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What are the Best Drinks with Alcohol at Disney World 2024?

This article is your complete guide to the best alcoholic drinks at Disney World. For all of those over the age of 21, you might be delighted to know that Walt Disney World is actually full of delicious and unique alcoholic beverages. If you’re looking for a refreshing spirited beverage to cool down in the Florida heat, or a delicious wine with an EPCOT festival, we’ve got you covered!

So, if you’d like to learn more about the best alcoholic drinks at Disney World, keep reading!

What are the Best Alcoholic Drinks at Disney World?

With inspirations from all over the globe and a knack for magical creations, the variety of drinks offered throughout the Disney parks is rather impressive. Disney World alcohol creations can be found at all four parks, which comes to a shock to many adults visiting the, thought to be “dry,” parks. That’s why we’ve written this guide to let everyone know about the best alcoholic drinks at Disney World.

We’ve come to know that Walt Disney’s favorite drink is the Scotch Mist, which is a black and white scotch whiskey with a lemon peel served over crushed ice. This is the perfect fact to kick to off our first topic, which are the top ten best alcoholic drinks in Walt Disney World 2024.

What are the top ten best alcoholic drinks at Disney World 2024?

  • Skipper Sangria – Magic Kingdom
  • Marceline Mudslide – Magic Kingdom
  • Krakatoa Punch – Polynesian Resort
  • Green Shimmering Margarita – Animal Kingdom
  • Yak Attack – Animal Kingdom
  • Rum Blossom – Animal Kingdom
  • Jet Juice – Hollywood Studios
  • California Sunset – Hollywood Studios
  • La Cava Avocado – EPCOT
  • Ottawa Apple – EPCOT

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What are the Best Alcoholic Drinks at Magic Kingdom 2024?

In our first section, we are going to talk about all of the alcohol in Magic Kingdom, which is unfortunately a pretty small list. Even though its the most popular park at the Walt Disney World Resort, there are no beer or wine carts, and guests can only pick up an alcoholic beverage while dining.

Is there alcohol in Magic Kingdom?

While it isn’t wildly advertised throughout the park, guests can get alcohol in Magic Kingdom in a number of sit-down restaurants. Getting Magic Kingdom drinks with alcohol wasn’t a thing until 2012 because Walt Disney was not a fan of alcohol in the parks!

Best Drinks at Magic Kingdom 2024 – Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen


Drink: Skipper Sangria

Location: Skipper Canteen in Adventureland

Taste: One of the best alcoholic drinks in Magic Kingdom that is offered at Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen. This specialty cocktail is a delicious spiced red wine blend with fruity notes of fresh juices.

Cost: $11.00

What to Pair: If you’re looking for the perfect meal to pair with the Skipper Sangria, we would suggest the “Hardy Har Char” Siu Pork.

Tips and Tricks: Come for the Magic Kingdom alcohol and stay for the jokes at this Jungle Cruise themed restaurant. This intricately themed table service restaurant is a must-do spot and we recommend stopping by to see some original 1971 decor that still is on the walls to this day!

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Where to Get Alcohol in Magic Kingdom – Be Our Guest

Drink: Enchantee Champagne Brut

Location: Be Our Guest in Fantasyland

Taste: As one of the best alcoholic drinks in Magic Kingdom, you can only expect the best for this Be Our Guest specialty. The Enchanted Champagne Brut is a private label French champagne and with floral notes and flavors of apple, apricot layered a pie crust and honey flavor.

Cost: A glass is $20

What to Pair: A glass of Enchantee Champagne Brut would go very well with the Herb-salted Pork Tenderloin on the menu.

Tips and Tricks: This drink is one of the few options of alcohol in Magic Kingdom at Disney World that is private label. That means, this drink is only served at Walt Disney World or other Disney parks, and is VERY exclusive. So, if you’re feeling extra fancy, we suggest splurging on this extremely exclusive beverage.

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The Plaza


Drink: Marceline Mudslide

Location: The Plaza Restaurant in Main Street, U.S.A.

