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Complete Guide to Eating Cheaply at Disney World 2023

This article is your guide to finding the cheapest places to eat at Disney World in 2023. We all know that vacationing can be very expensive, especially to the Most Magical Place On Earth. Eating cheap at Disney World can especially be a struggle with how many different restaurants there are on property. That’s why making a Disney World food budget beforehand can reduce how much you’re paying in the parks if you weren’t prepared.

Luckily, there are plenty of places you can find the cheapest food at Disney, and we’re going to help you out by making a complete list of all of them!

Cheap Eats at Disney 2023

waffle-can-be-bought- at-the-cheapest-places-to-eat-at-Disney -World

Walt Disney World is full of restaurants from fancy sit-down, to tasty quick service restaurants or classic Disney snacks. Finding the very best cheap eats at Disney World can be like looking for a needle in a haystack with how much there is to do in the theme parks. In this article, we are going to show you how you don’t have to blow your budget on food and show you the cheapest dining at Disney World. Each of these Disney dining options cost about $15 per person and has some of the cheapest Disney World food prices 2023.

Before we get into the entire guide, we are going to give you a list of the best value restaurants in Disney World in each Disney park!

What are the best value restaurants in Disney World 2023?

  • Magic Kingdom – Casey’s Corner
  • Animal Kingdom – Flame Tree Barbecue
  • EPCOT – Any EPCOT festival food booth
  • Hollywood Studios – Woody’s Lunch Box

Best Cheap Food at Magic Kingdom 2023


Casey’s Corner

Location: Main Street, U.S.A

What to Expect: This quick service location is the best place to get typical ballpark food like hotdogs, corn dogs and french fries. You can enjoy intricate baseball theming and cast members completely playing the part too!

Type of Food: American cuisine

Must-Try Menu Items/Pricing: Corn dog nuggets ($10.29), all-beef footlong hotdog ($11.99), plant-based dog ($11.99)

Tips & Tricks: Casey’s Corner is a VERY busy location, and some of the best Disney food at Magic Kingdom. Make sure to scope out a table long before you order, indoors or outdoors, and make sure you give yourself a good 30 minutes to wait for your order!

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Cafe

Location: Frontierland

What to Expect: It is all about theming in this Old West saloon and has options like chicken fajitas, southwest salads and burgers. We love that while it’s not unfamiliar food, it is a little different than most of what is offered at Magic Kingdom.

Type of Food: Mexican/American

Must-Try Menu Items/Pricing: Fajita platter ($14.99), Pork Carnitas Rice Bowl ($11.99), The Big Al Burger ($14.99)

Tips & Tricks: You’re going to want to take in the theming of Pecos Bill and they make it easy by having a ton of seating inside. This is one of the food places in Magic Kingdom which is perfect for the 3PM lull when you’re in need of some air conditioning.

The Friar Nook

Location: Fantasyland, behind Cinderella Castle

What to Expect: This is a great spot to mobile order food like specialty tatertots, burgers and hot dogs. It is a small location and easy to miss being located next to Storybook Treats.

Type of Food: American cuisine

Must-Try Menu Items/Pricing: The Wild Toad Brat Burger ($13.49), creamy bacon macaroni & cheese tots ($11.49), cinnamon-sugar doughnuts ($5.29)

Tips & Tricks: There is very few seating options in the outdoor section at the Friar Nook and can get congested around the area. Especially because it is one of the cheapest places to eat in Disney World, you can expect it very busy at lunchtime. We suggest mobile ordering your food and sitting over by Gaston’s Tavern to get an amazing view of Cinderella Castle!

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

Location: Liberty Square

What to Expect: This little brick cottage is full of cast members hard at work cooking up some of the most delicious items on property. If you’re in the mood for a funnel cake or the best theme park waffle, we highly suggest putting this on your plist.

Type of Food: American cuisine

Must-Try Menu Items/Pricing: Fresh fruit waffle sandwich ($8.49), sweet-and-spicy chicken-waffle sandwich ($11.29), hand-dipped corn dog ($11.29)

Tips & Tricks: The best food item on the menu is the fresh fruit waffle sandwich and is only offered until 11 AM. Make sure you hit this location early to try one of our favorite items from a Magic Kingdom restaurant in Disney World!

Bonus: Snacks – Best Cheap Food at Magic Kingdom

Aloha Isle – Dole Whip, Specialty Dole Whip Floats

Gaston’s Tavern – The most delicious, warm cinnamon roll

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Best Cheap Food in Animal Kingdom 2023

Flame Tree Barbecue

Location: Discovery Island, heading to Dinoland USA

What to Expect: A vast outdoor location with plenty of waterside seating for guests to enjoy. The menu is full of delicious barbecue meats and sandwiches, which you can smell cooking all throughout Animal Kingdom.

Type of Food: American cuisine – Barbecue

Must-Try Menu Items/Pricing: Smoked pulled pork sandwich ($11.49), baked macaroni & cheese with pulled pork ($12.49), hot link smokehouse sandwich ($11.49)

Tips & Tricks: This is one of the best places to eat in Animal Kingdom for quick service and for table service at that matter! The food is delicious and if you’re able to get a table on the water, you can watch the brand new Animal Kingdom show, KiteTails!


Location: Discovery Island, heading toward Safari

What to Expect: Family friendly atmosphere with fun, bright rooms with 5 different animal centered themes. You’ll find American favorites like pizza, salad and desserts throughout the Pizzafari menu.

