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How To Buy Costco Universal Tickets 2024

This article is going to help you learn how to buy Costco Universal tickets! So, it’s time to book your trip to Universal Studios Florida and you’re looking for the best deals on Universal Orlando tickets. Because we all know that ticket prices can be the highest cost for most family vacations! There are deals for Universal Orlando Resort tickets almost year-round, therefore, you should never have to pay full price!

So for this article let’s start with the most important question and that is, can you buy Universal tickets at Costco? In general, Costco is a great retailer of discounted tickets and can be one of the cheapest places to buy Universal Studios tickets if you combine them with a hotel room package. We know it can be confusing to book any vacation, especially a theme park vacation so this article is going to show you how to buy Universal Studios Costco discount tickets.

As an affiliate of, our staff might earn a commission from qualified purchases. That comes at no extra cost to you, and all Park Prodigy tickets and packages guarantee you’ll save money vs booking direct.

2024 Cost of Universal Tickets at Costco

It is important to note that Costco only sells Universal tickets within packages at this time. These packages will stack up Universal discounts for tickets, hotel and more. You can purchase 3 day tickets for either Universal Hollywood or Universal Studios Orlando in store at your Costco location. If you are looking to purchase only a one day ticket, or Universal Studios day pass, Costco may not be your best option. However it is important for us to note that, Costco is selling Universal Studios tickets for around $139 for a three day park ticket. That is almost the same price as a one day ticket!

Now of course we do know that not everyone might not need a complete package including hotel and tickets so it’s always best to shop around in that case. We always recommend our friends over at The Park Prodigy for all discount Universal Orlando tickets! Not only do they have some of the best deals around but all of their tickets come with Universal Orlando early park admission to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Costco Ticket Alternatives: Discount Universal Orlando Tickets with The Park Prodigy

How to Purchase Universal Studios Tickets from Costco

There is currently only one way to get Costco discount theme park tickets, and we are going to help you understand exactly how that works. Costco makes buying your vacation needs fairly simple, therefore, it is a great option for tickets. Please note, before buying any tickets through Costco, you must be a Costco member to earn benefits and discounts through them.

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How to Purchase Costco Universal Studios Tickets Online

The process for purchasing Costco Universal Studios tickets online is a little different than in-store. The reason being, discounts and offers are always changing, therefore, it is hard guarantee that tickets will be offered alone on the website.

Currently, the only way to purchase Universal Studios tickets online are through package deals. This could change depending on the time of year, so make sure you check back to look for just Universal Studios ticket deals.

To start, you’re going to visit the Costco Travel website.

From here, you are going to build a vacation package. You’ll want to choose Florida as your destination, and MCO as your region. Make sure you know the dates of your vacation, because you will need them to book your trip and get your Universal Costco tickets.

Once you enter in that information, you will be brought to a page with all of the deals and packages Costco is currently offering. Here is an example of a deal you might see:

Through Costco, you can book your flight, hotel and choose the length and number of days for your tickets. Note, most of these packages prices are included with a 3 day Universal ticket, and can change if you add additional park days.

Once you’ve built your package, you can checkout right on the website. Costco Travel will send you all the details on how to redeem your tickets, check in to your hotel, flight details and more!

Alternatives to Buying 2024 Costco Universal Studios Tickets

So what if you don’t have a Costco membership, is it still possible to purchase discount tickets to Universal Studios Florida and Hollywood?

Yes, you can always purchase your tickets from a Universal Orlando travel agency. The best part is many companies will also provide added benefits to for purchasing through them. The Universal travel agent we always recommend is

Not only will you be able to purchase discount Universal tickets but all park guests who plan to visit Universal Orlando will receive Early Park Admission up to one hour before other park guests!

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How Much are Universal Costco Tickets?

Ticket prices for all of Central Florida’s theme parks have increased quite a bit in the last few years. Universal prices have also increased, which leads many guests to look for discounts. Lets breakdown ticket prices for Universal Orlando Resort.

Universal Orlando Resort – Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure Ticket Prices

Exactly how much is Universal Studios? Ticket prices depend on what time of year and how many days you are visiting the parks. Make sure you pay attention to peak times, like holidays, or busier summer months which can make your tickets cost more.

  • Adult tickets start at $109
  • Children tickets start at $104

One day park tickets start at $109 for adults and $104 for children. If you’re looking to maximize your fun, you can two both parks, a park to park ticket, starting at $164 for adults and $159 for children. The more days you plan on being in the theme parks, the less the daily cost of the ticket will be. For example, for a 3 day park to park ticket, it is only $97 per adult per day.

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Universal Hollywood Ticket Prices

Universal Studios Hollywood Costco tickets are a bit harder to find than Universal Studios Orlando. Hence, buying your tickets through Universal Hollywood or a vacation planner might be your best bet. Universal Hollywood also only offers one park right now, with similar attractions to both Universal Orlando Resort parks.

One day tickets at Universal Hollywood cost between $109 and $139 dollars depending on the day you choose to visit.

FAQ’s About Universal Costco Tickets 2024


Can I buy a Universal Studios Annual Pass at Costco?

No. You cannot purchase a Costco Season Pass Universal Studios, or a Universal Studios Annual Pass.

Can I return Universal Studios tickets at Costco?

Right now, Universal Studios tickets are non-refundable.

What Costco Deals for Universal Studios Orlando are Available?

Currently, Universal Studios discount tickets Costco deals are the only offers that we can find for the park. Vacation packages for Universal Studios can offer up to $1000 discounts on flight, hotel and tickets through Costco. Universal coupons are usually offered directly through the Universal company or a travel agency.

We hope this article helped you find cheap places to buy Universal Studios tickets.

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