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How to get Cheap Universal Tickets 2024

This article is your complete guide on how to get cheap tickets to Universal. There are so many costs that come with planning a vacation and it is always a good idea to look for the best deals and discounts to save money. Theme park tickets always tend to be some of the most expensive components of a vacation, so it never hurts to research where to buy cheap Universal Studios tickets.

That’s why in this article we are going to help you save some cash and we are going to tell you how to get discounted Universal Orlando tickets in 2024!

How to Get Cheap Universal Studios Tickets 2024


So, you’re looking where to buy Universal tickets cheap? Like we mentioned earlier theme park tickets are a huge expense in any vacation and many guests who buy at the gate at Universal Orlando Resort might be paying maximum price. Guests have the option to purchase tickets right through Universal Orlando or you can purchase your tickets from valid third party travel companies.

When looking for the best way to buy tickets to Universal Orlando, date-based pricing has to be taken into consideration. All of Universal Orlando tickets have date-based pricing, so no matter who you buy from, the price can change depending on the time of year. During peak times, tickets tend to be much more expensive, where slower, less crowded times have cheaper ticket options.

What will I pay at the gate for Universal Studios tickets?

So, what would you pay for Universal Studios tickets with no discounts or deals at the gate?

  • 1 Day, 1 Park tickets – Start at $109 and can go up to $160 per adult
  • 1 Day, Park to Park (2 Park) Tickets – Start at $164 and can go up to $214 per adult
  • 2 Day, 1 Park tickets – $212 – $309 per adult
  • 2 Day, Park to Park tickets – $272 – $370 per adult

Children’s tickets start at $104 for a single day, 1 park ticket and $159 for a single day park to park ticket.

We are going to talk about how to get cheap tickets to Universal Studios with special deals offered by Universal later on in the article. Believe it or not, Universal Orlando runs some great deals on tickets that you can find online throughout the year.

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Where is the Best Place to Get Universal Tickets 2024?

So now that we know what is the maximum cost you will pay at the gate let’s get into the cheapest way to get Universal tickets. Like we mentioned above, there are different ways to get discount prices for Universal Studios, and that is usually through travel agencies, or special discounts that Universal Orlando is running itself. It is important to note that any travel company should be able to match Universal Orlando’s special deals and even sometimes give you a discount of their own, giving you maximum savings.

Best place to purchase Universal Orlando tickets list

  • The Park Prodigy
  • Costco
  • Universal Orlando Resort

Make sure when you are doing research for the cheapest way to get Universal Orlando tickets, be aware of scammers! There are many sites that are fraudulent or have surprise drawbacks that many guests don’t find out about until it is too late. In our guide about the best place to buy Universal tickets, we talk about all the things to look out for when buying discounted Universal tickets. We highly suggest reading through that before you commit to a site that seems sketchy.

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#1 – How to Get Cheap Tickets To Universal 2024 – The Park Prodigy


When doing your research on how to buy cheap Universal Orlando tickets, there are probably many different choices. That’s why we are going to make it easy for you and give our top and best place to buy discount Universal Studios Orlando tickets: The Park Prodigy is our go-to, number one place to buy discounted Universal Orlando tickets for so many reasons. The Park Prodigy is an authorized seller of Universal Orlando tickets with some of the most helpful experts in the business.

That means The Park Prodigy sells legitimate inexpensive Universal Orlando tickets, discounted vacation packages and can give expert advice and free planning tools to all guests that purchase! The Park Prodigy can match any special deal that Universal Orlando Resort sets for their tickets, as well as offering up to $50 savings per ticket when you book in advance!

Benefits of booking through The Park Prodigy

Not only are they best place to get discount Universal Studios tickets, but they also offer incredible benefits that can’t be beat!

  • Early Park Admission – Get into the parks an hour before regular park open to enjoy some of the most popular attractions with low wait times and less crowds! All Park Prodigy tickets come with the Early Park Admission Perk and can save guests up to three hours in the parks!
  • Free Universal Touring Plans – Build the perfect itinerary for your Universal day with free touring plans that help you save time and avoid crowds!
  • Advance Ticket Sale Savings – If you’re looking how to get discounts on Universal Studios tickets, look no further because Park Prodigy advance purchases can save you up to $50 per ticket.
  • Magically Carbon Free – If you’re worried about the carbon footprint of your trip, The Park Prodigy will offset the the impact of your trip for no additional cost!