Taste: The Marceline Mudslide is different from the rest of the drinks on our best alcoholic drinks in Magic Kingdom list, because it is a dessert! This delicious creation is a Breckenridge Vanilla Porter Beer with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and chocolate pearls.

Cost: $10

What to Pair: There is nothing better than a creamy mudslide with a delicious burger, and The Plaza happens to have the perfect one on their menu. The Main Street Burger is the perfect pairing with this late-night, adult treat!

Tips and Tricks: If you’re looking for a wonderful spot to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks, make sure to book a later dining reservation to get the perfect view. Guests dining at The Plaza have a rather good view Cinderella Castle, which is even better at night when watching Disney Enchantment nighttime spectacular.

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Bonus: Best Drinks at Magic Kingdom Resort – Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto

Credit: Disney Parks

Drink: Krakatoa Punch

Location: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Taste: As one of the best alcoholic drinks in the Magic Kingdom area, the Krakatoa Punch had to make our list for how iconic it is. This heavy hitter is a combination of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Pyrat XO Reserve Rum, Sam’s Gorilla Grog, Orgeat syrup and hibiscus grenadine. Make sure to get it in the special souvenir mug to double down as a souvenir.

Cost: $17

What to Pair: Make sure to grab some delicious appetizers served at this bar like the pan-fried dumplings or the veggie rainbow roll.

Tips and Tricks: The Polynesian is one of the best places to get alcohol in Magic Kingdom on the monorail resort line. Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto is extremely popular, and for good reason, because it has a menu full of deliciously themed tropical drinks. Not to mention the incredible Imagineering inside of the bar, which is worth the trip inside alone.

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What are the Best Drinks with Alcohol at Animal Kingdom?

We are going to outline all of our favorite drinks in Animal Kingdom with alcohol for 2024.

Nomad Lounge – Best Drinks in Disney World


Drink: Green Shimmering Margarita

Location: Nomad Lounge at Discovery Island

Taste: The alcohol in Animal Kingdom is actually among some of the most impressive drinks on property. That is definitely true about the Green Shimmering Margarita, which is crafted with Casamigos Reposado Tequila, Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur, Bols Blue Cauacao, pineapple juice, lime juice and simple syrup.

Cost: $16

What to Pair: If you’re looking to cool down your mouth after that spicy margarita, we definitely recommend the Tiffins Bread Service with this cocktail.

Tips and Tricks: Nomad Lounge is our favorite restaurant in Animal Kingdom for so many reasons, but one the most important being the drinks! There is a whole menu of specialty cocktails along with wines, beer and other delicious creations. If there is any restaurant on this list that you should not skip, it is Nomad Lounge.

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Yak and Yeti – Best Alcoholic Drinks at Disney 2024


Drink: Yak Attack

Location: Yak and Yeti Restaurant in Animal Kingdom

Taste: As one of the best drinks with alcohol at Animal Kingdom, you have to expect that the Yak Attack is bound to be delicious. Offered as a house specialty in the pan-Asian signature restaurant Yak and Yeti, the Yak Attack is a mango daiquiri with Don Q Cristal Rum and wildberry flavors.

Cost: $12.50

What to Pair: The Coconut Shrimp at Yak and Yeti would pair nicely with the Yak Attack, sharing many fruity notes with each other.

Tips and Tricks: Yak and Yeti is the perfect restaurant to dine at with couple of friends and get dishes to share, which always pairs nicely with the signature cocktail options. It is one of best restaurants in Animal Kingdom, so make sure to book far in advance to ensure you can sample some of their incredible menu items like the Lobster Garlic Noodles.

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Pongu Pongu

Drink: Rum Blossom

Location: Pongu Pongu in Pandora: World of Avatar

Taste: This little Pandoran stand is known for some of the best drinks with alcohol at Animal Kingdom, especially with how creative they are. The Rum Blossom is a cocktail with Bacardi Superior Rum with layers of apple and dessert pear limeade and topped off with popping boba balls.

Cost: $14

What to Pair: The Rum Blossom is the perfect drink to pair with the hot Florida sun. We tend to love this one during the summer days in Animal Kingdom when we need something to cool down.

