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Best Places to Watch Magic Kingdom Fireworks 2023

This article is your complete guide to the best places to watch fireworks at Magic Kingdom in 2023. There is nothing more magical than fireworks at Disney, especially after a long day of attractions, food and a ton of walking. Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World has had some of the most incredible nighttime spectaculars throughout the years, attracting guests from all over the world since it opened. That’s why in this article we are going to help guests find the best place to see Disney fireworks at Magic Kingdom so you can fully experience the magic Disney has to offer.

What are the Fireworks at Magic Kingdom 2023?


Disney World fireworks have been dazzling guests since the parked opened in 1971 and continue to be one of the most popular attractions since. Magic Kingdom especially has the perfect setting for nighttime spectaculars with Cinderella Castle as the backdrop. Disney has continued to find way to enhance the Disney fireworks show experience by adding projection mapping, laser lights and other special effects. Especially true for the brand new, 50th Anniversary Celebration Magic Kingdom fireworks show, Disney’s Enchantment.

Disney Magic Kingdom Fireworks 2023

The Disney Enchantment fireworks show replaced the fan-favorite Happily Ever After in 2021 when the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary started in October. The brand new Disney fireworks show brings guests through a story of adventure, imagination and joy, with a brand new original score written by Philip Lawrence. You can watch projections on Cinderella Castle and Main Street, U.S.A. with this new Disney technology unlike ever before.

This Magic Kingdom fireworks show features songs and characters from newer Disney films like Frozen 2, Raya and the Last Dragon, Soul and more!

But, what exactly is the best spot to watch Magic Kingdom fireworks?

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Best Places to Watch Fireworks at Magic Kingdom Tips and Tricks 2023


Before we get into where to watch Magic Kingdom fireworks, we are going to talk about our BEST tips and tricks to keep in mind. Fireworks crowds can be unbearable and hard to navigate, which can add a lot of stress onto your trip. The perfect Disney fireworks evening can all depend on planning ahead, and that’s what we’re going to help you do!

  • Arrive early! – It is not uncommon for guests to find their fireworks spot early and have someone camp out to ensure it.
  • Eat at least 30 minutes before the show – Mobile orders can flood quick service restaurants and take forever if everyone is sending in their orders before the show. Don’t risk missing the fireworks because you’re waiting on a mobile order.
  • Try a dessert party – If it is your first time viewing a show and you wont be back for awhile, the Disney Dessert Parties have the best Disney World fireworks views.
  • Don’t stress – Even if you don’t have the BEST view of the Disney fireworks show, remember that the magic is in you and you can make the best out of the situation. You can see Magic Kingdom fireworks from anywhere in the parks, even if you can’t see the castle show.

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Best Places to Watch Fireworks in Magic Kingdom 2023


So, where is the best place to watch fireworks at Magic Kingdom? Many guests spend hours looking for the best spot to see Disney fireworks and sometimes are disappointed with the view they have. However we have found that the best place for Magic Kingdom fireworks to be in front of the castle, on the bridge near splash mountain, and behind Cinderellas castle in Fantasyland. Below we will break down all of the best places to see fireworks at Magic Kingdom and will share all of our best tips to find a great spot.

Best place to watch Disney World fireworks – Best Castle View

First, we are going to start with the most obvious spots that are the best places to watch fireworks at Magic Kingdom, and that would be places near Cinderella Castle. The area around Cinderella Castle is called the Castle Hub, and it is shaped like a giant circle with the Walt Disney partner’s statue in the center. Any spot around that Circle Hub is going to have a close enough view of Cinderella Castle and the fireworks for prime viewing. With that being said, we are going to give you some tips for the best place to watch fireworks at Magic Kingdom near the castle.

  • Find an edge – There are many areas in the Castle Hub where there are landscaped areas blocked off with little fences. We like having the extra room being against a fence to block out some crowds.
  • Don’t stand directly in front of Cinderella Castle – You can miss some of the extra details being TOO close to the castle. The front and center viewing of the castle can be quite magical, but only if you’re on the backend of it to get the whole picture.

We suggest finding a place on the inner circle of the Castle Hub, near the Walt Disney Partner Statue and 50th Anniversary character statues to view the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. Just be aware, these spots are very crowded and you will be required to continue filling in available space around other guests.

Best Places to watch Magic Kingdom fireworks – Other areas

If you’re not about big crowds but are still looking where to watch Disney fireworks at Magic Kingdom, we can definitely help! This is especially true if the park is open later than the Disney World fireworks show and don’t want to get swept up in a crowd that is trying to exit. Our favorite part about the nighttime spectaculars is that the music is played throughout the entire park, so no matter where you choose, you still get to hear the soundtrack.

So here are out best places to watch Magic Kingdom fireworks away from the crowds, and much less conventional.

  • Main Street, U.S.A – While it still is very crowded on Main Street during the Disney’s Enchantment, you do get more breathing room and a full spectrum view of the projections on the buildings of Main Street.
  • On the bridge in Frontierland by Splash Mountain – You get a great sideview of the Cinderella Castle projections and can see all of the fireworks.
  • Behind Cinderella Castle in Fantasyland – The Magic Kingdom fireworks are extra loud behind the castle, but you still get a magical view over Prime Charming’s Carousel.

Best Places to watch Magic Kingdom fireworks – On Rides

It may seem chaotic, but some of our favorite places to be during the Disney World fireworks are on the rides. The very best views we’ve experienced have been on attractions. If you time it just right, you can be on the rides while fireworks are blasting into the sky, making it the most magical experience on a ride ever!

