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The Best Disneyland Character Dining Locations Ranked 2024

This article is your complete guide to 2024 character dining at Disneyland! There are so many magical experiences when taking a Disney vacation, but dining with characters at Disneyland may top all of them. What can be better than food, fun and of course … the characters!

With that being said, there can be a lot that goes into having this magical experience. Such as, how to book character meals at Disneyland and what are the best character meals at Disneyland? In this article, we are going to talk about character dining prices, how to make reservations and more.

So if you’re ready to learn all about Disneyland character dining meals read on!

What is Character Dining at Disneyland?


Let’s start this guide with the most common question we receive on this topic which is, what is character dining at Disneyland? Character dining in Disneyland is a unique meal experience where Disney characters join the guests at their table for meet and greets! Each Disneyland restaurant that participates in the Disneyland character meals has their own set of unique characters and theme that is bound to keep the whole family entertained.

What is the Best Character Dining at Disneyland?

  • Storytellers Cafe – Grand Californian Resort Hotel
  • Goofy’s Kitchen Dinner – Disneyland Hotel
  • Disney Princess Adventure’s Breakfast – Grand Californian Resort Hotel

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Every Character Dining Location at Disneyland 2024


The first thing you need to know if you’re planning a character meals at Disneyland is to know that compared to Walt Disney World, Disneyland has fewer Character options. There are only 4 Disneyland character meals for you to enjoy. One at Disneyland Park, one at The Disneyland Hotel, and two at the Grand Californian Resort.

Where is the Best Character Dining Locations at Disneyland 2024?

  • Minnie and Friends Breakfast in the Park – Main Street USA
  • Goofy’s Kitchen – Disneyland Hotel
  • Mickey’s Tales of Adventures – Grand Californian Resort Hotel
  • Disney Princess Adventure’s Breakfast – Grand Californian Resort Hotel

We think that Disneyland restaurants with characters truly are the ultimate experience. Most character interactions can be rushed or stressful, where Disneyland character dining offers a more slow paced, relaxing environment to meet all of your favorites. While you’re eating, characters make their way around the dining area and stop for photos, interactions and even autographs.

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How Much is Disneyland Character Dining Prices 2024?

Something important to note about Disneyland dining prices is that the price is going to change significantly depending on when and where you eat. Such as, a Disney character lunch at Disneyland isn’t going to cost as much as a Disney character dinner. Same with breakfast, dinner always tends to be the most expensive. With that being said, Disneyland doesn’t offer many choices of character dining, only 4 options are available at the Disneyland Resort.

How Much is Disneyland Breakfast With Characters 2024?

  • Storytellers Cafe Breakfast – $49 for adults, $29 for children plus tax
  • Goofy’s Kitchen Breakfast – $49 for adults, $29 for children plus tax
  • Plaza Inn Breakfast – $41 for adults, $24 for children plus tax
  • Princess Breakfast Adventures – $125 per person, children and adults plus tax

How Much is Disneyland Lunch and Dinner Character Dining 2024?

  • Storytellers Cafe – $51 for adults, $29 for children plus tax (Fri-Sun Brunch)
  • Goofy’s Kitchen – $55 for adults, $32 for children plus tax (Dinner)

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Disneyland Character Dining Options Ranked 2024

disneyland character dining

So, you’re still wondering what is the best character dining at Disneyland? Well, we think that is up to you! Everyone has their favorite characters and food they enjoy, so everyone’s experience is different. That’s why we are going to lay out all of the Disneyland character dining options and let you choose!

List of Disney Character Dining in Anaheim – Character Dining at Disneyland Ranked

  • #4 – Minnie & Friends Breakfast in the Park – Main Street, U.S.A.
  • #3 – Mickey’s Tale of Adventure Breakfast Buffet – Storyteller’s Cafe at the Grand Californian Resort Hot
  • #2 – Goofy’s Kitchen – Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel
  • #1 – Princess Breakfast Adventures – Napa Rose at the Grand Californian Resort Hotel

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Every Character Meal at Disneyland Ranked 2024

#4 – Minnie & Friends Breakfast in the Park – Plaza Inn – Least Expensive Character Meal at Disneyland


Price$41 for adults and $24 for children. This makes it the least expensive character meal at Disneyland.

