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What is the Cookie Stroll at the Festival of the Holidays?

Ah, the holidays at Disney World – a time when magic swirls in the air like snowflakes in a winter wonderland. Among the many enchanting experiences is the Epcot Holiday Cookie Stroll, a gem tucked away in the glittering folds of the Epcot Festival of the Holidays. As a seasoned theme park aficionado, I’ve embarked on many an adventure across this wonderland, but few are as sweet (literally!) and pocket-friendly as the Cookie Stroll.

We love hidden adventures like this one, it’s why EPCOT happens to be my favorite park. There is always something like the Cookie Stroll, Garden Graze, or even a scavenger hunt to get you exploring through the Showcase. So, without further adieu, let’s dive into the sweet wonder of the EPCOT Cookie Stroll!

Imagine embarking on a deliciously unique quest, akin to a scavenger hunt but with cookies! That’s the Epcot Cookie Stroll for you. It’s not just an activity; it’s a festive culinary journey that weaves through the World Showcase. The beauty of this stroll? It’s an add-on to your Epcot exploration, offering a sprinkle of extra joy without the need for a special ticket. The basic idea? “Buy 5 cookies, get one free” – a deal as sweet as the treats themselves!

The Cookie Stroll at EPCOT feels like a fun scavenger hunt that just continues getting sweeter. There is something about sampling different cookies from around the globe and then getting a frozen treat at the end for completing it! Cookies, free treats, and getting yourself around the World Showcase.

Pro Tip From Krystal: Make sure to pick up a Festival Wristband Disney gift card (can be purchased in any of the large shops in EPCOT) and preload it with how much you want to spend. Look ahead at the EPCOT Festival Guide and map out cookie locations to preplan what treats you want to get. We liked having a plan and knowing exactly how much we could spend on cookies in our budget!

If you want to see us trying these cookies in real-time, watch Krystal here! We also check out the newest EPCOT fireworks show, Luminious, and everything else new at EPCOT!

  1. Linzer Cookie
  2. Black and White Cookie
  3. Snickerdoodle
  4. Holiday Sugar Cookie
  5. Spiced Chocolate Cookie
  6. Gingerbread Cookie
  7. Jingle Sugar Cookie
  8. Peppermint Pinwheel

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First, snag a Festival of the Holidays Passport – your key to the cookie kingdom. These passports are freely available throughout the park, acting as your guide and proof of your cookie conquests. As you visit each cookie location, make sure to get your passport stamped upon each sweet purchase – these stamps are your ticket to a grand finale of treats.

The Cookie Stroll at EPCOT’s Festival of the Holidays features a delightful array of cookies from various booths around the World Showcase. Each location offers a unique cookie representing different cultures and traditions. Here are the details of the Cookie Stroll locations and the specific cookies they offer:

  1. Bavaria Holiday Kitchen (Germany Pavilion)
    • Cookie: Linzer Cookie
    • Description: A traditional Austrian cookie, the Linzer features two shortbread layers with a jam filling, often dusted with powdered sugar.
  2. American Holiday Table (American Adventure Pavilion)
    • Cookie: Gingerbread Cookie
    • Description: A classic holiday favorite, this gingerbread cookie is often decorated with icing and embodies the quintessential flavors of the holiday season.
  3. L’Chaim! Holiday Kitchen (between Morocco and France Pavilions)
    • Cookie: Black and White Cookie
    • Description: Known for its distinctive half-chocolate, half-vanilla icing, this cookie is a soft, cake-like treat with a hint of lemon.
  4. Yukon Holiday Kitchen (Canada Pavilion)
    • Cookie: Snickerdoodle Cookie made with SNICKERS® bar pieces
    • Description: This is a twist on the traditional cinnamon-sugar snickerdoodle, enhanced with pieces of SNICKERS® bar for a delightful crunch.
  5. Nochebuena Cocina (near Test Track)
    • Cookie: Spiced Chocolate Cookie
    • Description: A rich chocolate cookie with a hint of seasonal spices, offering a warm and comforting flavor.
  6. Holiday Hearth Desserts (in the Odyssey Pavilion)
    • Cookie: Peppermint Pinwheel Cookie
    • Description: A festive cookie with swirls of peppermint, this visually striking treat is as flavorful as it is beautiful.
  7. Connections Café (World Celebration)
    • Cookie: Holiday Sugar Cookie
    • Description: A simple yet delicious sugar cookie, often decorated with festive icing and sprinkles.
  8. Sunshine Seasons (in The Land Pavilion, World Nature)
    • Cookie: Jingle Sugar Cookie made with M&M’S® chocolate candies
    • Description: A fun and colorful sugar cookie, dotted with M&M’S®, adding a chocolatey crunch to every bite.

Each of these locations not only offers a unique cookie but also provides a glimpse into the holiday traditions and flavors of different cultures. Guests can enjoy these cookies individually or participate in the full Cookie Stroll experience by collecting stamps in their Festival Passport for each cookie purchased.

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For the budget-conscious, the Epcot Christmas Cookie Stroll is a dream. With most cookies priced at a modest $3, you’re looking at a total of about $15-$18 (plus tax) for the full experience. It’s a small price for a stocking full of memories and flavors.

For those on the Disney Dining Plan, keep an eye out – the Epcot Holiday Cookie Stroll might just be the perfect place to use those snack credits, offering a delightful return on your dining investment.

Remember, the Cookie Stroll isn’t mandatory for cookie enjoyment. If you’re looking to just sample cookies – do not fret! There is no passport or Cookie Stroll needed to sample the sugary goodness of the baked treats in EPCOT. The Cookie Stroll is just an added bonus for those looking to try more than a handful anyway!

For the EPCOT Holiday Cookie Stroll, participants who successfully collect all five stamps can redeem two special prizes. Upon presenting their completed passport at the Holiday Sweets & Treats booth near the Port of Entry, they receive:

  1. A Peppermint Sundae served in a festival-themed plastic cup.
  2. A Star Cookie inspired by Disney’s new film, “Wish”​​​​.

These prizes add a delightful and tangible element of accomplishment to the Cookie Stroll experience, offering a sweet reward for those who explore and enjoy the various cookie offerings around the EPCOT Festival of the Holidays.

The Epcot Festival of the Holidays Cookie Stroll is more than just cookies; it’s a sprinkle of Disney magic, a dash of global culture, and a whole lot of fun. Whether you’re a seasoned Disney veteran or a first-timer, this stroll is a must-do.

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