Tips and Tricks: Pongu Pongu is one of our favorite spots for not only drinks, but also food! If you don’t mind starting early, we suggest heading to this location to try out their Pongu Lumpia before the lines get too long with the lunch crowd.

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Bonus: Best Drinks at Animal Kingdom Resort – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge


Drink: Striped and Spiked Cold Brew

Location: Boma at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Taste: This is more of a sweet treat than it is a typical cocktail, but still counts as one of the best Animal Kingdom drinks you can get! The Striped and Spiked Cold Brew features cold brew coffee, South African cream liqueur, coffee liqueur and topped with whipped cream and a zebra dome. This is one of the newest best alcoholic drinks at Disney, only debuting in 2022!

Cost: $13

What to Pair: Since you have an entire buffet to choose from, we suggest grabbing this with a plate of delicious pastries to kick off your feast. You can also save this cup of deliciousness for your Boma boozy breakfast dessert before you head off into the pool.

Tips and Tricks: If you haven’t found the right Animal Kingdom alcohol concoction that satisfies your craving, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge has got you covered. As a general Disney tip, the dining options at the Animal Kingdom Lodge are some of the best in all of Orlando. Especially the buffet at Boma, which is our favorite on property.

Where Can You Get the Best Drinks at Hollywood Studios with Alcohol 2024?

Hollywood Studios is known for the glitz and glamour, but what about the best drinks in Disney? Here are our favorite drinks with alcohol at Hollywood Studios for 2024!

Oga’s Cantina – Best Alcoholic Drinks at Disney 2024


Drink: Jet Juice

Location: Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Taste: This Hollywood Studios alcohol concoction is perfect for a Star Wars lover, or anyone who likes a little kick in their cocktail. Jet Juice at Oga’s Cantina is made from Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Ancho Reyes Chile liqueur, Stirrings Pomegranate Liqueur, white grape juice and lemon juice.

Cost: $16

What to Pair: There isn’t a lot of food options at Oga’s Cantina, but if you like snacks, we suggest going for the Happabore Sampler.

Tips and Tricks: Since Oga’s Cantina is the best bar on this side of the galaxy, we recommend trying more than one cocktail while you’re there. The reservations are quite hard to come by, and it is definitely worth the wait. Some of the best drinks in Oga’s Cantina other than Jet Juice are the Yub Nub, Jedi Mind Trick and the Dagobah Slug Slinger.

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Milk Stand

Drink: Blue Milk Cooler or Green Milk Cooler

Location: Milk Stand in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Taste: Blue and Green Milk in Galaxy’s Edge have very unique flavors, and have been controversial in the Disney community. Blue Milk has flavors of dragonfruit, pineapple, watermelon and lime, and Green Milk has flavors of orange blossom, passion fruit, grapefruit and orange. Both are like a frozen, milk shake consistency, and even with rum hold those flavors strong.

Cost: $15

What to Pair: The Milk Stand only serves … Milk, so unfortunately there are no snacks you can snag with this cool treat. But, you can head around the corner and grab a Ronto Wrap at Ronto Roasters to really hit the spot.

Tips and Tricks: Since the Blue Vs Green Milk debate can be so polarizing, we recommend reading our guide to Blue Milk vs Green Milk first, before spending the $15 on a drink. The flavors of these galactic creations are unique at the Milk Stand in Hollywood Studios and not every guest is a fan.

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BaseLine Tap House – Best Alcoholic Drinks at Disney 2024


Drink: California Sunset

Location: BaseLine Tap House in Grand Avenue

Taste: There are so many different drinks at BaseLine Tap House because it is the spot in Hollywood Studios that was built for booze! That’s how you know that the California Sunset is good with Absolut Vodka, Southern Comfort, orange juice, sweet-and sour and a float of pomegranate juice.

Cost: $15

What to Pair: If you’re coming with friends, we highly recommend the California Cheese and Charcuterie Plate

Tips and Tricks: We really appreciate the nighttime ambiance at BaseLine Tap House, with outdoor seating and a “biergarten” type feel. We recommend waiting until the hot Florida sun sets and grabbing one of the tables outdoors to enjoy your best alcoholic drinks at Disney!

