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Complete Guide to the DCA Food and Wine Festival 2022

disneyland food and wine festival

This article is your complete guide to the Disneyland Food and Wine Festival 2022. Many Disney lovers are aware that Walt Disney World hosts an annual Food and Wine Festival in the fall, but did you know that Disneyland does too? During the Springtime in Disney’s California Adventure park, guests can experience a west coast Disney food festival. During the Disneyland Food and Wine festival you can experience marketplace booths, culinary demonstrations, live music and more! After being put on hold in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are so excited that this festival is being revived for 2022.

So, if you’re ready to learn everything there is about the 2022 Disneyland Food and Wine Festival read on!

Disneyland Food and Wine Festival Overview 2022

Disneyland Food and Wine Festival

If you’re looking to visit Disneyland this upcoming spring, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the 2022 DCA food festival. Not only is it the perfect place to try small plates of delicious food, it is also family friends and offers free cooking seminars! This Disneyland food festival is completely free with your California Adventure park admission.

While there aren’t a ton of details out quite yet, we will continue to update this article with all the newest info as it is released. We are sure that the 2022 Disneyland Food and Wine Festival is going to be better than ever. Mostly because the 2021 Disneyland Food and Wine festival was cancelled. That means Disneyland has a whole year of magic to make up for!

Disneyland Food and Wine Festival Dates 2022

Disneyland Food and Wine Festival

One of the details we know about the Disney’s California Adventure food festival are the dates! You can expect almost two full months of sipping and snacking in the Disneyland park. The official dates are March 4th – April 26th, 2022.

When are the 2022 Disneyland Food and Wine Festival Dates

  • March 4th, 2022 – April 26th, 2022

Best Time to Visit DCA Food and Wine Festival 2022

While the 2022 Disneyland food festival runs only 2 months, it is important to know that some days will be better than others! The Disney California Adventure Food and Wine 2020 ran a little bit earlier in the year, its dates being February 28th, 2020 – April 21st, 2020. But with only a few days different, we feel that the best times to visit will be relatively the same!

When is the best time to visit the Disney DCA Food and Wine Festival 2022?

  • March 4th-6th
  • April 23rd – 26th

So, why did we choose the first and last weekend of the Disneyland Food and Wine Festival 2022? Because every date in between overlaps with Spring Break for most schools and universities! So just note that DCA in California might be very busy during this time, but still worth it.

Disneyland Food and Wine Festival Food Booths 2022

While the food booths for the 2022 DCA Food and Wine festival have not been announced, we can tell you what we do know about 2022 DCA food booths! All of Disneyland Food Festival 2021 booths were celebrating California cuisine with fresh, vibrant and fun menus. When the DCA Food and Wine festival begins, they will have the Disneyland Food and Wine Festival passport. This will be your mini pocket guide to all food booths and where to find them! Disneyland food has always been top notch, and we cannot wait to see what booths come this year.

Like mentioned above, that last Disneyland Food and Wine Festival took place in 2020 and offered 16 different food booths.

Disneyland Food and Wine Festival 2020 Booths

Off the Cob


  • Mini Chicken Chimis with Chimichurri Corn Pico de Gallo and Chipotle Crema
  • Shrimp and Braised Corn with Chorizo (Gluten-Friendly)
  • Mickey-shaped Caramel-Peanut-Milk Chocolate Macaron


  • Fields & Orchards with Elderflower and Artichoke Liqueurs  (Alcoholic)
  • Farmstand Punch (Non-Alcoholic)

One in a Melon


  • Compressed Watermelon and Tomato with Whipped Ricotta and Lemon Olive Oil (Vegetarian, Gluten-Friendly) – $7.00
  • Poke-style Watermelon with Cucumber (Plant-Based, Gluten-Friendly) – $6.75
  • Pabana Cream Puff with Mango, Passion Fruit and Banana Mousse – $5.50


  • Berry Mule (Alcoholic)
  • House-made Watermelon Agua Fresca (Non-Alcoholic)

I Heart Artichokes


  • Fried Artichokes with Lemon Aïoli (Vegetarian)
  • Artichoke Toast with Artichoke Cream Cheese and Olive & Artichoke Tapenade (Vegetarian)


  • Lolea, Red Sangria, Spain
  • Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects Non-Alcoholic Lager

Golden Dreams


  • Brunch Fried Chicken & Waffle Sandwich with Mimosa-inspired Slaw and OJ Bubbles
  • Seared Verlasso® Salmon with Lemon Pea Purée, Black Rice and Meyer Lemon Relish (Gluten-Friendly)


  • Strawberry-Rose Lemonade (Non-Alcoholic)
  • Fig & Lavender Cold Brew (Non-Alcoholic)

LA Style


  • Asian-style Beef Barbacoa Street Tacos
  • Smoked Bacon Barbecue Beef Loco Moco on Rice (Gluten-Friendly)
  • Monkey Bread with Caramel Whiskey Glaze and Candied Pecans


  • Amaretto Stout-Cream Cold Brew (Alcoholic)
  • Blue Angeleno Cocktail (Alcoholic)

