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How Much is Uber from Orlando Airport to Disney World 2024

This article is your complete guide to taking an Uber from Orlando Airport to Disney 2024! Are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World and wondering what’s the cheapest transportation option to the parks from the airport? You’re not alone, as there are many guests flying into to Florida wondering the cost for using Uber at Orlando Airport.

And luckily, as a general rule of thumb an Uber will cost guests $35 one way from the Orlando International airport to any of the staying at the Walt Disney World resort hotels.

So, if you want to learn more about the cost of to Uber MCO to Disney, keep reading!

Uber From MCO to Disney 2024 Overview


Taking an Uber from the Orlando airport to Disney has become a super popular transportation option as many thing have changed over the years. Many guests have appreciated the convenience of taking an Uber from MCO to Disney, as it tends to be one of the quickest and cheapest options available. Uber will take you directly from the MCO airport to Disney resorts or parks with no extra stops, all within about 30 minutes of pickup.

There are also many different size and types of cars guests can choose to Uber to Disney World from the airport. This comes in handy if you are traveling with a large family or party and don’t want to pay per person on one of the theme park shuttles offered.

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How Much is Uber from Orlando Airport to Disney World 2024

Typically, no matter where you’re staying at the Walt Disney World resort, an Uber from Orlando airport to any of the resorts will cost you about $35 one way. That can change drastically depending on what Uber vehicle you choose and what resort hotel you’re staying at. With that being said, you should see a horrible price difference when it comes to the distance of the hotels in Walt Disney World. The Uber cost from MCO to Disney is mainly dependent on what vehicle type you choose for your party.

How much is Uber from Orlando Airport to Disney hotels? – Uber Fares to WDW

Now let’s get more into detail on the cost of Uber from MCO to Disney with the different cars available. Let’s say you’re staying at Disney’s Polynesian Resort for your Walt Disney World vacation and you want to take an Uber. This is the cost of Uber from Orlando Airport to Disney’s Polynesian Resort for all of the different car options available:

  • UberX (Up to 4 People) – $38
  • Comfort (Newer car, extra legroom up to 4 people) – $50
  • UberXL (Up to 6 people) – $56
  • UberPet – $43
  • Black (Luxury ride with professional driver, 4 people) – $87
  • Black w/ carseat – $97
  • UberX w/ carseat – $48
  • UberXL w carseat – $64

As you can see, there is a rather large range of pricing, not including a tip that you’d might want to leave for your driver, as well. UberX is the most popular option, as it is the lowest Uber cost from Orlando airport to Disney that’ll fit 4 people. Even if you have to take a larger car, like the UberXL, we love that the app allows you to split the fare, which can make it exponentially cheaper in a larger group.

You should also take into consideration something called “dynamic pricing,” which means that Uber will charge more with higher demand. So, if you’re flying in during peak hours, just know there might be a few extra dollars tacked on to your Uber cost.

How much is Uber from MCO to Disney value resorts?

Some of the value resorts are a little closer to the Orlando Airport, so let’s choose a few and see if the Uber rates in Orlando are different for these areas. Just as a reminder, these are one way fares, and you will have to pay another rate when you Uber from airport to Disney World.

Uber from MCO to Pop Century (Hollywood Studios Area)

  • UberX – $36
  • Comfort – $47
  • UberXL – $53

Uber from MCO to All Stars Resorts (Animal Kingdom Area)

  • UberX – $37
  • Comfort – $48
  • UberXL – $55

Is Uber cheaper than a taxi in Orlando?

In our experience, the Uber Orlando airport to Disney cost is much lower than a traditional taxi. That being, they run on meters, which take in account the time that you’re actually in the vehicle. There can be extremely heavy traffic in the Orlando area because of all of the tourism, which means more time running on the meter.

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Why Should I Take an Uber From Airport to Disney World?


Now that we’ve answered how much is an Uber from MCO to Disney, let’s answer why you should use the service. If you’re a Disney fan, you may have heard that the free Disney transportation service called the Magical Express was discontinued in 2022. With that being said, there has been a surge in transportation needs at the Orlando Airport and taking Uber from MCO to Disney.

Guests can now use paid shuttle services, Orlando taxis, rental cars and, of course, rideshare apps like Uber. We would recommend taking an Uber to Disney if you are pressed for time and don’t want to do a lot of waiting. Taking Uber from MCO to Disney is the shortest traveling time, as shared shuttles can stop at multiple hotels, or have to wait for guests to load in.

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Is There Uber Pickup at Orlando Airport?

Another thing we love about using Uber, is that there is a designated Orlando Airport Uber pickup spot. In the past, it was kind of difficult to navigate, but now there are signs all over the pickup to show you where to go if you’re waiting for an Uber. There are also airports that don’t allow Uber or Lyft to operate in them, but luckily MCO is very Uber and Lyft friendly.

If you’re in MCO, look for signs on level two at baggage claim for the “Ride App Pickup” signs. Just note that you will have to order an Uber from MCO on your phone before one will pick you up. Uber does not use a pickup taxi line and deals with all payments on the app.

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Uber From Orlando Airport to Disney FAQ

How much is Uber from Orlando Airport to Disney World?

It looks like for a standard Uber, you’re going to be paying around $40 for a one way, 30 minute ride from the airport to Disney World. That can change drastically depending on the vehicle type or your party size, so keep that in mind when booking!

How much is Uber from MCO to Disney?

An Uber from MCO To Disney will costs guests anywhere from about $35 to $100 depending on where they’re staying and what vehicle they want to drive them around in. Most guests will pay between $35 and $45 for the standard vehicle sizes for their entire party.

Can you Uber from Orlando Airport to Disney?

Yes, you can Uber from Orlando airport to Disney and it has become one of the most popular transportation options. There are designated Uber drop off and pickup locations for guests looking to use the service at the Orlando airport.

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