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At Theme Park Today, our mission is to bring the wonder of theme parks to every corner of the globe. As a leading theme park media company, we are dedicated to providing our readers with guides, tips and tricks, personal experiences, and much more, to bring you an authentic theme park experience.

We believe that the joy and excitement of theme parks should not be limited by physical boundaries. Our team of passionate enthusiasts, seasoned travelers, and dedicated experts keep dreaming of bringing the theme park world right to you. Through our rich and diverse content, we aim to transport our readers to the magical realms of theme parks around the globe, offering them a virtual ticket to unforgettable adventures, regardless of where they reside.

Our mission at Theme Park Today is to enrich the theme park experience for every enthusiast across the country. We strive to provide authentic, accurate, and inclusive content that resonates with real people. Our goal is to bring new life into the theme park community by offering insights and experiences that are genuine and representative of all park-goers. 

At Theme Park Today, we are more than just a source of information; we are a community of theme park lovers united by a shared passion. Through our commitment to authenticity, quality, and the sheer joy of adventure, we strive to bring the wonder and excitement of theme parks to life, offering our readers an unforgettable experience, wherever they may be.

Meet The Team

Kurt Wong-Gillman - Executive Content Curator

Kurt Gillman is the Content Curator, Writer, & Editor, here at Theme Park Today.  His passion for theme parks started in childhood during visits to Walt Disney World and blossomed into a profession. Kurt’s expertise goes beyond the gates of Disney; he’s an adventurer at Universal Studios parks in Orlando and Hollywood and a world traveler exploring new cities like Tokyo, where he fell in love with in Tokyo Disneyland.

A former Candy Maker at the Disneyland Resort, Kurt’s sweet spot for exploring is not just confined to amusement parks. His love for travel extends to the high seas with vacations on the Disney Cruise Line. Whether it’s a sweet treat in the parks or the thrill of a new cityscape, Kurt is always on the lookout for his next grand adventure. His infectious enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge have made him a go-to source for theme park lovers everywhere.

Nik Chapman - Executive Editor

Nik is the Executive Editor at Theme Park Today. Nik has lived as an Orlando local with the Passholder life for years, but recently moved out West to explore Washington State.

As a self-proclaimed foodie, Nik finds joy in exploring the culinary wonders of theme park dining. Her travels may have taken her to Washington, but her heart still belongs to the parks. When she’s not lost in nature’s embrace, Nik embarks on adventures across the country, seeking the magic and wonder that only theme parks can provide.

Having navigated the world of theme parks as a disabled enthusiast, Nik knows firsthand the importance of an inclusive and welcoming community so her goal is to share authentic theme park experiences that resonate with everyone. Nik’s mission is to ensure that every individual in the theme park community feels seen, heard, and included, while spreading the magic that brings us all together.


Krystal Palace - Executive Content Coordinator

Krystal is the Executive Content Coordinator and Writer at Theme Park Today. Being a seasoned Disney and Universal Annual Passholder, her love for adventure began at just 5 years old. From those early trips to Disney World to now, her fascination with theme parks (and desire for adrenaline) has only grown.

You might also catch her over on her YouTube channel, The Krystal Palace, she shares unique experiences and her love for theme parks. Being a native New Yorker, she enjoys visiting and sharing the gems that the Northeastern parks have to offer. However, you can usually find her in Orlando eating a potato outside of Diagon Alley or a donut out in CityWalk.

Krystal’s goal is to create an escape for those looking to dive into the world of theme parks. No matter where you are, you can find fun and adventure.


Michael Belmont - Executive SEO Specialist

Michael Belmont is the SEO Specalist at and owner of He specializes in Disney and Universal theme park tips and tricks as well as daily park plans to help optimize vacation time in the theme parks. Michael and have been featured on ABC’s Florida affiliate, WTFV, as well as over 20 Disney focused blogs. As owner, Michael manages the Theme Park Today blog and social media, a Disney themed podcast, and a Disney and Universal focused YouTube channel. Prior to starting The Park Prodigy and Theme Park Today, Michael was a long time Disney and Universal enthusiast, frequent visitor of the parks, and even served as a Walt Disney World Cast Member in Orlando, Florida!