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What is the Best Disney Stroller Rental Company?

This article is your complete guide to the best Disney World stroller rental companies in 2023. Along with any Disney World trip means a lot of waiting in lines, walking from attraction to attraction, and inevitably rather tired kiddos. For that reason, you definitely want to rent a stroller at Disney to keep your family most comfortable.

In this guide, we are going to give you our best recommendations for stroller rentals for Disney, so keep reading!

Stroller Rentals in Disney 2023 Overview


On average, people can walk about 10 miles when visiting the Walt Disney World parks, from parking, to resort walking, to just getting around. That means a lot of steps, and a lot of discomfort if you haven’t packed the right shoes and gotten a stroller. Stroller rental at Disney World is very simple, whether you’re renting straight from the park or a company outside.

We actually love that you can go with third party Disney stroller rental companies, most of which deliver to all Disney World and surrounding hotels. This way, you can truly customize your trip with the type of stroller, when you’ll receive it and even benefit from special features from the best Disney stroller rental companies.

What are the top 5 places for renting strollers in Disney 2023?

  • Disney World
  • Kingdom Strollers
  • Magic Strollers
  • Simple Stroller Rental
  • Orlando Stroller Rentals

How much to rent stroller at Disney World?

The Disney World stroller rental cost right through the park is:

  • Single Stroller – $15 daily, Multi Day (Length of Stay) $13 per day
  • Double Stroller – $31 Daily, Multi-Day (Length of Stay) $27 per day

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#5 – Best Inventory for Disney World Stroller Rentals – Orlando Stroller Rentals


Overview: This stroller rental near Disney World is all about customer service, and ensuring that you receive the exact stroller you want for your Disney trip. Orlando Stroller Rental is a Gold Ribbon stroller vendor and has some of the largest stock of strollers in Central Florida. It is Disney World approved and has an extremely easy delivery system that makes getting a stroller to you hassle-free. If you’re staying in a Walt Disney World hotel, or surrounding hotel, Orlando Stroller Rentals will drop off and pick up your stroller for you.


Orlando Stroller Rental cost is by the entire duration of the trip, not per night.

  • Single Strollers: 1-3 nights ($50 – $60), 4 to 7 nights, ($70 -$80 ), 8 to 10 nights ($90- $100 ), 11 to 14 nights ($110 -$120)
  • Double Strollers: 1-3 nights ($60 -$80), 4 to 7 nights, ($80 -$100), 8 to 10 nights ($100 -$120), 11 to 14 nights ($110 -$140)

Types of strollers: Britax B, city mini, BOB Revolution, summit, Maclaren

Delivery or not: Yes, free delivery to all Disney Resorts

Tips: You get quite a few free perks when booking through Orlando Stroller Rental, which we love about them. This best stroller rental Disney World company offers free rain covers for your stroller, free parent console and a free cooler to keep! Their store is also very close to all Disney World resorts if you’d rather pick up your stroller in person.

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#4 – Best Value Stroller Rental in Disney – Simple Stroller Rentals


Overview: Simple Stroller Rental is going to come in as our value company with Disney World double stroller rentals and Disney World single stroller rentals. Simple Stroller Rentals only charges you by the day, and not by the entire trip, so you’ll see the lowest prices for all of their rentals. Simple Stroller Rentals also offer free delivery to resorts within 15 miles of Walt Disney World, which makes them one of the best Disney stroller rental companies!


The cost for Simple Stroller Rentals comes from the type of stroller and how many days you need it.

  • City Mini GT Single – $35 initial charge, $5 per day you have it ($55 for 4 days)
  • City Mini GT Double – $45 initial charge, $5 per day you have it ($65 for 4 days)
  • BOB Revolution Single – $50 initial charge, $5 per day you have it ($70 for 4 days)
  • BOB Revolution Duallie – $55 initial charge, $5 per day you have it ($75 for 4 days)

Types of strollers: city mini, BOB Revolution

Delivery or not: Yes, and free to Walt Disney World Resorts.

Tips: Simple Stroller Rentals is the best stroller rental Disney World has for those on a tight budget, but still want quality strollers. The reviews for Simple Stroller Rentals say it all, in that they are the cheapest, but still manage to be clean and extremely reliable. You do not get a rain cover for free, but can add one on for $10 extra onto your fee. There is also an optional damage waiver, which is $25 per stroller per rental period, which has got you covered in case anything happens!

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#3 – Best Disney Stroller Delivery Company – Magic Strollers


Overview: Magic Strollers is the another one of the few Disney World stroller rental companies that are actually Disney approved for a private stroller company. Magic Stroller Company provides heavy discounts to those who go and pick up at their warehouse location, which can be a huge positive to those looking to save on their rental. There are also Disney stroller deliveries with Magic Strollers, and they deliver to 200 different locations.

