mentioned this tip, but make sure to budget ahead of time how much you’d want to spend per drink, or total while Drinking Around the World. The cost can add up very quickly, especially if you like frozen drinks or specialty cocktails. You can even write out a list similar to ours and pick out the drinks and prices ahead of time to not only cut down on money, but also time!

Take Your Time!

If you are planning on staying at EPCOT all day, we definitely suggest taking your time while completing this challenge. You might not know the weather situation or how you’re feeling until the day of – especially with the heat and humidity. The World Showcase opens at 11am and doesn’t close until after the Harmonious Nighttime Spectacular is over, so you have plenty of time.

Share with a friend or two

Our number one tip while deciding to Drink Around the World at EPCOT is to share! We guarantee that Drinking Around the World with only one person will definitely end up in over-consumption and probably end with a bad night and morning. It also just makes more sense to share to cut down on costs!

Make sure to grab a snack

If you also like to eat as much as you like to sample beverages, it might interest you in Snacking Around the World, as well. There are small snack carts and quick service restaurants all over the World Showcase that sell delicious, cheap offerings. It is super important to make sure you are also eating while you’re drinking, so remember to budget for food, as well.

Drink lots and lots of water

Even when you are not Drinking Around the World, especially in the heat, we suggest drinking a bottle of water at least every hour. Especially, if you plan on visiting during the summer months where there is a real risk for heat stroke, water is necessary! We suggest while you’re walking between pavilions, using that as your time to make sure you’re staying hydrated.

Go for the cheapest beer in EPCOT

If you’re looking for a cheaper option to Drink Around the World, try selecting the beer at Disney World instead of cocktails. Most of the beers around the world at EPCOT are the cheapest options, especially if you’re visiting during the festival season. Most 6 oz cups of beer are in the $6-$8 range, which does have much less alcohol, but still count when drinking around the world!

Be mindful of other guests

Of course, make sure you have fun while trying to Drink Around the World, but make sure to be respectful of those around you. There have been many instances of rude guests who have had too much to drink and disrupt the magic for other guests. It is important to remember that you’re still in a theme park, and there will be MANY other guests around you trying to have fun.

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EPCOT Drink Around the World Cost FAQ

Q: How long does it take to drink around the world at EPCOT?

A: That is completely up to you and your party! If you take about an hour per drink, it’ll take you 11 hours since there are 11 country pavilions. We suggest taking the whole day to make it around the World Showcase since there is so much to do and explore. That is also the best way to make sure you don’t accidentally drink too much too fast.

Q: Is there a pass for drinking around the world in EPCOT?

A: Unfortunately, there is no official Disney pass you can buy for EPCOT Drinking Around the World tickets. Your Drink Around the World Tour is completely self guided, without any passes from Disney!

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