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Where are the Best Drinks in EPCOT with Alcohol 2024?

We have saved the best for last, with all of our favorite best EPCOT drinks for 2024.

Drink Around The World -EPCOT Best Drinks

One of the best pieces of advice we can give you when visiting EPCOT is coming during one of the four festivals and sampling drinks from festival booths. Guests are welcome to meander and drink and eat their way around the Showcase, enjoying all of the best food and drinks at EPCOT. Some guests who visit Disney World call this Drinking Around The World, which is where you pick one beverage from each country pavilion and make it all the way around the Showcase!

Some of the best drinks at EPCOT are offered during the festival times, and are also usually smaller portions to not break the bank.

What are the best EPCOT drinks at festivals?

We are big fans of the EPCOT festivals, so we are going to share all of our favorite festival drinks in EPCOT.

  • Festival of the Arts – Symphony in Chocolate Flight: Cream liqueurs paired with sipping chocolates
  • Flower and Garden Festival – Honey-peach freeze with blueberry vodka
  • Food and Wine Festival – La Passion Martini Slush – Vodka, Grey Goose Le Citron, Cranberry and Passion Fruit
  • Festival of the Holiday – Fig Cocktail with sparkling wine, fig vodka and cranberry juice

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La Cava del Tequila – Best Alcoholic Drink at Disney 2024

Drink: La Cava Avocado

Location: Mexico Pavilion in the World Showcase

Taste: You have to add this to your Epcot Drink Around the World list, because it is sweet, savory, sour and everything delicious! The La Cava Avocado is a frozen blend of Tromba blanco tequila, melon liqueur, fresh avocado and lime juice and hibiscus salt rim.

Cost: $17

What to Pair: While the La Cava del Tequila doesn’t serve any food, right across from the indoor pyramid is a delicious quick service stand called La Cantina de San Angel. We highly recommend the nachos or guacamole with totopos to satisfy your taste after that delicious cocktail.

Tips and Tricks: Most guests who partake in trying all of the best drinks around the world in EPCOT will argue that you should always start in Mexico! So, our best tip is to head straight for that creamy, frozen avocado drink and turn left on the World Showcase when you first arrive. Especially because this drink has been named one of the best alcoholic drinks at Disney!

Canada Pavilion Popcorn Cart – Best EPCOT Drinks 2024


Drink: Ottawa Apple

Location: Canada Pavilion Popcorn Cart on the World Showcase

Taste: The Ottawa Apple drink in EPCOT has become a new fall favorite among EPCOT guests due to the big punch of warm apple flavors. The Ottawa Apple cocktail is a mix of Crown Royal Maple Whiskey, apple infusion and cranberry juice.

Cost: $14

What to Pair: If you’re wanting the true Canadian experience in EPCOT, we highly recommend pairing your Ottawa Apple with the maple popcorn.

Tips and Tricks: If you’re visiting Walt Disney World, one of the best ways to save money is to purchase one of the souvenir popcorn buckets. If you have one, you can get a refill of the maple popcorn at the popcorn cart for only $2.25! It is one of the only places to get specialty popcorn in the parks.

Best Alcoholic Drink at Disney 2024 FAQ

Q: Is there alcohol in Magic Kingdom?

A: Yes, guests visiting the Magic Kingdom can find alcoholic beverages within the park. Adults looking to purchase alcoholic beverages in Magic Kingdom would have to look for a table-service restaurant that serves alcohol on their menu.

Q: What are the places to get alcohol at Magic Kingdom 2024?

A: The current restaurants that serve alcohol on their menu are: Be Our Guest, Cinderella’s Royal Table, Liberty Tree Tavern, The Crystal Palace, The Plaza Restaurant, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen, The Diamond Horseshoe.

Q: Can you drink at Disney World?

A: Yes, you can purchase alcohol at all four Walt Disney World theme parks, as well as, hotels and Disney Springs!

Q: Can you bring your own alcohol into Disney World?

A: No, guests are not allowed to bring any alcohol from home into any of the Walt Disney World theme parks or water parks.

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