Characters: Minnie Mouse, Eyesore, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Chip ‘n Dale, the Fairy Godmother, Perla & Suzy, & Marie

Type of Food: American breakfast

What to Expect: The Plaza Inn rotates many characters for their breakfasts, making it hard to say exactly who you’re going to see. So while we do have a list of seen characters at the Plaza Inn character breakfast, your experience might be different! ou can expect a typical American breakfast food buffet, which is expected at Disney character breakfasts.

Tips and Tricks: The classic Disneyland character breakfast is the one that is at the Plaza Inn. Located inside of Disneyland, it is perfect those who love nostalgia and are looking for breakfast with Minnie at Disneyland. This is also the only location to get the Minnie Mouse version of the famous Mickey waffles! Remember, this is also the lowest character breakfast at Disneyland cost so we highly recommend getting a dining reservation.

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#3 – Mickey’s Tale of Adventure Breakfast Buffet – Storytellers Cafe – Best Character Breakfast at Disneyland


Price: Breakfast: $49 for adults, $29 for children – Brunch: $51 for adults, $29 for children

Characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip ‘n Dale, & Pluto

Type of Food: California fare breakfast

What to Expect: Storytellers Cafe has to be one of the most popular breakfasts with Mickey in Disneyland. It also is known for having a more high-end classy feel to character breakfasts in Disneyland, which guests tend to enjoy. Storytellers Cafe is located in Disney’s Grand California Hotel and has the same rustic, upscale vibe. The food is buffet style, with some Mexican-American favorites for guests to choose from. It is also the only character lunch in Disneyland, where it serves brunch Friday – Sunday from 11am – 1pm.

Tips and Tricks: Please note that these characters are always subject to change. The Storytellers Cafe meals have been described as “Mickey’s Tales of Adventure Breakfast Buffet,” which sounds a lot like breakfast with Mickey and Friend’s at Disneyland. So, if you’re expecting a breakfast with many of the classics, you can’t go wrong with Storytellers Cafe. We have had some of our favorite character experience in any Disney park here!

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#2 – Goofy’s Kitchen – Disneyland Hotel

Price: Breakfast: $56 for adults and $33 for children – Dinner: $61 for adults and $35 for children.

Characters: Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Chip ‘n Dale

Type of Food: American

What to Expect: Goofy’s Kitchen is a unique Disneyland character dining option located in Disneyland Hotel. This experience is the only one that has dinner and breakfast with Goofy at Disneyland. Goofy’s Kitchen has a bright and fun space to enjoy an American style breakfast or dinner buffet. This is the only option for dinner at Disneyland with characters, so you will see two different sets of prices.

Tips and Tricks: Goofy’s Kitchen characters have been rather consistent over the years, focusing on the classic Disney superstars. Our favorite part about all of the characters at Goofy’s kitchen are the adorable unique chef outfits! The Disneyland hotel itself is a hidden gem at the Disneyland Resort. We highly recommend you spend some time here on your next Disneyland vacation. After your meal, head over to Tangaroa Terrace for some Dole whip!

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#1 – Princess Breakfast Adventures – Napa Rose – Best Character Dining at Disneyland

Price: $125 per person

Characters: Belle, Mulan, Aurora, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Ariel, & Pocahontas

Type of Food: California American Cuisine

What to Expect: Just as with the other experiences, these characters can always change. It is rumored that Raya will be making her debut here very soon! Having this be one of the only spots where you can meet almost every Disney Princess under one roof, in our opinion, this is the best character dining Disneyland.

Tips and Tricks: Disneyland Princess Breakfast Adventures is the only princess character dining at Disneyland. This Disneyland breakfast with Disney characters is located at the Napa Rose in the Grand California Hotel. The delicious Disneyland Disneyland princess character dining experience offers a three course breakfast. While having more upscale food, it is important to note that there is a flat fee for this experience no matter the age. Yes, this meal is quite expensive. But where else can you meet EVERY Disney Princess in one room?! All while being accompanied by a live classical guitar music!

