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Complete Guide to 2023 Costco Disneyland Tickets and Travel Packages

This is your complete guide to the 2023 Disneyland tickets at Costco. When booking any vacation, we all look for the best deals to save the most money. In the past, guests used to be able to buy individual discount Disneyland tickets at Costco, and unfortunately, they no longer do. Lucky for us, Costco still does offer amazing vacation packages for Disneyland. And while there are no individual Costco Disney tickets for sale, you won’t want to miss out on these package deals!

So, if you’re wanting to learn about Disneyland tickets in California at Costco read on!

Can You Get Disneyland Tickets at Costco 2023?


We are going to start out with the most popular question on this topic and that is, can you buy Disneyland tickets at Costco? And, as of right now, no, you cannot buy Costco Disneyland tickets. According to the Costco Travel Help Center, they do not sell individual Disneyland Theme Park Tickets. Instead, Costco members can use their benefits to book Disneyland packages. While is it not as convenient as purchasing Costco Disneyland tickets alone, Disneyland vacation packages could also save you money in the long run. All Costco Disneyland vacation packages come with a Disneyland Resort Park Hopper eticket, which is the only way you can purchase Disneyland tickets through Costco.

Does Costco Sell Disneyland Tickets 2023?

  • No, sadly Costco does not sell individual Disneyland Park Tickets.

It is important to note the Disneyland package details will most likely change seasonally, so check Costco Disneyland packages periodically to see different deals. You must also have a Costco Membership to receive discounted Disneyland packages before booking your trip.

Is Costco planning to bring back Disneyland tickets in 2023?

Another great question we receive is, when will Costco bring back Disneyland tickets? And, the simple fact is we just don’t know when Costco will continue selling Disneyland tickets. It is important to note that the company has also stopped selling Costco Disney World tickets as well as Costco Universal Orlando tickets.

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Where to Buy 2023 Disneyland Tickets

As we mentioned above, there are no individual Costco Disneyland tickets 2023 available, but we do have other great options for discounted Disneyland tickets. The Park Prodigy is a reputable travel company that sells Disneyland tickets that are just as great as discount Disney tickets at Costco. Not only does The Park Prodigy offer discounted tickets, but with every Disney purchase gives you Disney gift card points. You can also speak with travel experts to give you free custom park plans for your perfect Disney trip!

So, while you cannot buy Disneyland tickets at Costco without a vacation package, we think The Park Prodigy is a great alternative! We consider them to be the best place to buy Disneyland tickets overall!

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Does Costco sell Disneyland annual passes?

As of 2016, Costco Disneyland tickets – Annual Passes, are no longer available for purchase. All individual Disneyland ticket deals at Costco are no longer available. The current Disneyland vacation package offers a gift card up to $249 to help with purchasing Disney theme park tickets by Costco. They are also no longer selling the Costco Disneyland Southern California pass.

How to Buy Discounted Disneyland Costco Tickets 2023

Disneyland costco tickets

So, while there are no Costco Disneyland tickets for sale without a vacation package, we can help point you in the direction of how to buy discounted Disney tickets. So first and foremost, Disneyland ticket prices are date based. That means, whatever day you choose will decide how much your ticket will be. During peak times, tickets will cost more than the slower season. With the Disneyland Crowd Calendar, we can see historically when it is slower in the parks.

Next, you should check and make sure that there is theme park availability for the day you’re going. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney parks require guests to make reservations into the parks. You can check that right on The Park Prodigy site here, where you can buy your tickets and see if park reservations are open and available. Select your desired ticket package and boom! It’s that easy.

When you buy from The Park Prodigy, you might be wondering, are Disney tickets really cheaper at Costco? With all of the free perks and benefits, we’d like to think not!

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2023 Costco Disneyland Prices – Vacation Packages

costco disneyland tickets

While we cannot help with individual 2023 Disneyland ticket prices at Costco, we can outline all their latest deals for Disneyland Resort packages. Currently, Costco is running a deal to save up to 25% on select rooms at Disneyland hotels. Instead of Disneyland discount coupons at Costco, they are offering a free Disney gift card up to $245 when booking a multi-day Disneyland package through them.

All Disneyland vacation packages include:

  • Disneyland® Resort Park Hopper® eticket
  • Accommodations at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel® & Spa, Disneyland Hotel®, and Disney’s Paradise Pier® Hotel

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2023 Costco Disneyland Vacation Package Deals

Disneyland costco tickets

The current deals you can find on Costco’s website are as follows:

  • Disneyland Resort Hotels Weekday Package (up to $245 Disney gift card)
  • Disneyland Resort Hotels Longer Stay Package (up to $245 Disney gift card)
  • Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotels Package (up to $145 Disney gift card)

Disneyland Costco Vacation Package Extras

  • Disney Gift Card valued at up to $245 valid for use towards Disney shopping and dining outlets (one per package, value based on length of stay, accommodations at a Disneyland® Resort Hotel required)
  • Magical Extras Savings valid at select Downtown Disney® District dining and shopping locations (one eVoucher per room, per stay)
  • Collectible Disney pin and lanyard (provided to all guests ages 3 and over)

Booking Costco Disneyland Ticket Vacation Packages 2023

Now that we know the kind of Disneyland vacation packages we can purchase, let’s see an example of how we can still buy Disneyland tickets through Costco. For this example, let’s price out a current Disneyland Costco Deal to see what is all included. It is important to note that Disneyland ticket prices are subject to change and these prices may be different depending on when you go!

Disneyland Park Hopper Costco Vacation Package

Costco Disneyland Tickets

Included in your purchase is a standard stay at the Disney’s Paradise Pier, a Costco 3 day Disneyland Park hopper, and special Costco benefits. Once you have your package built, you are able to make final changes before you purchase! We can show you what it looks like if you want to change your Disneyland 3 day Park Hopper Pass from Costco.

2023 Costco Disney Destination Package Deals

While researching the cost of Disneyland tickets at Costco and finding the vacation packages instead, we’ve found that Costco offers more than just Disneyland deals! We are going to share with you all of the places that Costco offers discounted vacation packages for Disney. We know it is hard to find a good deal for Disney parks and destinations, but here are Costco’s!

  • Adventures By Disney
  • Aulani – Disney Resort and Spa
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Walt Disney World

So, if you think of planning other Disney vacations through Costco, you have plenty of options!

Disneyland Tickets Costco FAQs

Q: Does Costco sell Disneyland tickets?

No, Costco does not sell Disneyland tickets or annual passes anymore. It is important that you can buy Disneyland Costco tickets as part of a hotel and ticket vacation package deal.

Q: How much is a Disneyland ticket at Costco?

Costco does not sell Disneyland tickets and does not have prices listed out for tickets. You can find their current vacation packages on their travel site.

We hope that this article helped you find your newest coffee shop in Disneyland and that if you’re heading to Disneyland soon that you have magical trip!

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