Our favorite rides to watch Magic Kingdom fireworks on are:

  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • Splash Mountain
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Tomorrowland People Mover
  • Dumbo

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Best Places to Watch Fireworks Outside of Magic Kingdom Park 2023


One of our favorite things about Walt Disney World is that you don’t need an official ticket to visit many of the places inside of it. Many guests forget that there are over 20 Walt Disney World resorts that allow guests to explore, eat and even watch Disney World fireworks if there is a view. Some of our favorite evenings are ones where we don’t have to enter a Disney park and can grab snacks or desserts and watch fireworks from a resort beach.

So here are the best places to watch Magic Kingdom fireworks outside the park! Please note that to visit Walt Disney World resorts, you have to either park at one of the four parks and use Disney transportation to get to them or you must have a valid dining reservation. You cannot drive and park at Disney World resorts without one.

Contemporary fireworks viewing

The Contemporary Resort is the closest resort to the Magic Kingdom which would automatically set it up as one of the best places to view Magic Kingdom fireworks. Not only can you view Magic Kingdom fireworks from nearly any spot at the Contemporary, you can also have rooftop dining during Disney’s Enchantment fireworks and feel as if you’re dining in the sky. At the California Grill, guests get to dine in the tallest part of The Contemporary which has perfect views of Cinderella Castle and fireworks at Magic Kingdom. During the fireworks, the lights are dimmed, music is pumped through the speakers and guests can even move out to the special observation desk to observe.

It truly is a magical experience and we recommend everyone trying it at least once for a special occasion.

Grand Floridian fireworks viewing

The Grand Floridian is also one of the best places to watch Magic Kingdom fireworks outside of the park. You have the option of pulling up a seat on the white sand beaches to watch fireworks at Magic Kingdom or you can book a later reservation at the restaurant Narcoossee’s to watch on the verandah. There is also plenty of space on the walking path around the resort to catch a glimpse of the Disney fireworks high in the sky.

Polynesian fireworks viewing

The Polynesian brings a special sort of magic with how you can watch fireworks at Magic Kingdom. There are plenty of seats on the beaches of the Polynesian that have incredible fireworks views, but there are also benches throughout the resort and near the water. If you’re looking to really splurge, you can always book a stay at a waterfront bungalow, which gives you a front and center view of the Seven Seas Lagoon and the Disney Enchantment fireworks.

Disney Transportation

If you want a completely different experience of viewing Disney World fireworks, you could always hop on the Disney transportation vehicles for another perspective. The Walt Disney World would give an incredible view of the fireworks at Magic Kingdom as you pass by the resorts and park. The Ferryboat or even smaller watercraft gives an adventurous feel as you cross the Seven Seas Lagoon and watch the fireworks in the sky.

Disney does offer specialty fireworks cruises, where guests board a private watercraft to sail on Seven Seas Lagoon to watch Disney Enchantment fireworks. Each cruise comes with a captain, assorted drinks and snacks or decorations if wanted. A fireworks cruise costs $399 plus tax and can fit up to 10 guests.

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Magic Kingdom Fireworks Dessert Parties 2023

Magic Kingdom dessert parties have always been one of the best ways to view fireworks at Magic Kingdom, even if they seem to be rather expensive. During a Disney World dessert party, you are able to grab special all you can eat desserts made by Disney chefs before or after a fireworks show, and have a special, not crowded viewing spot. Right now there are only three dessert parties you can book at Magic Kingdom and they are the 50th Anniversary Disney Enchantment Treats & Seats, The Magic Kingdom 50th Fireworks PRE Party and the Magic Kingdom 50th Fireworks – POST Party.

The prices of these shows are about $100 per adult and $59 per child, which includes all beverages, desserts and cheeses offered.

Dessert Party Magic Kingdom Fireworks Viewing Locations

Disney Dessert Parties have the best place to watch fireworks at Magic Kingdom because every guest who has a dessert party ticket gains access to a special fireworks viewing area. These Magic Kingdom dessert party viewing areas are roped off and placed in the perfect spot at the Castle hub. There is usually enough space in the dessert party viewing area to have plenty of space, and possibly even room to sit on the Hub grass. All around, if you don’t like crowds, have a sweet tooth or even don’t like to wait, a Disney Dessert Party is the best way to see fireworks at Magic Kingdom.

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Where Can You See Magic Kingdom Fireworks from Outside the Park?


We’ve talked about where to watch fireworks outside of Magic Kingdom, but still on Walt Disney World Property … but what about even farther? Many Florida locals or even tourists like to watch fireworks far from the action and enjoy a night of Disney World fireworks without the Disney. There are definitely places you can watch Disney fireworks far outside of the parks, and here are our best tips and tricks for them!

  • Check AirBNB rentals! – There are many neighborhoods around Walt Disney World that can see the fireworks every night, and you might be able to rent a place near the parks to get backyard fireworks views.
  • Check surrounding hotels – Hotels near the Walt Disney World area may have rooftop restaurants or lounges where you can book a reservation at and watch the fireworks from above.

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For additional vacation planning tips to Walt Disney World be sure to check out our main Disney planning page. And for the latest Walt Disney World Vacation package deals be sure to check out our partners The Park Prodigy!

Fireworks at Magic Kingdom FAQ

Q: How long is the Disney World fireworks show?

A: Disney Enchantment fireworks show is 15 minutes long.

Q: What time are the fireworks at Magic Kingdom?

A: While the fireworks times differ depending on the time of year, Magic Kingdom fireworks at typically at 8:00PM or 9:00PM. All fireworks and show times are in the My Disney Experience app and are updated for the day of your visit.