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Tips and Tricks for Disneyland Character Dining 2024

Disneyland character dining can be a lot of fun, but it also can be difficult to secure a reservation. That’s why we’ve put together some tips and tricks to make sure your character meals at Disneyland are as magical as they can be!

Disneyland Character Dining Tips & Tricks 2024

  • Book in AdvanceDisneyland character breakfast reservations go quick! Set an alarm 60 days out bright and early to start making your selections around 7am. The easiest way to do this on through the Disneyland App.
  • Plan Enough Time – Most character experiences run for about an hour. With the exception of Princess Breakfast Adventure, which is about a three hour experience. If you have any other plans, just note that seating can take a while. Always leave leeway for Disney Genie + or Lightning Lane reservations.
  • Be Aware of Character Rotation – It is never guaranteed how many or what type of characters you will see during your interaction. Characters tend to rotate in and out of certain dining locations.
  • Always Be Respectful of the Characters – Be aware of personal space and to always ask a character if pictures, hugging, and autographs are ok.
  • Have fun! – Disneyland character dining experiences are meant to be fun and relaxing. These characters will be coming around to you while you’re stuffing your face with delicious food. Create those core memories!

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How to Book Character Meals at Disneyland 2024

Disneyland character dining

Character dining can be some of the hardest reservations to come by due to their popularity. That is why we always recommend to reserve character dining at Disneyland prior to your trip. Even if the Disneyland restaurant is inside of the theme parks or inside of one of Disneyland’s hotels, make sure to reserve ahead of time! The most important thing to note is that all reservations can be made 60 days prior to your trip!

We highly recommend booking your dining reservations on that 60 day mark to ensure you get the character dining experiences you want!

How to Reserve Character Dining at Disneyland 2024

  • Visit Disneyland online or use the Disneyland app and search for the reservations you want.
  • Call (714) 781-DINE (3463) between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM daily (Pacific Time) for a cast member to assist you.

Disneyland Character Meals 2024 FAQ


Q: Can You Get Autographs at Character Dining?

A: Absolutely! Characters happily take pictures, give hugs, and sign autographs during Disneyland character dining meals.

Q: Do you have to stay at Disneyland Hotel to go to Goofy’s Kitchen?

A: Guest’s do not have to be staying at the Disneyland hotel in order to make a character dining reservation at Goofy’s Kitchen. This is also the same for all character dining experiences located in the other Disneyland Resort hotels including Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. 

Q: How Much Does it Cost to Eat With Disney Characters?

A: The prices for Disneyland Character Dining range from $41 for adults and $24 for children, to $125 per person! The location of your character meal determines how much the experience will cost. 

Q: Do You Need a Park Ticket to Eat with Characters at Disneyland?

A: This answer depends on where you would like to dine! The only Disneyland character dining location that requires a theme park ticket at Disneyland is Minnie & Friends Breakfast in the Park. This experience is located at the Plaza Inn on Main Street U.S.A. 

Q: How Long is the Disney Princess Breakfast?

A: The Grand Californian’s Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure is a 2-3 hour experience. 

Q: What is Character Dining at Disneyland?

A: Character dining in Disneyland is a unique meal experience where Disney characters join the guests at their table for meet and greets!

Q: What is the Best Day to do Character Dining at Disneyland?

A: This depends on the type of meal you want to experience with your favorite characters! Breakfast can be enjoyed every day of the week at Minnie & Friends Breakfast, Storytellers Cafe, and Goofy’s Kitchen. Breakfast can also be enjoyed at Napa Rose for the Disney Princess Adventure on Thursday – Monday. Brunch can be enjoyed Friday – Sundays at Storytellers Cafe. And Dinner can be enjoyed every day of the week at Goofy’s Kitchen. 

We hope that this article helped you with the Disneyland character dining and that if you’re heading to Disneyland soon that you have magical trip!

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