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Complete Guide to 2024 Costco Disney Tickets and Travel Packages

This is your complete guide to 2024 Costco Disney World tickets. Shopping around for a Walt Disney World vacation and looking for the best deals on Disney World tickets? Costco Walt Disney World tickets used to be a popular item to purchase from Costco with a membership. Recently, we haven’t seen Disney park tickets at Costco sold without a vacation package.

Costco’s Walt Disney World tickets and packages still offer great benefits and savings, and we are going to discuss how you can book one here!

So, if you’re wanting to learn about Costco Disney World tickets read on!

As an affiliate of, our staff might earn a commission from qualified purchases. That comes at no extra cost to you, and all Park Prodigy tickets and packages guarantee you’ll save money vs booking direct.

Does Costco have Disney Tickets 2024?

Costco Disney World tickets

Let’s start with the most common questions we receive and that is, does Costco have Disney tickets? If you’re looking to purchase Walt Disney tickets at Costco, you can only buy them through a Costco Disney World vacation package. So if you’re not in need of a hotel and are simply only looking for the cheapest Walt Disney World tickets, you might be better off with one of the other discounts travel companies out there such as The Park Prodigy. They are authorized Disney travel agents and will consistently run Disney World ticket deals.

If you do need a hotel, then Costco offers on-site and off-site Costco Disney Orlando tickets and vacation packages that come with 5-day Disney theme park tickets with the park hopper as an option. It is important to note that deals and vacation packages change occasionally, therefore, you might see different deals every time you check back. You must also have a valid Costco membership to purchase vacation packages and Disney passes through Costco.

Do they sell Costco Disney Annual Passes 2024?

Unfortunately, guests can no longer purchase Costco Disney World tickets 2024 individually or purchase Costco Disney World Annual Passes.

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Where is the Best Place to Buy Costco Disney Tickets 2024?

Costco Disney World tickets

While it can be a bummer that you cannot purchase individual Costco Orlando Disney tickets, there are many other great places you can purchase tickets. The Park Prodigy is a reputable travel agency that sells Walt Disney World tickets that having amazing benefits. Costco Disney World tickets Orlando may have been a great deal when you can buy them individually, but at places like The Park Prodigy you can purchase individual tickets as well as a vacation package.

Overall, The Park Prodigy is the best place to purchase Walt Disney World tickets, especially if you’re looking for discounts, free planning tools and expert advice. So if you’re wondering, “Where can I buy Disney tickets in Orlando?” you don’t even have to leave your couch, you can just check out

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How to Buy Discount Disney World Tickets Costco

If you’re looking how to buy discount Disney World tickets in 2024, there are a few changes that have happened to the theme parks to take into consideration. While you cannot buy discount Disney tickets at Costco individually, we can help you figure out how to purchase the very best Disney tickets. Walt Disney World now has date based pricing, which means that ticket prices change depending on the time of year. The Park Prodigy Crowd Calendar can show you the predicted crowd levels and ticket prices based on dates you’re looking at.

The next and most important step is making sure that there is theme park availability for your desired dates. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, all Disney parks require a valid theme park reservation along with theme park tickets. Luckily, when purchasing ticking from The Park Prodigy, you can see what theme parks are available right when buying tickets! That means you can do it all in one step and it is truly simple.

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Disney World Vacation Packages Costco 2024

While we can’t price out individual Disney World Costco ticket prices, we can give you a list of their current vacation package deals. Typically Costco deals match up with seasonal Disney deals, as well as, running their own specials on packages. These deals are limited time and have a certain date you must book by, so make sure you read all of the terms before booking your Costco Disney tickets and vacation package.

Costco Travel Disney Theme Park Tickets and Vacation Package Deals 2024

  • Walt Disney World On-Site Promotional Package – Savings on resorts and exclusive benefits
  • Walt Disney World Resort On-Site Collection – Special benefits
  • Swan and Dolphin Resort Package with Walt Disney World tickets – Room upgrades, resort fee included
  • Various Good Neighbor Walt Disney World Packages with tickets and various benefits

Booking Costco Disney World Tickets and Vacation Packages

Now that we’ve talked through the whole process of Costco Florida Orlando Disney tickets and packages, it is easiest to see an actual example of what they’re offering. Let’s price out the Walt Disney World On-Site Promotional Costco package for 2 adults and 2 children. Please note that all prices are subject to change and promotions can be limited time and not available for you to purchase discount Disney tickets at Costco or vacation packages.

Disney World Park Hopper Costco Vacation Package

Costco Disney World tickets

Here pictured is the full vacation package price with flights, hotel, and Disney passes through Costco. Included are 5-day Disney Park Hopper Disney Theme park tickets through Costco, a round trip flight and a stay at a Walt Disney World resort. We chose the Port Orleans – Riverside resort, but that option, as well as the Disney theme park tickets at Costco.

Disney World Tickets Costco Price 2024

Costco Disney World tickets

When Costco is building your Disney World vacation package, the final price is given as a total. If you are looking to change dates, amount of days in the park, park hopper or not, the price will adjust with a table of options.

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Disney Tickets Costco Florida FAQs

Q: Can you buy Disney World tickets at Costco?

A: You cannot purchase Disney World tickets individually through Costco, but you can book Disney vacation packages that include Disney tickets.

Q: Where to get cheap Disney tickets in Orlando?

A: Our recommended travel company is The Park Prodigy, who offers discounted tickets, free travel plans and more!

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