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What is Epic Universe? Universal Orlando’s Newest Theme Park

This article has the complete scoop on Universal Orlando’s new park, Epic Universe. This 2025 park is opening right around the corner with some of the coolest themes, attractions and shows to date. So many details have been revealed for this park, like the four lands – Dark Universe, Ministry of Magic, Super Nintendo World and Isle of Berk. As well as, their attractions and the central hub area called Celestial Park.

If you’d like to hear all the details of this new Universal park, keep reading.

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What is Epic Universe?


Epic Universe will be the newest theme park at Universal Orlando Resort, located about 10 minutes from the original campus in a brand new area! This park is highly anticipated, as there will be rides, shows, restaurants, and more themed after some of our favorites like How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter, Super Nintendo, and more!

Highlights of Epic Universe:

  • Themed Lands: The park will feature five themed lands, each offering a unique experience. These include the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic, How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk, Super Nintendo World, Dark Universe, and the central hub, Celestial Park​
  • Cutting-Edge Attractions: Expect state-of-the-art rides and attractions across the park. Highlights include the Starfall Racers, a dueling coaster; Mario Kart – Bowser’s Challenge, an augmented reality interactive dark ride; and Harry Potter and the Battle at the Ministry, a dark ride featuring spellcasting duels​
  • Dining Experiences: Epic Universe will offer diverse dining options across its lands. Noteworthy mentions include Atlantic Restaurant, a seafood venue in Celestial Park, Toadstool Cafe in Super Nintendo World and flame grilled Viking favorites in Isle of Berk
  • New hotels – The Helios Grand Hotel located inside Epic Universe will provide direct theme park access, premium amenities, and park views, enhancing the convenience for overnight guests. There will also be two smaller hotels, the Stella Nova and Terra Luna which will be near the park, as well.

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Super Nintendo World

Overview: Jump into action in one of two lands in Super Nintendo World with both the Mushroom Kingdom and Donkey Kong Country! Guests can choose their journey with the bright world in the Kingdom where you can race Mario Karts, do Power-Up games or ride a Yoshi to see the land. Donkey Kong Country is coming with a brand new coaster-type ride that can jump the track to avoid danger.

There will also be Mario-themed foods at the multiple snack carts and a featured restaurant, Toadstool Cafe. We ate in the Hollywood version of this restaurant and loved the food, especially the Princess Peach Cupcake.

Super Nintendo World Rides and Attractions

  • Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge – Use virtual goggles and hop in a Mario Kart to race alongside your friends
  • Yoshi’s Adventure – Jump on a Yoshi’s back and catch all the views of the Mushroom Kingdom from the sky
  • Donkey Kong: Mine Cart Madness – Family-friendly coaster that replicates the minecart levels of the Donkey Kong game

Super Nintendo Restaurants:

  • Toadstool Cafe: This restaurant will serve a menu inspired by the Super Mario universe, including dishes like Mario and Luigi-themed burgers, Super Mushroom Soup, Piranha Plant Caprese, and Fire Flower Spaghetti and Meatballs
  • Yoshi’s Snack Island: For quicker bites, this spot will offer various treats, snacks, and beverages.
  • Turbo Boost Treats: Another quick-service option where guests can pick up quick snacks and drinks to recharge before continuing their adventures in the park​

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Dark Universe

Overview: Dark Universe is an ode to all of the classic monsters that have been scaring us forever. Universal horror fans will know that these monsters are a staple in Halloween Horror Nights and the history of Universal film. Dark Universe is planning in an old European Village, with features like the windmill in Frankenstein film.

That’s why in this incredible land, you can expect there to be spooky rides, treats, shows, and more!

Dark Universe attractions:

  • Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment – This dark ride promises a chilling adventure into the world of Frankenstein and other iconic monsters. It will use a Kuka Arm ride system, which is known for its dynamic and fluid movements, offering a deeply immersive experience​
  • Curse of the Werewolf – A family-friendly spinning coaster that will take guests on a journey through a werewolf transformation saga

Dark Universe restaurants:

There will be a few dining options, with the official details not quite announced yet. The area is expected to feature a large, tavern-like restaurant built around a massive tree carved with monster iconography. This restaurant is intended to be the central dining spot within the land, providing a thematic experience that complements the classic horror atmosphere of the Dark Universe

There is also rumored to be a bar/lounge in the windmill that would be themed after Frankenstein’s Monster.

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Isle of Berk

Overview: The Isle of Berk brings the wonderful world of How to Train Your Dragon here to the United States, and I would be lying if I didn’t say these details shocked me! In the best way, of course, as the new show (Untrainable) and attractions look better than I could have imagined. Join Hiccup for incredible shows, rides, restaurants, and more with this incredible land coming to Epic Universe.