Cost: The cost of Magic Strollers are a bit different and a little less straight forward, and reminded us of how you would book a car. The longer you rent the stroller the cheaper it is – for example:

  • City Mini – 1 Day Rental – $50 per night, 2 Day Rental – $32.50 per night, 3 Day Rental – $26.67 per night
  • City Mini Double – 1 day – $60 per night, 2 Day Rental – $40 per night, 3 Day Rental – $33.33 a night

Types of strollers:

Single: city mini, city mini 2, city mini GT, city mini GT 2, Summit X3

Double: city mini, city mini GT, Summit X3

Delivery or not: Yes, to all Walt Disney World resorts

Tips: If you really want to save some money, we suggest picking up your stroller at Magic Stroller’s Warehouse. Most strollers we’ve seen a $15 – $40 savings right off the top from just switching delivery to pick up! Magic Strollers is located near Universal Orlando Resort and the Mall of Millenia, which makes for easy pick up and drop off if you choose.

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#2 – Most Convenient Disney Stroller Rental – Disney World


Overview: We think the best place to rent strollers for Disney World out of convenience alone is the Most Magical Place on Earth itself! Right at the entrance of every single Disney park, and Disney Springs is a Disney stroller rental hub, where you can purchase a stroller rental for the parks, in the parks! Disney handles all of the rest, whether you lose it or something happens to it, you’ll have another stroller provided to you with no hassle at all!


  • Single Stroller – $15 daily, Multi Day (Length of Stay) $13 per day
  • Disney Double Stroller Rental– $31 Daily, Multi-Day (Length of Stay) $27 per day

Types of strollers: Single stroller (recommended for children 50 lbs or less), Double Stroller (recommended for children 100 pounds or less.

Both strollers are a generic red plastic Disney brand, with seatbelts, sunshades and even Mickey Mouse graphics to give them an extra Disney feel.

Delivery or not: No, you don’t need it. Stroller locations are directly in the Disney theme parks.

Tips: Walt Disney World is the most convenient stroller rental, seeing as that you pick up and drop off your strollers right in the park. Even though the strollers aren’t the best quality, we know that convenience is super important to busy families. Since strollers cannot be removed from the parks, you can just drop your stroller off right where you got it. Even if you’re park hopping, keep your receipt and you can pick up a new stroller at your second park. We love this feature for stroller rental for Disney, since you have to fold up strollers on all transportation which can be a hassle if you’re dragging one around.

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#1 – Best Stroller Rental Company For Disney World – Kingdom Strollers


Overview: Kingdom Strollers is a family owned business, that strives for the best customer service, efficiency and value for all of its patrons. Kingdom Strollers has Disney World stroller rental delivery for their strollers and cribs free of charge to all Disney hotels, off-site hotels or vacation homes. Kingdom Strollers is also approved by Disney, and is only one of three business with the Disney Featured Stroller Provider Designation.


  • Single Strollers: 1-3 nights ($55 – $70), 4 to 7 nights, ($75 -$90 ), 8 to 10 nights ($95- $110 ), 11 to 14 nights ($115 -$130)
  • Double Strollers: 1-3 nights ($70 -$85), 4 to 7 nights, ($90 -$105), 8 to 10 nights ($110 -$125), 11 to 14 nights ($130 -$145)
  • Liberty Special Needs Stroller – $100 for 1 – 3 nights, $130 for 4-7, $150 for 8-10, $170 for 11 to 14 nights

Types of strollers:

  • Singles – city mini, Mini GT, BOB Revolution, Summit X3
  • Doubles – city mini, Mini GT, BOB Revolution Duallie
  • Liberty Special Needs Stroller

Delivery or not: Yes, free to all hotels and resorts near Disney World.

Tips: We love the diversity of strollers, and you can truly get whatever your family might need at Kingdom Strollers. With your purchase comes a free drink holder/parent console, free rain cover and cooler bag and a special add ons like a snack tray and stroller hook. For these reasons, we think that Kingdom Stroller is the best stroller rental companies in Orlando for quality, variety and customer service!

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Best Stroller Rental FAQ

Where to rent a stroller at Disney World?

If you’re looking to rent a stroller in Disney World, you have more options than you think! You can rent directly from Disney, which is the most convenient as you can pick up your strollers right in the park. If you’re looking for something nicer or with more storage you can look at third party Walt Disney World stroller rental companies that offer pick up and delivery for their guests.

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