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What is Go Away Green at Disney?

This article is going to be your guide to Disney Go Away Green, one of Disney’s biggest secrets! Walt Disney World has always been known for their incredible talent of tricking our brains when it comes to construction and large buildings. We’ve all probably heard of forced perspective used in the Disney parks, but what about Go Away Green and Blending Blue? Disney Imagineers actually invented these two unique colors to help hide large buildings in plain sight, blending in with the sky or surrounding foliage.

One of our favorite things to do at the parks is look for Disney’s Go Away Green paint, as it is truly everywhere! Once you start to notice the show buildings or construction walls, you won’t be able to unsee the Disney green color that keeps it camouflaged.

If you’re ready to learn more about Disney’s go away green paint, keep reading! Also, as a bonus, all of the photos featured on this article have examples of Go Away Green and Blending Blue. See how many different examples you can spot!

What is Disney’s Go Away Green?


Ah, the magic of Disney’s Go Away Green paint! This unique color is one of Walt Disney World’s best-kept secrets and a testament to the ingenuity of Disney Imagineers. So, what exactly is this elusive hue? Go Away Green is a specially formulated color designed to help large structures and buildings within Disney parks blend seamlessly into their surroundings. The aim? To make them virtually “disappear” from your line of sight, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the Disney magic.

But don’t be fooled; Disney’s Go Away Green color isn’t just any ordinary shade of green. It’s a meticulously crafted blend that sits somewhere between olive and sage, with subtle hints of gray and brown. This makes it the perfect camouflage, especially when set against the natural foliage and landscapes of the parks. Whether you’re at Walt Disney World Go Away Green locations or spotting Go Away Green Disney elements at Disneyland, this color is everywhere once you start looking for it. Take a peek at the photo above – the benches, fences and lighting elements all have the Go Away Green color!

What is Disney’s Blending Blue color?

And it’s not just about green; Disney Go Away Green and Blue work in tandem to create a visually harmonious environment. While Go Away Green blends with the earth and trees, the Blending Blue is designed to match the sky, making taller structures less obtrusive. Together, these Disney colors—Go Away Green and Blending Blue—serve as the ultimate tools in the Imagineers’ kit, ensuring that nothing distracts you from your magical experience.

So the next time you’re wandering through Disneyland’s green pathways or marveling at the attractions in Walt Disney World, take a moment to appreciate the subtle artistry of Go Away Green. It’s one of those little details that makes the world of Disney so enchanting.

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Why Does Disney use the Go Away Green Color?

Disney Go Away Green

When you cross the threshold into a Disney park, you’re not just entering a theme park; you’re stepping into a meticulously crafted storybook. Every element, from the twinkling lights to the iconic castle, is designed to captivate your imagination. But what about the essential yet less enchanting features like maintenance areas and construction sites? This is where Go Away Green paint and its counterpart, Bye Bye Blue Disney, come into the picture.

The masterminds at Disney Imagineering were hard at work when they invented the Go away green paint. When visiting Disney parks, one of the main goals of Disney storytelling is to immerse guest fully into the magic. That can be incredibly hard to do with the large show buildings required to house attractions, shops, restrooms and more. The color Go Away Green and the Disney blue was the perfect solution to this problem.

How does Disney Go Away Green and Blending Blue work?

Go Away Green and Blending Blue are meant to make portions of buildings look “invisible” to Disney guests and can be seen in any Disney park! These two colors were specifically engineered for Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort to help immerse you into ignoring features which otherwise would distracting.

The Psychology of Go Away Green

The brilliance of using Go Away Green color lies in its psychological impact. Unlike vibrant colors that grab your attention, Go Away Green is intentionally subdued. It acts as a form of visual “white noise,” allowing your eyes to drift away from mundane elements and focus on the magical experiences that Disney parks offer.

The practical use of Go Away Green paint is evident throughout the Disney parks. Whether it’s the walls of a backstage building or the gates that lead to staff-only areas, this color is strategically used to make these necessary but unattractive features blend into the background. It’s not just in Disney World paint choices; you’ll find this Disneyland green color employed in the California park as well.

The ultimate goal of using Go Away Green color and Blending Blue Disney is to deepen your immersion in the Disney narrative. By minimizing visual distractions, these Disney paint colors allow you to lose yourself in the fantastical worlds that each park offers, from the fairy-tale charm of Fantasyland to the adventurous spirit of Frontierland.

A Mainstay in Disney Design

Both Go Away Green paint and Disney Blending Blue have become integral elements in the design palette of Disney parks. Known colloquially as “No See Green,” this color scheme is a behind-the-scenes hero, ensuring that the magic of Disney remains your primary focus. Whether it’s Disneyland paint choices or the hues selected for Disney World, these colors are the unsung heroes that keep the magic alive and well.

The next time you take a Disney vacation, challenge yourself to try and see all of the Disney “No See Green” features you can find!