How to Train Your Train Rides

  1. Hiccup’s Wing Gliders: This family thrill coaster gives guests a bird’s-eye view of Berk as they soar through the air at speeds of up to 45 mph, mimicking dragon flight alongside Hiccup and Toothless.
  2. The Untrainable Dragon: This live show is set to be a spectacular featuring life-sized dragons and a heartwarming narrative filled with musical numbers and interactive elements.
  3. Fyre Drill: In this interactive water ride, guests compete by blasting water cannons at targets, embodying the mischievous spirit of Viking twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut.
  4. Dragon Racer’s Rally: A high-flying ride where guests can perform aerobatic maneuvers on dragon-riding trainers, reaching heights of up to 67 feet.
  5. Viking Training Camp: A play area where younger visitors can engage in a variety of interactive activities designed to teach them about living with dragons, including climbing structures and slides

Isle of Berk Restaurants

Several dining options were announced for the Isle of Berk in Universal’s Epic Universe. Here are the restaurants you can look forward to:

  1. Mead Hall: This will be the central gathering spot in Berk, where guests can enjoy a variety of hearty meals including meats, fish, and sandwiches, accompanied by a selection of meads and ciders.
  2. Spit Fyre Grill: Located near the Fyre Drill water attraction, this quick-service restaurant offers meals that are flame-seared by a helpful dragon chef.
  3. Hooligan’s Grog & Gruel: A festive, racing-themed food stand located in the Viking Camp, where guests can grab quick bites.

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Ministry of Magic

Overview: The newest Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be set in the streets of Paris, with features from Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter franchises. This land is rumored to span from the 1920’s all the way to current Ministry of Magic, with rides, restaurants and more. There are few details released about the Ministry of Magic land, so we will update when we know more.

Ministry of Magic Rides

  • Harry Potter and the Battle at the Ministry – a dark ride that immerses guests in the chaos and magic of a battle within the Ministry of Magic using cutting-edge technology to bring magical duels and spells to life.
  • Unnamed Magical Ride (details not fully disclosed) Likely a dark ride that is hinted to involve a magical form of transportation through the Ministry of Magic, leveraging an innovative ride system to simulate a journey using the Floo Network or magical elevators. The exact details are still a surprise.

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Celestial Park

Overview: Celestial Park is meant to be the main hub of Epic Universe, with an astronomical theme setting guests up to “travel” through portals. There will be rides, and restaurants all among acres of rolling gardens, waterways, and strolling pathways, all adorned with lush living gardens nestled along shimmering waters. The architecture and landscape are inspired by astronomical and mythological elements, making it a visually stunning area that serves as the heart of Epic Universe.

Celestial Park attractions:

  • Starfall Racers: Dual-launch racing coaster where guests will rocket through the skies on comet-themed coaster cars. The ride features a unique “Celestial Spin” maneuver, where the two coaster vehicles perform an inverted crisscross while speeding through the air, reaching speeds up to 62 mph and heights up to 133 feet along 5,000 feet of track.
  • Constellation Carousel: A carousel where guests can ride on constellations that glide forward, backward, and even perform 360-degree rotations. This ride is designed to be a choreographed dance of music and starlight, providing a whimsical experience for all ages.

Celestial Park Restaurants:

  1. Atlantic: This full-service restaurant offers a “surf and turf” menu set within a Victorian aquarium setting, providing diners with captivating views of Celestial Park.
  2. The Blue Dragon Pan-Asian Restaurant: This full-service restaurant offers a culinary journey across Asia, serving authentic Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisine in a vibrant setting accented with neon dragons and ethereal lanterns.
  3. The Oak & Star Tavern: Known for its savory barbecue, this restaurant provides a relaxed dining atmosphere.
  4. Pizza Moon: A quick-service venue that serves a variety of pizzas, perfect for a casual meal.
  5. Moonship Chocolates & Celestial Sweets: Ideal for those with a sweet tooth, offering a range of chocolates and sweets.

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Epic Universe Hotels

There will be three new hotels coming with Epic Universe, one of them being located inside of the park itself! The Universal Helios Grand will be the new star of the show at Epic Universe, and the hotel we’re most excited to stay in when it opens!

  1. Universal Helios Grand Hotel: Located inside Epic Universe at the end of Celestial Park, this hotel offers 500 rooms with one-of-a-kind views and a dedicated entrance into the theme park. It’s designed to blend the elements of the heavens and earth, providing an immersive and luxurious experience.
  2. Universal Stella Nova Resort: Opening on January 21, 2025, this resort will feature 750 guest rooms. Inspired by distant galaxies, new stars, and mysterious black holes, Stella Nova offers a blend of exploration and comfort. The resort will include amenities like the Cosmos Café and Market, Galaxy Bar and Grill, and a lobby bar, all providing a variety of dining options.
  3. Universal Terra Luna Resort: Set to open on February 25, 2025, Terra Luna will also have 750 guest rooms. Themed around the massive and diverse planetary elements of the universe, this resort offers a similar range of dining and entertainment options as Stella Nova, including the Omega Café and Market, Moonrise Bar and Grill, and a lobby bar.

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