As you can see, The Park Prodigy isn’t just best place to buy Universal Orlando tickets for the price, but also for the perks!

#2 – How to Get Discount Universal Tickets Through Universal Orlando

So, if you’re wondering how to get Universal Orlando tickets cheap directly through Universal Orlando, we can help you with that too! Sporadically throughout the year, Universal Orlando Resort will drop deals or vacation packages that can save you money vs the standard gate ticket price. Unfortunately we cannot give you a definitive list of those ticket and vacation packages because they do change often, but we can give you some common deal we see Universal release.

Common Universal Orlando Resort vacation deals

  • Buy 2 Day, 2 Park tickets, get three days free
  • 5 Day vacation packages with discounts (up to 20% off)
  • Holiday packages and deals (Halloween Horror Nights, Christmastime, Memorial Day)

You can check current Universal deals here to see what they’re currently offering. If you’re wondering how to get discounts at Universal Studios keep reading because we will talk about that shortly.

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#3 – Best Place to Buy Universal Studios Orlando Tickets with Vacation Packages – Costco


If you’ve been looking up where to get cheap tickets to Universal Studios for some time now, you might remember that Costco used to sell discounted tickets on their own for a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, Costco now only sells Universal packages online, which come with cheaper, discounted tickets included. Costco can still be one of the best places to buy Universal tickets for Orlando, but, that is only if you’re okay purchasing the full vacation package they offer.

Each of these vacation packages come with perks, like 2% back on Costco travel purchases and even a Costco Shop Card that comes with each stay. You can also expect the package to have a stay at Universal Orlando hotel and tickets included. You can check for all of Costco’s current Universal Orlando deals here.

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#4 – Best Way to Get Universal Tickets with Special Discounts


If you’re wondering how to get cheaper Universal tickets and live in Florida or are a part of the military, you can receive discounts on Universal tickets. One of the best ways to buy tickets to Universal Orlando is to utilize some discounts that you might already qualify for. Universal Orlando Resort offers year long discounts that don’t typically change and are constantly offered throughout the year.

How to get discounted Universal Studios tickets

  • Military Discount
  • Florida Resident Discount
  • AAA Discount

Military Discount

One of the best places to buy Universal Studios Florida tickets if you’re in the military is actually though Universal Orlando. The Military Freedom pass is available for active duty and retired military members, which comes with special offers and discounts.

See more about the Universal Military Discount here.

Florida Resident Discount

Florida Resident discounts are some of the best for those who reside in the sunshine state. Not only are there discounted tickets for Florida residents, but there are also specific Universal Orlando Resort vacation packages with awesome perks offered throughout the year. Make sure to ask your travel agent about the Florida Resident discounts or you can check them out here on Universal’s website.

AAA Discount

It never hurts with AAA to see if it is the cheapest way to get Universal Orlando tickets, as they do offer rather great discounts. We have seen in the past single day, one park tickets offered at at discounted price, but we are unsure if it is offered year round. You can check the AAA travel site for the latest deals periodically when you’re thinking of planning a Universal Orlando Resort vacation!

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How to Get Cheap Tickets to Universal with Group Discounts

Are you wondering how to get cheap Universal Orlando tickets and you have a big group traveling? Groups with 20 or more people can contact Universal about discounted large Group Rates for various tickets and vacation packages. These packages are usually perfect for schools or even those with large families who plan on taking a Universal Orlando vacation. It isn’t uncommon for families to want to have the most EPIC and thrilling family reunion and use Universal Orlando Resort as their event destination.

You can either call Universal at 1-888-266-2121 or check out their website to inquire about quotes or if you have any questions about large group ticket sales.

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How to Get Cheap Tickets to Universal FAQ

Q: Do Universal tickets ever go on sale?

Yes, Universal Orlando tickets do go on sale periodically and travel companies like The Park Prodigy offer discounted tickets year round to those who purchase through them!

Q: When are Universal Studios tickets cheapest?

Universal Orlando Resort tickets have date-based pricing, meaning, when the park is slower, the tickets will be cheaper and when it is peak time, the tickets will be more expensive! This is true no matter who you purchase them through.