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Who is Duffy the Bear? – Tokyo DisneySea Mascot

This is your guide to Duffy the Bear! We’ve been to DisneySea in Tokyo twice now and have met the iconic Duffy, and have fallen in love with these adorable characters. Duffy is the mascot of the Tokyo-based park with the cutest backstory and now a whole squad of original friends.

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Who is Duffy the Bear?

Duffy the Bear is the official Tokyo DisneySea mascot, who formerly had a start in Disneyland, DCA, and Walt Disney World! (Fun fact that I learned researching Duffy) Duffy is very similar to Mickey Mouse, with even a few hidden Mickey features in his design. We LOVE Duffy and his growing crew of adorable friends which now has grown to 7 members for guests to meet in Asian parks. We’ve even seen Duffy come back to US parks with a meet and greet at Jollywood Nights for the holidays in Hollywood Studios.

What park did Duffy start in?

Duffy was created for Disney Springs and sold in the Once Upon a Toy shop in Orlando in 2002. Duffy was an original bear for the shop, but soon was adopted by Disney executives looking for a mascot for Tokyo DisneySea in 2004. Duffy was added as a character meet and greet in 2005 in DisneySea and finally worked into the lore of the Cape Cod section of the park.

The popularity of Duffy has grown, especially in Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Resorts with a whole cast of friends to join him now!

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Duffy the Bear Backstory

The best part of Duffy is the adorable backstory that comes with him. Mickey Mouse is a known traveler and for this particular story, he was a sailor based in Cape Cod. Mickey Mouse was going to be lonely for his long voyage out at sea, so Minnie Mouse made him Duffy to keep company during his travels. Minnie Mouse presented the bear as a gift in a duffle bag, hence the name Duffy was born.

Duffy’s story has now expanded, especially since Minnie Mouse made Duffy a companion named ShellieMay, the cutest pink bear. Duffy also has traveled near and far with Mickey, meeting many new friends and expanding his crew!

Who are all of Duffy the Bear’s Friends?

  • ShellieMay – Duffy’s best friend, a pink bear, and a crafty and creative friend!
  • Gelatoni – An artistic green cat who uses his tail as a paintbrush, which he occasionally paints with Gelato!
  • StellaLou – a lavender rabbit who dreams to be a Broadway dancer
  • CookieAnn – a yellow dog who is an aspiring chef and loves to create
  • ‘Olu Mel – a shy turtle that is passionate for music, nature and adventure
  • LinaBell – a smart pink fox that loves to solve mysteries and help her friends

Where can I meet Duffy the Bear?

  • Tokyo DisneySea – Cape Cod area meet and greet
  • Hollywood Studios – During 2023 Jollywood Nights ticketed event in a Santa outfit
  • Shanghai Disneyland – Mickey Avenue meet and greets
  • Hong Kong Disneyland – Duffy and Friends Play days and regular meet and greets

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