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Michael Belmont started themeparktoday.com to provide the latest theme park news, as well as Universal and Disney tips and tricks to help save you money, time and have the ultimate theme park vacation. The themeparktoday.com team has been able to provide free Disney and Universal vacation planning resources to over three million people planning theme park vacations. 

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Meet The Themeparktoday.com Team


Michael Belmont - Owner and Chief Editor

Michael Belmont is the owner and chief editor at Theparkprodigy.com and themeparktoday.com which is a media company brining you the latest Disney and Universal theme park news. He specializes in Disney and Universal theme park tips and tricks as well as daily park plans to help optimize vacation time in the theme parks. Michael and themeparktoday.com have been featured on ABC’s Florida affiliate, WTFV, as well as over 20 Disney focused blogs. As owner, Michael manages the Theme Park Today blog and social media, a Disney themed podcast, and a Disney and Universal focused YouTube channel. Prior to starting The Park Prodigy and Theme Park Today, Michael was a long time Disney and Universal enthusiast, frequent visitor of the parks, and even served as a Walt Disney World Cast Member in Orlando, Florida!


Krystal Shaw - Marketing and Social Media Cordinator

Krystal Shaw is the marketing and social media coordinator at Themeparktoday.com. Krystal is a travel and adventure vlogger by day and a theme park writer by night. Krystal grew up visiting Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando every year and created a YouTube channel, The Krystal Palace, to share her love for the parks. Krystal enjoys connecting with fellow theme park fans to talk on social media to discuss must do’s and the best tips for visiting the parks. She has helped over one million people so far through her social media, Youtube channel and blog to date. 

Nik Chapman - Executive Editor

Nik Chapman is the executive editor and one of the main content creators for Themeparktoday.com blog and social media pages. Nik has been a life long Disney and Universal lover and recently moved to the Orlando area to enjoy the theme parks more often. In between going to the parks and creating content for The Park Prodigy and Themeparktoday.com, Nik also hosts a Disney themed podcast with her two best friends and helps run multiple Disney-themed social media accounts which help over one million people per year. Nik is a local Florida resident and spends her free time trying all the newest snacks as a self-proclaimed Disney Foodie and catching the Magic Kingdom fireworks nightly from her living room window!

Kurt Gillman - Multi-Media Manager

Kurt Gillman is the Multi-Media Manager and one of the main content creators and editors for The Park Prodigy and themeparktoday.com. Kurt has been a life long Disney and Universal fan. But after meeting his partner in 2016, the Orlando theme parks became a their go-to vacation spot. Often visiting multiple times a year! After moving to Los Angeles from New York City in 2019, Kurt quickly transitioned from a frequent Disney World guest to a Disneyland one! And now as a former Disneyland Cast Member, It’s safe to say he knows the ins and outs of the Disneyland Resort. If he isn’t found trying the newest treats in Disneyland, Kurt enjoys relaxing at home with his dog Sam and playing video games with friends in his free time.