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Where is the Best Place to Watch Disney World Fireworks 2023?

This article is your complete guide to finding the best place to watch Disney World fireworks in 2023! One of the best parts of any Walt Disney World vacation is watching the night sky light up with a beautiful fireworks display. They’re an extremely popular event, which can get crowded quickly, especially if you don’t know where to go. That is why we are going to help you find where to watch Disney fireworks for the best experience.

Best Place to Watch Disney Fireworks 2023 Overview


Disney fireworks are such a magical part of capping off your night in the parks, especially when Cinderella Castle or the World Showcase Lagoon is the backdrop. That’s why we love that there are two parks in Walt Disney World that offer nighttime spectaculars for guests to enjoy. In this article, we are going to cover both parks and tell you about the best spots in the parks and the best place to watch Disney fireworks outside the park, too.

What are the fireworks at Walt Disney World?

  • Disney Enchantment at Magic Kingdom
  • Harmonious at EPCOT

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Best Place to Watch Disney World Fireworks – Harmonious in EPCOT

Harmonious is the nighttime spectacular in EPCOT park, which came with the 50th Anniversary Celebration that came to Walt Disney World in 2021. The EPCOT night show has been growing more and more popular, as Imagineers have used technology unlike ever before. Through the use of barges, projections and fireworks, Disney truly challenged themselves to make something grand.

The show takes place on World Showcase Lagoon, which means there is a lot of space for guests to view the fireworks that blast into the sky. With that being said there is a lot more than fireworks and there is a story you’ll definitely want to follow. So, to make sure you get the best experience, let’s cover where to watch Harmonious.

Where is the Best Place to Watch Harmonious?

There a few places which hold the best spot to watch EPCOT fireworks, but the very best is the area right when you enter the World Showcase. Since a lot of Harmonious relies on seeing projections in the large centerpiece and barges, you need to be looking at them straight on to understand the show.

If you are able to get a spot on the far side of Disney Traders, the shop at the entrance of the Showcase, you’ll get a rather great, less crowded view than the main holding area. The area between Disney Traders and Port of Entry shops is called Showcase Plaza. That area is also prime for viewing the entirety of the show, but it tends to be more crowded than on either side of the shops.

Some other best best places to watch fireworks at EPCOT are:

  • Mexico Pavilion – You get a clear unobstructed view of the structures
  • Canada Pavilion – If you can get a spot early since these spaces are small against the fence
  • Italy Pavilion – Has some bench seating and has a huge terrace on nights there aren’t special parties
  • Norway Pavilion – Unobstructed views from trees and partial view of main ring structure

Where is the best place to see EPCOT fireworks outside the park?

The best spot to watch Harmonious outside of the park is at the resorts around Crescent Lake, which are:

  • Disney’s Boardwalk Inn
  • The Swan, Dolphin and Swan Reserve Resorts
  • Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club

These resorts all all considered EPCOT area resorts and are located on the backside of the park, which is very close to where the Harmonious fireworks are set off. What makes these resorts the best spot to watch EPCOT fireworks outside of the park is that there is beachfront seating, plenty of dining and shopping and an all around great view. If you’re looking where to watch EPCOT fireworks and see the World Showcase Lagoon, you can book a room in the Swan Reserve. They have rooms facing the park that have a rather good view of the show and the fireworks, which is a huge plus.

The Swan and Dolphin hotels also have rooms with balconies, which guests find to be the best place to view EPCOT fireworks overall.

Can you see EPCOT fireworks from the Boardwalk?

Yes, you can see the EPCOT fireworks from the Boardwalk and guests actually find it to be the best spot for EPCOT fireworks outside of the park. There are plenty of late night drink and dining options, which is nice to grab a snack and find a spot on Crescent Lake to enjoy the show.

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Best Place to Watch Disney World Fireworks – Disney Enchantment in Magic Kingdom


The Magic Kingdom fireworks are always extremely popular, sometimes making it impossible to get a good spot to view the show if you don’t know where to go. Disney Enchantment replaced Happily Ever After in 2021 for the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary and uses a lot of the same incredible technology we’ve seen before. Disney Enchantment is a story of adventure and imagination and is told with projections, a beautiful score, pyrotechnics and laser lights.

Guests will also be delighted to hear that in 2023, Happily Ever After will be making its return to the Magic Kingdom with some enhancements. That’s why you should secure the best places to watch Magic Kingdom fireworks now, so you’re prepared for your magical night!

Where is the Best Spot to Watch Magic Kingdom Fireworks 2023?

The best place to watch Magic Kingdom fireworks are right in the Castle Hub, which is the space right in front and around Cinderella Castle. If you’re heading down Main Street, U.S.A and see the Walt Disney partner statue, you have made it to the Castle Hub. While it is the best place to watch fireworks at Magic Kingdom, there are better places in the Hub that give you a great view and less crowded space.

