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What is Go Away Green at Disney?

This article is going to be your guide to Disney Go Away Green, one of Disney’s biggest secrets! Walt Disney World has always been known for their incredible talent of tricking our brains when it comes to construction and large buildings. We’ve all probably heard of forced perspective used in the Disney parks, but what about Go Away Green and Blending Blue? Disney Imagineers actually invented these two unique colors to help hide large buildings in plain sight, blending in with the sky or surrounding foliage.

If you’re ready to learn more about Disney’s go away green paint, keep reading! Also, as a bonus, all of the photos featured on this article have examples of Go Away Green and Blending Blue. See how many different examples you can spot!

Why Does Disney use the Go Away Green Color?

Disney Go Away Green

The masterminds at Disney Imagineering were hard at work when they invented the Go away green paint. When visiting Disney parks, one of the main goals of Disney storytelling is to immerse guest fully into the magic. That can be incredibly hard to do with the large show buildings required to house attractions, shops, restrooms and more. The color Go Away Green and the Disney blue was the perfect solution to this problem.

How does Disney Go Away Green and Blending Blue work?

Go Away Green and Blending Blue are meant to make portions of buildings look “invisible” to Disney guests and can be seen in any Disney park! These two colors were specifically engineered for Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort to help immerse you into ignoring features which otherwise would distracting. The next time you take a Disney vacation, challenge yourself to try and see all of the Disney “No See Green” features you can find!

Go Away Green Disney Paint

Disney Go Away Green paint is a unique color specifically designed to help construction walls blend in and backstage buildings not obscure the view of guests. The Disney “no see green” is a combination of colors to mute its appearance matching the surrounding greenery without standing out. Disney’s Go Away Green isn’t just one color or shade, but is typically seen as a muted olive green color with hues of brown/grays.

What Are Disney Go Away Green Disney Examples?

  • Sides of show buildings
  • Tops of show buildings
  • Gates
  • Go Away Green Doors
  • Light posts
  • Construction facades
  • Table umbrellas

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Blending Blue Disney Paint

Blending in Blue

So, we’ve given Go Away Green examples, but what about the second specially Imagineered color. Disney’s Blending Blue became very important when building Walt Disney World in Central Florida. Walt Disney World is 27,000 acres with almost no limits on how large attractions or show buildings can be. Ever notice how much taller buildings are in Walt Disney World vs Disneyland?

For that reason, Disney World Imagineers knew that their taller buildings would need more help blending into the beautiful blue Florida sky. Disney Blending Blue can be seen throughout all of the Disney theme parks in Florida, one of the most famous being Cinderella Castle spire tops.

One of our favorite examples of Go Away Green and Blending Blue is the brand new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind show building. On that building alone, you can see a gradient from Go Away Green to Blend in Blue! The building is so tall, it passes through the tree-lines and high up into the sky. Disney had to get creative with its paint choices.

What are Blend in Blue Disney Examples?

  • Cinderella Castle tops
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Show Building
  • Rock n’ Roller Coaster show building
  • Various other tall show buildings

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Disneyland Go Away Green

Disney Go Away Green

Go Away Green was invented at Disneyland, and if you go there today, you’re bound to see it everywhere. Disneyland’s green paint can be found everywhere around the parks such as, garbage cans, entire buildings, fences, speakers, light posts and more. Since the space is so much more limited, Go Away Green at Disneyland is super important. This ensures that guests forget that they’re directly in the middle of busy Anaheim, CA and feel like they’re truly experiencing the Disney magic.

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DIY Disney Go Away Green and Blending Blue Paint Colors

So, you’re a huge Disney fan and now you want to paint things in your own home Blending Blue or Go Away Green? While unfortunately Disney has not shared the exact shades of what they use for their Disney Green Color or their Disney Blue color, you can get pretty close. You can use these colors at home to disguise your front door, trash can, exterior appliances, dog houses, really whatever you can think of!

We’ve come up with the closest examples of Disney No See Green and Blending Blue that you can find at local paint stores:

What are Disney Go Away Green Paint Colors

What Are Blending Blue Paint Colors

Disney’s Go Away Green FAQ

Q: Can I find the exact Disney green color for Go Away Green?

A. While Disney does not share the EXACT paint code of Go Away Green or Blending Blue, you can do a pretty good job at color matching for your home. There is also no singular formula, but multiple different formulas that Disney uses to disguise elements of the park. We’ve found that Spice Garden by Behr paints tends to look pretty close to some of the shades they use in the parks.

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