Nuts About Cheese


  • Fiscalini White Cheddar Lager Soup served in a Mini Boudin® Sourdough Bowl (Vegetarian)
  • Impossible™ Cheeseburger Mac & Cheese (Vegetarian)
  • Oikos® Greek Yogurt Banoffee Tart


  • Honey Bourbon Lemonade (Alcoholic)

California Craft Brews


  • Pepperoni Pizza Egg Rolls


Beer Flight Fun with Flavor – $15.00

  • Mother Earth Orange Vanilla Cali Creamin’ Ale – $11.75
  • Black Market Cucumber Sour – $11.75
  • Golden Road Strawberry and Pomegranate Balboa Blonde Ale – $11.75
  • Aftershock Guavaaah! Hazy Pale Ale – $11.75

Beer Flight Bigger & Bolder – $15.00

  • Bootlegger’s Rocco Red Ale – $11.75
  • Stereo Perfect Day IPA – $11.75
  • Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing Hazy IPA – $11.75
  • Karl Strauss® Wreck Alley Imperial Stout – $11.75

Peppers Cali-Ente


  • Creamy Poblano Pepper Pasta (Vegetarian)
  • Grilled Shrimp Tacos on Jicama Tortillas (Gluten-Friendly)


  • Cantarito-style Paloma (Alcoholic)
  • Annabella, Chardonnay Special Selection, Napa Valley

Uncork California


  • California Artisan Cheese with Central Coast Creamery Holey Cow Swiss and Vintage Cheese Co. Cabernet Cheddar (Vegetarian)

White Wine Flight – $17.00

  • Malibu Rocky Oaks, Sauvignon Blanc, California – $15.00
  • Rombauer, Chardonnay, Carneros – $18.00
  • Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Sofia, Rosé, Monterey County
  • Sofia, Rosé, Monterey County – $11.00

Red Wine Flight – $18.00 (individual prices listed below)

  • Erath, Pinot Noir, Oregon – $14.00
  • The Prisoner, Red Blend, Napa Valley – $17.00
  • Quilt, Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley – $17.00

Road Trip Mimosa Trio – $17.00 (individual prices listed below)

  • Pacific Mimosa – $15.00
  • Mojave Mimosa – $15.00
  • Sierra Mimosa – $15.00

Other Beverages

  • Chandon Brut, Sparkling Wine, California – $15.00

Berry Patch


  • Raspberry-Lychee-Rose Custard with Mixed Berry Compote
  • Oikos® Greek Yogurt California Berries Summer Pudding (Contains trace amounts of alcohol)


  • Blue Marble Berry Hard Seltzer (Alcoholic)
  • Blue Marble Tropical Hard Seltzer (Alcoholic)
  • Ruby Citrus Sparkler (Non-Alcoholic)

Avocado Time


  • Petite Impossible™ Burger with Guac and Pepper Jack (Vegetarian)
  • Tortilla-crusted Fried Guacamole with Carne Asada


  • Mezcal Cocktail (Alcoholic)
  • Chapman Crafted Slow Riser with Coconut, Red Ale on Nitro

Garlic Kissed


  • Black Garlic Soy-braised Pork Belly Banh Mi
  • Carbonara Garlic Mac & Cheese with Nueske’s® Bacon


  • Aperol Cocktail (Alcoholic)
  • Wither Hills, Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough



  • Ranch Fried Chicken Wings with Buffalo Hot Sauce Drizzle
  • French Onion Grilled Beef Tenderloin Slider
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch


  • Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc Witbier (Limited-Time Offering)

Beer Flight – $15.00

  • Pizza Port California Honey Blonde Golden Ale – $11.75
  • Golden Road Pineapple Cart Wheat Ale – $11.75
  • Coast Brewery Watermelon Wheat Ale – $11.75
  • King Harbor Brewing Cerveza Hermosa Mexican Amber Lager – $11.75

Michelada Flight – $16.00

  • Pizza Port California Honey Blonde Michelada – $12.25
  • Golden Road Pineapple Cart Michelada – $12.25
  • Lost Coast Watermelon Wheat Michelada – $12.25
  • King Harbor Brewing Cerveza Hermosa Michelada – $12.25

Festival Beer Garden


Bright and Refreshing

  • Smog City Little Bo Pils Unfiltered Pilsner – $11.75
  • Ayinger Bräuweisse Hefeweizen – $11.75
  • Chihuahua Guava Lime Suprema Low-Cal Lager – $10.25
  • 2 Towns Outcider Hard Cider – $11.75

Flavorful Mixed

  • Karl Strauss® Practice What You Peach Sour – $13.25
  • Bottle Logic Marceline Muffin Blueberry Imperial Blonde – $13.25
  • Enegren Valkyrie Alt Bier – $11.75


  • Figueroa Mountain Point Conception IPA – $11.75
  • Lost Winds Whirlpool Galaxy Double IPA – $11.75
  • Allagash Black Stout – $13.25

