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Complete Guide to Super Nintendo World Hollywood 2023

This article is your complete guide to Super Nintendo World Hollywood 2023! It is time to level up because Super Nintendo World USA is coming soon. Super Mario World made a debut in Universal Studios Japan in 2021, which opened the possibilities for a United States adaptation. Shortly after, Universal announced that Super Mario World Universal Studios Hollywood was being developed, and since, has been in construction.

That’s why we’ve created this article to outline all we know about the new Nintendo Universal Studios Hollywood Land!

Universal Studios Hollywood Super Nintendo World 2023 Overview


If you’re like us, there is something nostalgic and exciting about a Nintendo Land at Universal Studios Hollywood. Universal did not disappoint with it’s stellar theming in the release of the original Universal Studios Japan Super Nintendo World. Every last detail, from total immersion to incredible interactive attractions, Nintendo World Universal Studios Hollywood is definitely something to anticipate.

In this brand new Super Mario World in Hollywood, we are expecting at least two brand new attractions and a variety of theme dining experiences to come with it. Just like how the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was a complete hit, we do not doubt that Universal Studios Hollywood Nintendo Land will live up to expectation.

What is Nintendo Land at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Super Nintendo World is an immersive land coming to the Universal theme parks with a creative blend of Nintendo nostalgia and Universal flare. This new Mario Land in Universal Hollywood will feature dining, attractions and merchandise themed after Nintendo games like Yoshi, Mario Kart and the classic Super Mario Bros. Guests can expect at least a few of the brand new attractions from Universal Studios Japan to make it over to Universal Hollywood, but we will not know for sure until it is built.

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When is the Super Nintendo World Hollywood Opening Date?


So, what is the Super Mario World Universal Hollywood opening date? As mentioned above, Nintendo Land’s Universal Hollywood opening date has been announced for 2023! Construction is in full speed ahead, and progress is being made. Universal Studios Hollywood Mario Land is far underway and looks to be almost completed. We are so excited to hear that Universal Studios Nintendo Land will be opening so soon.

We are very excited to hear that Universal Studios Hollywood announced that the Super Nintendo World Hollywood opening would be in early 2023. So while we don’t have the exact opening date for Super Nintendo World Hollywood, we are getting closer!

What is the Super Mario Land Orlando opening date?

The Nintendo World Orlando opening date has not been announced yet. Just like Super Mario Universal Studios Hollywood, Epic Universe is slated to open in 2025. If Super Mario World is included in Epic Universe, we will have a couple of years before its debut.

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Where is the Super Mario World Theme Park?


So, where is Nintendo World? Right now, the only Nintendo Land in Universal Studios you can actually visit is in Universal Studios Japan. The United States will be welcoming two Nintendo World’s, Nintendo World Orlando and Nintendo Land Hollywood, which is currently being built. Nintendo World Orlando is going to be a part of EPIC Universe which is slated to open in 2025.

Recently, Universal Hollywood announced the Nintendo Land at Universal Hollywood will be opening in 2023!

Where is Nintendo Land going to be at Universal Hollywood?

We don’t know exactly how you can enter Super Mario Land at Universal Hollywood, but the construction photos show the location of where the land will be.

  • Universal Studios Hollywood – Near the Transformers 3D & Jurassic World Rides

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What are the Super Nintendo World Hollywood Rides?

So, what are the attractions coming to Super Nintendo World Hollywood? The most exciting part of brand new lands are the new Nintendo rides at Universal. Nothing is more thrilling that putting yourself in the shoes of some of your favorite characters and having fun! We’re expecting Universal Studios Hollywood Nintendo World to have at least two of the attractions from Japan, if not all three.

Super Nintendo World Rides

  • Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge
  • Yoshi’s Adventure
  • Power-Up Band Key Challenges

Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge – Mario Kart ride in Universal Studios Hollywood

This is not a drill, but we could possible see a life-sized Mario Kart come to Super Mario World Universal Hollywood. In Universal Studios Japan, this attraction is the thrill-seeker’s choice, as you get to race around with your friends in an iconic Mario Kart world. Universal Hollywood Nintendo Land is going to welcome incredible augmented reality features with this ride, giving each rider a pair of AR glasses.

Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge is a five minute ride that brings you through several well-known Mario Kart tracks like the dreaded Rainbow Road.

Yoshi’s Adventure

For those who like it a bit on the milder side, and extremely adorable attraction is making its way to Super Nintendo World Universal Hollywood. Yoshi’s Adventure is a slow-moving, family friendly ride themed all after our favorite little green guy, Yoshi! Taking you all around Super Mario Land in Universal Hollywood, this is the perfect scenic trip with a Nintendo twist. This ride is bound to be a fan favorite with the incredible views of the Nintendo park in Universal.

Power-Up Band Key Challenges

One of the newer concepts coming with Nintendo Land at Universal Studios Hollywood is the Power-Up Band. For an additional fee, guests can purchase Power-Up Bands at Universal Hollywood Nintendo World and participate in interactive challenges. Throughout your time at Nintendo World at Universal Hollywood, you can use your Power-Up Band to collect keys and eventually battle Bowser Jr.

You do have to purchase a Power-Up Band to participate.

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Super Mario World Universal Hollywood Restaurants

We are expecting really exciting dining options coming with Nintendo Land Universal Studios Hollywood. We do not know for sure what is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood Super Mario World, but we do know what restaurants are in Universal Studios Japan! At the very least, we know that Universal always does an incredible job with theming and we wont be disappointed. Here is the list of potential restaurants coming to Super Mario World Universal Studios Hollywood.

Universal Studio Nintendo World Hollywood Dining (Potential)

  • Kinopio’s Cafe – Main dining option with burgers, pizza and sandwiches
  • Pit Stop Popcorn – Themed popcorn
  • Yoshi’s Snack Island – Snack-like treats and themed drinks

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When is Super Nintendo World Orlando Opening?

With the news of construction of Super Mario Land in Universal Hollywood, there’s been a lot of talk if Universal Studios Florida Super Mario World is coming. It has been confirmed that a Super Nintendo Land Orlando is coming to Epic Universe, which is opening 2025. Epic Universe is a brand new, third theme park being built at Universal Orlando.

Universal Orlando hasn’t revealed many details about Epic Universe other than four new lands are coming, along with some concept art. It makes perfect sense that Universal Studios Florida Super Nintendo World would be in that mix, because it truly is an awesome addition.

When is Super Nintendo World Orlando opening?

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Orlando will be opening when Epic Universe opens, which is sometime in 2025. We do not know many more specific details on the opening of the brand new Universal Orlando theme park.

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Super Nintendo World Hollywood FAQ

Q: When is Super Nintendo World opening in Hollywood?

A: Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood opening date is slated for early 2023. We do no know the exact date yet.

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