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Go Away Green Disney Paint

Disney’s Go Away Green paint is a marvel in subtlety. It’s a unique color designed to make construction walls and backstage buildings virtually invisible to guests. This is no ordinary paint. The Disney “no see green” is a carefully crafted blend of colors. It mutes its own appearance, harmonizing perfectly with the surrounding greenery. You won’t even notice it’s there! Go Away Green isn’t a one-size-fits-all shade. In fact, it’s often seen as a muted olive green, infused with subtle hues of brown and grays. Interestingly, if you’re planning on booking a vacation to Disney, you might just walk past these walls without even realizing it!

What Are Disney Go Away Green Disney Examples?

  • Sides of show buildings
  • Tops of show buildings
  • Gates
  • Go Away Green Doors
  • Light posts
  • Construction facades
  • Table umbrellas

Can you buy Go Away Green paint?

While Disney has not officially released the exact formula for Go Away Green paint, there are similar shades available in paint stores that come close to capturing its essence. Some Disney enthusiasts have even tried to replicate the color for their own home projects. However, if you’re looking for the official Disney version, it remains a trade secret.

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Blending Blue Disney Paint

Blending in Blue

So, we’ve given Go Away Green examples, but what about the second specially Imagineered color. Disney’s Blending Blue became very important when building Walt Disney World in Central Florida. Walt Disney World is 27,000 acres with almost no limits on how large attractions or show buildings can be. Ever notice how much taller buildings are in Walt Disney World vs Disneyland?

For that reason, Disney World Imagineers knew that their taller buildings would need more help blending into the beautiful blue Florida sky. Disney Blending Blue can be seen throughout all of the Disney theme parks in Florida, one of the most famous being Cinderella Castle spire tops.

One of our favorite examples of Go Away Green and Blending Blue is the brand new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind show building. On that building alone, you can see a gradient from Go Away Green to Blend in Blue! The building is so tall, it passes through the tree-lines and high up into the sky. Disney had to get creative with its paint choices.

What are Blend in Blue Disney Examples?

  • Cinderella Castle tops
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Show Building
  • Rock n’ Roller Coaster show building
  • Various other tall show buildings

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Disneyland Go Away Green

Disney Go Away Green

Go Away Green was first concocted at the original Disneyland park, and it has since become a staple in the Disney design palette. If you visit Disneyland today, you’ll find this elusive color practically everywhere you look. It’s not just limited to construction walls or backstage areas. You’ll see it on garbage cans, entire buildings, fences, speakers, and even light posts. The color is so pervasive that it’s almost like a hidden character in the Disney story.

At Disneyland, the use of Go Away Green takes on an even greater significance. Unlike its sister parks that have more expansive grounds, Disneyland operates within a much more confined space. This makes the color’s role in visual manipulation incredibly crucial. By using Go Away Green, Disneyland successfully creates an illusion of space and separation. It helps guests forget that they’re situated in the heart of bustling Anaheim, California. Instead, they feel enveloped in a magical world, far removed from the everyday hustle and bustle.

In fact, Go Away Green at Disneyland feels very natural, especially on Main Street, USA – which is covered in Go Away Green!

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DIY Disney Go Away Green and Blending Blue Paint Colors

So, you’re a huge Disney fan and now you want to paint things in your own home Blending Blue or Go Away Green? While unfortunately Disney has not shared the exact shades of what they use for their Disney Green Color or their Disney Blue color, you can get pretty close. You can use these colors at home to disguise your front door, trash can, exterior appliances, dog houses, really whatever you can think of!

We’ve come up with the closest examples of Disney No See Green and Blending Blue that you can find at local paint stores:

What are Disney Go Away Green Paint Colors

What Are Blending Blue Paint Colors

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Disney’s Go Away Green FAQ

Can I find the exact Disney green color for Go Away Green?

While Disney does not share the EXACT paint code of Go Away Green or Blending Blue, you can do a pretty good job at color matching for your home. There is also no singular formula, but multiple different formulas that Disney uses to disguise elements of the park. We’ve found that Spice Garden by Behr paints tends to look pretty close to some of the shades they use in the parks.

Is Go Away Green used in other theme parks?

Go Away Green is a Disney-specific invention and is most prominently featured in Disney parks like Disneyland and Walt Disney World. While the concept of using colors to blend structures into the background is not unique to Disney, the specific Go Away Green color formula is a Disney exclusive. You’re unlikely to find this exact shade in other theme parks.

How do I spot Go Away Green and Blending Blue in the parks?

Spotting Go Away Green and Blending Blue can be a fun challenge during your Disney visit. Start by paying close attention to structures that you’d typically overlook—like fences, utility buildings, and even trash cans. For Go Away Green, look for areas where the park’s vegetation meets man-made structures. As for Blending Blue, turn your gaze upwards; you’ll often find it on taller structures that reach into the sky. Once you start looking, you’ll see these colors everywhere, enhancing your appreciation for the subtle artistry that goes into creating the Disney magic.

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