Festival Indulgences

  • Twisted Horn Raven’s Claw Apple & Boysenberry Mead – $11.75
  • Founders Backwoods Bourbon Barrel-aged Scotch Ale – $15.00

Beer Garden Flight – $16.00

  • Ayinger Bräuweisse Hefeweizen
  • Karl Strauss® Practice What You Peach Sour
  • Enegren Valkyrie Alt Bier
  • Allagash Black Stout

Paradise Garden Grill


  • Impossible™ Meatball Submarine (Plant-Based)
  • Beer-battered Fish Tacos, with Karl Strauss® Follow the Sun Pilsner-infused Batter
  • Buffalo-style Roasted Turkey Leg with Celery Slaw and Blue Cheese (Gluten-Friendly)
  • Brisket Sliders
  • Brisket Fries
  • Black Forest Parfait


  • Watermelon Vodka Lemonade (Alcoholic, Gluten-Friendly)
  • Matanzas Creek, Sauvignon Blanc, Sonoma County
  • Deschutes Pacific Wonderland Lager
  • Sudwerk Märzen Amber Lager
  • Berry Spectacular Cookie Shake (Non-Alcoholic)

Disneyland Food and Wine Festival Sip and Savor Pass

Disneyland Food and Wine Festival

One of our favorite things from the 2020 DCA Food and Wine Festival was the Sip and Savor Pass. Throughout DCA at different stores or Festival Merchandise carts, guest could purchase a prepaid lanyard that was good for 8 different items at the festival. For $56 the Disneyland Food and Wine 2020 Sip and Savor Pass was a crowd favorite!

Our favorite things about the Disneyland Food and Wine Sip and Savor pass is that it is sharable, transferrable and a deal! There are no limits on how many people can share a Sip and Savor pass at the Disneyland food festival. At 8 dishes, if you spend at least $7 a dish, you will get your money’s worth! You also don’t have to do it all in one trip. If you’re too full or spreading your trip out over a few days, bring your lanyard back with you.

2022 Disneyland Food and Wine Festival Events – Free

Whenever we celebrate with a Disney festival, there is always going to be amazing events to accompany the tasty food. At this Disneyland food festival, there are super fun free experiences for the whole family! We love that the Disneyland Food and Wine Festival 2022 will bring amazing entertainment, like live music every night!

Possible 2022 Disneyland Food and Wine Festival Events

  • Jammin’ Chefs
  • Culinary Demonstrations
  • Family Time Seminars
  • Jr. Chef
  • Musical Entertainment

Jammin’ Chefs

The different line up of free entertainment and culinary shows will keep you busy all day! The Jammin’ Chefs are a musical group that boogie with Chip and Dale as they drum, dance and engage the crowd in lively music. They use culinary objects to make incredibly catchy tunes, adding a lot of “spice” to the Disneyland food festival. You can find these musical chefs on Paradise Pier every hour until the sun sets.

Chef Culinary Demonstrations

In 2020, one of the biggest highlights were the celebrity chefs and Disney chefs that took to the stage to offer free demos. This came with recipes, lessons and tips from these culinary professionals! The DCA Food and Wine festival welcomed a new chef almost every single day allowing for an exciting schedule.

Family Time Seminars

Every Friday and during the weekends, Chef Daniella Malfitano would do family meal demonstrations at the Hollywood Land Backlot Stage. All of Chef Daniella’s creations were kids and families to learn how to make easy healthy snacks are dinners. Who knew you could go to DCA in Disney and learn how to make family meals?!

Junior Chefs

Kiddos between the ages 3 and 11 can have a hands off cooking experience with Chef Goofy for free! We aren’t sure if this will be coming back for Disneyland Food and Wine Festival 2022, but it truly was an amazing experience for little chefs. Participants even got to leave with a free cookie.

Disney’s California Adventure Food and Wine Education & Tasting Seminars

Food and Wine Festival 2022

The California Adventure food festival activities don’t end there. If you’re over the age of 21, there are even more opportunities for you to enjoy. While not all of these experiences have a confirmation for the Disneyland Food and Wine Festival for 2022, this is what was offered in 2020.

  • Beer, Wine and Mixology Seminars – Discover something special when sommeliers, brew masters and mixologists divulge their industry expertise during these fascinating 45-minute sessions.
  • Carthay Circle Winemaker Receptions – Over the course of 3 exciting nights, enjoy hand-selected California wines, masterfully paired with an array of small plates
  • Winemaker Dinner
  • Culinary Adventure Tours

Please note that these are all extra, paid experiences for the DCA Food and Wine Festival.

2022 Disneyland Food an Wine Festival Merchandise

Disneyland Food and Wine Festival

We unfortunately do not know what the 2022 Disneyland merchandise looks like yet. Like most of the DCA Food and Wine festivals, Chef Minnie Mouse is usually the center of design. We can expect there to be a brand new pair of Minnie Ears, shirts, sweaters and more. The Disneyland food festival merchandise usually includes Disney culinary tools or specialty beverage items.

We hope that this article helped you with the Disneyland Food and Wine Festival 2022 and that if you’re heading to Disneyland soon that you have magical trip!

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