  • Find a fence edge – If you can find the blocked off landscaping areas, we highly recommend grabbing a spot there. It is nice having at least one side of your party not blocked in by people with a little bit of breathing room.
  • Don’t stand directly in front of Cinderella Castle – You can miss some of the extra details being TOO close to the castle. The front and center viewing of the castle can be quite magical, but only if you’re on the backend of it to get the whole picture.

Where to Watch Magic Kingdom fireworks – Not at the Castle Hub

If you’re a person looking to avoid the crowds altogether for the Magic Kingdom fireworks, we can help you out there too. There are plenty of really good spots to view the fireworks that aren’t right in the action of the show.

  • Frontierland bridge in front of Splash Mountain – You’ll get to see some projections from the side of the castle and have a full view of fireworks.
  • Fantasyland behind Cinderella Castle
  • Main Street, U.S.A. – With new projections along the buildings of Main Street, it can be exciting having the full view of the castle and Main Street to get the full effect.
  • On rides – Some of our favorite places to view the fireworks are on the attractions, which will have low waits and really unique views. The attractions we recommend watching them on are: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Tomorrowland PeopleMover and Dumbo

Where is the best place to watch Magic Kingdom Fireworks outside the park?

The best place to see Magic Kingdom fireworks outside of the park is at the resorts on the Monorail line. One of our favorite things about the Magic Kingdom fireworks is that they can almost be just as good watching from the surrounding resorts. All three resorts are deluxe Disney resorts, with either beachfront viewing, or incredible rooms facing the Magic Kingdom with perfect views.

But to help even further, we are going to suggest the best place to see Disney fireworks at the resorts for the best view.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort – Best Place to View Magic Kingdom Fireworks

We definitely recommend booking a reservation at California Grill, as it is a rooftop restaurant with the best views of the park. During the show, music is piped in to the restaurant, and there is a special observation desk just for the Magic Kingdom fireworks. It doesn’t matter when you had dinner at California Grill, as well, just keep your receipt and you’ll be allowed access to view the show.

The Contemporary fireworks viewing is truly a once in a lifetime experience and we couldn’t recommend it enough!

Can you see the fireworks from Grand Floridian?

Yes, and if you are looking where to watch Magic Kingdom fireworks for free, the Grand Floridian is a great place. While you can’t park there unless you have a reservation or room booked, all of Disney transportation is free to take to the resort. We highly recommend pulling up a spot on the incredible beach, as the resort does play Disney Enchantment’s music outside.

There are also a few places in the Grand Floridian Marina that have great views of the fireworks and Seven Seas Lagoon.

Disney’s Polynesian Resort

The Polynesian is another one of the best places to see Magic Kingdom fireworks of the park. We highly recommend booking dinner at ‘Ohana to watch the fireworks from the large, second floor windows off in the distance. The Polynesian also has plenty of secluded beach space and benches perfectly placed to watch the fireworks and listen to Disney’s Enchantment music during the show.

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Best Place to Watch Disney World Fireworks Tips and Tricks


Now that we’ve outlined all of the best places to watch Disney World fireworks, we are going to share some of our best tips. We know that the crowds can be rather unbearable, and vacation can be overwhelming. But with the right planning, grabbing the perfect spot will be a breeze with these tips in mind.

  • Arrive early – If you truly want the BEST spot, we recommend starting to look one hour prior to show start. If one person in your group is willing to camp out while you grab food or ride attractions, they can even hold your place!
  • Get creative! – Sometimes the best spot to watch Disney fireworks are behind trash cans, or in places you wouldn’t expect. Make sure to look for pockets that have a great view and aren’t crowded. You might be surprised.
  • Book a dessert party – The Fireworks Dessert parties are a great way to guarantee an incredible view and delicious food. The Disney Enchantment Dessert Parties offer Magic Kingdom fireworks reserved seating, which is off limits to non-dessert party guests.
  • Book a fireworks cruise – Sail on the Seven Seas Lagoon and watch Disney Enchantment from a private watercraft with light refreshments and the perfect view.

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Best Place to Watch Disney World Fireworks FAQ

Where to watch Disney fireworks for free?

Guests can watch the Disney fireworks for free at the surrounding resort hotels, and even the surrounding cities of Walt Disney World. Those visiting Florida might want to look for hotels or home rentals that offer fireworks views of the parks.

What time do fireworks start at Magic Kingdom?

The fireworks time at Magic Kingdom can change depending on the time of the year, since it has to be dark for the show to start. Most shows in the wintertime start at 8PM, and in the summer months, usually around 9PM. Make sure to check the My Disney Experience app on the date of your visit to confirm the showtimes

Does Magic Kingdom have fireworks every night?

Yes, Magic Kingdom does have fireworks every single night. The only time you will not have a fireworks show with a regular ticket into Magic Kingdom is if there is a special event that closes down the park early. Those events would be Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or even a special cast party, which the park would close early for.

The other event of fireworks not happening in Magic Kingdom would be is if there is a severe weather event. Since it rains a lot in Florida, it takes a rather intense storm for the show to be completely cancelled. We highly recommend checking the app and with Cast Members the day of your trip to make sure.

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