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History of The Ghostbusters Ride Universal Studios Florida

This article is your complete guide to the extinct Ghostbusters Spooktacular ride at Universal Studios Orlando. In the 1990s, the Ghostbusters ride was a hit due to the immense success of the movies. Despite the popularity of the Ghostbusters films, the Universal Studios Special Effects Show only lasted 6 years in the park. Ghostbusters Spooktacular opened with the park in 1990 and closed in 1996.

You may be wondering why would Universal take out a ride based on such classic films! It is typical for parks to replace rides with new attractions that they think will bring more guests into the parks. So what replaced Ghostbusters at Universal? Ghostbusters Spooktacular closed in Universal to make way for “Twister…Ride it Out” which ultimately closed in 2015 to make way for the current attraction, “Race through New York starring Jimmy Fallon.”

If you want to learn about the history of Ghostbusters Universal Studios then keep reading!

Ghostbusters Ride Universal Studios Overview


Let’s start with what exactly was the ghost busters ride at Universal? Ghostbusters Universal Studios was the talk of the town during its run. This was a special effect show attraction that opened in 1990. Before getting on the attraction, guests walked through the soundstage that was set to be where Ghostbusters was filmed. This attraction was extremely popular among guests and many wish that the Ghostbusters ride or at least some form of the Ghostbusters were still in the parks today!

The Attraction

Guests were seated in a show building facing the stage that was a recreation of the Temple of Gozer. Guests then listen to a tour guide discuss the Ghostbusters films and how ghosts are not real! As the tour guide is talking to the crowd, a ghost from the film, Slimer flies around behind the guide. Gozer and other ghosts begin to attack the tour guide when you hear that theme song and the Ghostbusters are here to save the day!

The show changed halfway through its run until it closed in 1996. In this second version, the government wants to shut down the Ghostbusters but when the ghosts show up, the Ghostbusters are there of course to save the day once again!

The main feature of the Ghostbusters ride Universal was the special effects that went along with seeing the Ghostbusters in action.

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Where is the Ghostbusters Ride?


Fans of the Ghostbusting crew will be sad to learn that there is no longer a Universal Studios Ghostbusters ride. Is there a chance Ghostbusters can come back into the parks? Possibly. The show was very popular while it was in operation but in 2005, Universal failed to renew the rights for theme park use for the Ghostbusters franchise. However, just a few years later in 2008, Sony announced that Ghostbusters was licensed as a theme park attraction for the film’s 25th anniversary. The moral of the story is that Universal Studios Orlando has Ghostbusters as a licensed property so it is not ruled out that there won’t be another Ghostbusters ride Universal Studios.

What Replaced Ghostbusters at Universal?


The Ghostbusters ride Universal Studios closed in 1996 to make way for Twister…Ride it Out. This attraction was located in the New York Section of Universal Studios. The film “Twister” premiered the same year that the Ghostbusters ride closed. In 1998, “Twister…Ride it Out” opened to the public.

What is Ghostbusters Spooktacular today?

“Twister…Ride it Out” was another one that bit the dust in this location at Universal Studios. The building where the Ghostbusters ride once thrived is currently, “Race through New York starring Jimmy Fallon.” Universal closed the Twister attraction in 2015 following the closing of the Ghostbusters Ride in 1998. As of 2017 guests have been able to enjoy…or not so much enjoy this new ride starring Jimmy Fallon. There is much controversy with this ride, some people love it and others, not so much. Will this be yet another attraction in this location to close at Universal Studios? We personally think it’s a great ride so next time you are in Universal Studios, hop on and try it out for yourself.

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Ghostbusters Ride FAQs


Q: What was the first ride in Universal?

When Universal Studios Florida first opened its doors on June 7, 1990, there were 4 opening day attractions: Murder, She Wrote, the Hitchcock show, Ghostbuster ride, and E.T. Adventure.

Q: Was there a Ghostbusters ride at Universal?

Ghostbusters ride Universal was a special effects show attraction formerly located at Universal Studios Florida. This ghost busters ride opened with the park in 1990 and was closed in 1996.

Q: Is Ghostbusters Disney?

There is no Universal Studios Ghostbusters ride at Disney World. Universal Studios owns the rights to use the Ghostbusters films in their parks. Ghostbusters Spooktacular was a ride in Universal Studios Florida that was open from 1990 to 1996.

Q: What rides are no longer at Universal Studios?

  • Back to the Future – The Ride.
  • Ghostbusters
  • Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue.
  • Disaster!
  • Dragon Challenge (Dueling Dragons)
  • Jaws
  • Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast.
  • Kongfrontation
  • Lucy – a Tribute
  • Shrek 4-D
  • The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad
  • TWISTER…Ride It Out

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