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The Walt Disney World Silhouette Guide

This article is your complete guide to the Disney World Silhouette! When you think of souvenirs from Walt Disney World, you probably first think of character mugs, park sweatshirts, or Minnie ears. But what if we told you there’s an even more special and personalized souvenir to take home with you from the happiest place on earth? Well, surprise – there is, and they’re known as Disney Silhouette souvenirs!

For everything, you need to know about getting your Disney Silhouette on your next trip to Disney World, read on!

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What is a Disney Silhouette Portrait?


Disney World Silhouette Portraits are the ultimate hidden gem of all Disney souvenirs. These cut-paper silhouettes are portraits, which are made from black card stock and then framed for your home or office. Although silhouettes are personal or family portraits, due to the material and the way they are made there is very little detail making these different from other caricature drawings. Think of them as personalized works of art!

Not only can you purchase custom silhouettes but you can also find Disney character silhouettes.  All custom pieces are created right on the spot, these custom pieces don’t take too long to create. You’ll simply sit still for an artist, and they’ll paint your profile in a shadow-like image. 

Silhouettes date back to an ancient time when tools and art was simpler, and make them the perfect way to memorialize a person during the specific years of their life. They also became increasingly popular during the 18th and 19th century as an affordable alternative to expensive art work. It’s no surprise that cut-paper silhouettes ended up at Walt Disney World as Walt himself was a huge fan of the turn of the century. Many aspects of the park, including Main Street U.S.A and Liberty Square reflect these simpler times.

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Where can I Purchase a Disney Silhouette Souvenir?

The next most popular question we receive is, where can I get silhouettes at Disney World? As a general rule of thumb, the Disney World silhouette stations are located in Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney Springs. The main locations are on Main Street U.S.A facing the castle and in Liberty Square. With the Disney silhouette station with the lowest wait time will be at Disney Springs.

Magic Kingdom Silhouette Locations

  • Main Street alleyway between Crystal Arts and Uptown jewelers
  • One in Liberty Square

Disney Springs Silhouette Location

  • Crystal Arts

Can you order Disney silhouettes online?

Another popular question we receive on this topic is, can you purchase Disney silhouettes online? And there are plenty of Disney character silhouettes that guests can purchase online so that they don’t even have to be at one of the Disney World silhouette stations.

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How Much Are Disney Silhouettes?


The silhouette artist stations vary depending on the day and/or season. For more specific information, we recommend stopping by any guest relations office to find out the specifics during your visit.

Are Disney Silhouette Souvenirs Expensive?

Believe it or not, no! The current cost is $12 per person and can be framed for an additional $10. A group of two will run you $20, a group of three will cost $24, and groups of four are $27. 

Will My Disney World Silhouette Take Long?

Let’s just say you can have your portrait done on Main Street at park opening and be in line for Space Mountain with less than a 10-minute wait. Or in other words, nope! It only takes about two minutes per person. Just keep in mind, there might be a line, so be sure to carve out additional time if you’re planning on visiting a cart midday at the Magic Kingdom. Furthermore, portraits are done on a first come first serve basis.

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What Are The Hours For Disney Silhouettes?


The Disney silhouette hours will vary by day as these locations are located in the Disney parks and Downtown Disney. This means their hours of operation will vary based on the normal operating hours for that time of year and season. If you see that one of the Disney Silhouette carts is closed be sure to ask a Disney Cast Member or stop by guest relations to see when they will be opening again.

Can Anyone Get a Disney Silhouette?

Yep! Babies and kids who can’t sit still can have their portraits painted. Whether they want to sit on your lap or can be quickly entertained with a tablet or cell phone, it only takes two minutes for the artist to capture their side profile.

Will My Disney Silhouette Really Look Like Me?

Yes. As a matter of fact, many of Disney’s silhouette artists have been in their positions for years, and the newer artists are also extremely talented. If you’re feeling uncertain, you can always watch them paint someone else to determine their skills!

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Is Disney Silhouette worth it?

So you might be wondering is the Disney Silhouette worth it? This really comes down to your own personal preference. As a long-time Disney fan, I have to admit I don’t understand the hype behind the silhouette portrait. But then again, I have never actually taken the time to have my own picture created. Given the price point and the small amount of time, it takes I can understand why someone would enjoy this unique souvenir.  I also feel like it would be very fitting to have your silhouette done in Liberty square given the theming!

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