Type of Food: American cuisine

Must-Try Menu Items/Pricing: Pepperoni pizza ($10.99), chicken parmesan sandwich ($11.29), caesar salad ($8.99)

Tips & Tricks: This is a really great place to bring large families or those with certain food allergies. Pizzafari has a big menu with items that can be altered for little ones of those with special food requests. If you want fun, familiar food, Pizzafari is one of the best cheapest places to eat at Disney World.


Location: DinoLand U.S.A.

What to Expect: If you’re looking for a cute and quirky restaurant that is themed after dinosaurs and has cheap food, Restaurantosaurus is for you! You can get all of the typical American classics like burgers, chicken nuggets and more.

Type of Food: American cuisine

Must-Try Menu Items: Angus bacon cheeseburger ($12.29), all-beef foot-long hot dog ($11.29), Walt’s Main Street Fried Chicken Sandwich ($11.29)

Tips & Tricks: While Restaurantosaurus is one of the cheapest Disney World restaurants, it doesn’t have our FAVORITE items in the park. Its great for the theme and for those who love dinos! Also, make sure to eat before you ride the attraction Dinosaur right behind it!

Bonus: Snacks – Cheap Places to Eat at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Mr. Kamal’s Snack Cart – Seasoned fries, potstickers

Anandapur Ice Cream Truck – Specialty ice cream sundaes and more

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Best Cheap Food to Eat at EPCOT 2023

cheapest places to eat at Disney World

EPCOT Festival Food Booths

Location: Around the World Showcase

What to Expect: There are four different festivals offered at EPCOT: International Flower and Garden Festival, International Festival of the Arts, International Food and Wine Festival and Festival of the Holidays. Each of these festivals offer the cheapest places to eat at Disney World, with small plate offerings usually not costing more than $7.

Type of Food: Variety of cuisines from all over the world

Must-Try Menu Items: There are so many choices but Frushi from Flower and Garden Festival, chorizo and potato empanada from Festival of the Arts are some of our favorites!

Tips & Tricks: There is an EPCOT festival happening almost at any time around the World Showcase, and we truly think this is the best way to eat when visiting the park. The menus are designed to allow guests to try foods from all over the world, but not break the bank when sampling from booths around World Showcase. Plan your trip during the Food and Wine Festival for the best cheap eats at EPCOT of the year.

Refreshment Port

Location: World Showcase Entry – Toward Canada

What to Expect: A very small quick service locations with rotating offerings like traditional poutine and chicken breast nuggets.

Type of Food: American cuisine

Must-Try Menu Items: Specialty poutine ($7.50)

Tips & Tricks: While there isn’t many items on the Refreshment Port menu, they do offer seasonal cheap Disney food items that you’ll never forget! The line can get long and congested with the EPCOT Starbucks being next door.

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Location: UK Pavilion

What to Expect: A quaint little British spot, which is located right on the World Showcase Lagoon with beautiful views of the Harmonious barges.

Type of Food: American/British

Must-Try Menu Items: Fish and chips ($11.49)

Tips & Tricks: There is one item at Yorkshire County Fish Shop, but it is consistent and fresh every single time! They have some of the lower Disney park food prices for a really delicious and satisfying meal. There is nothing better than enjoying the breeze from the lagoon, where all of the seating is located.

La Cantina de San Angel

Location: Mexico Pavilion

What to Expect: A popular Mexican quick service restaurant with beautiful views of the World Showcase Lagoon.

Type of Food: Mexican

Must-Try Menu Items/Pricing: Taco trio ($14.99), guacamole with totopos ($10.99), tacos de barbacoa ($15.50)

Tips & Tricks: This is one of the best cheapest places to eat at Disney World and hasn’t gone unnoticed! La Cantina de San Angel usually has a long line, especially during peak hours! Try going right away when you get to EPCOT or later in the evening.

Bonus: Snacks – Cheap Places to eat at EPCOT Disney World

Oasis Sweets & Sips – Pastry assortments, frozen mint tea

Joy of Tea – Bubble milk tea, pork egg rolls

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe – School bread, Viking coffee

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Best Cheap Food at Hollywood Studios 2023

cheapest places to eat at disney world

Woody’s Lunch Box

Location: Toy Story Land

What to Expect: A super fun and Toy Story themed quick service location with unique offerings like totchos, BBQ brisket melts and lunch box tarts.

Type of Food: American cuisine

Must-Try Menu Items/Pricing: Totchos ($9.99), banana-fudge lunch box tart ($4.29), smoked turkey sandwich ($10.49)

Tips & Tricks: Woody’s Lunch Box is one of the best affordable restaurants in Hollywood Studios. Because of that, it can tend to be really busy and the outdoor seating isn’t the best for large crowds. Try going earlier than later and make sure to Mobile Order with the My Disney Experience app!

Backlot Express

Location: Echo Lake

What to Expect: A large and spacious quick service location with burgers, sandwiches and delicious plant-based options.

Type of Food: American cuisine

Must-Try Menu Items: Cuban sandwich($11.99), Backlot Burger ($14.29), smoked BBQ pulled pork burger ($14.29).

Tips & Tricks: Take time when you visit Backlot Express, there are so many different theme details to take in while eating. Visiting Backlot Express takes you to an old backlot warehouse for Disney’s Hollywood Studios with movie props and production items. For cheap eats at Hollywood Studios, Backlot Express offers a whole experience for guests dining, which we highly recommend checking out!


Location: Grand Avenue

What to Expect: A large quick service location run by one of our favorite muppets, Rizzo, offering pizza, meatball subs or antipasto salad.

Type of Food: Italian/American

Must-Try Menu Items: Pepperoni and sausage pizza ($11.49), antipasto salad ($10.79), meatball sub ($10.49)

Tips & Tricks: We mainly love this restaurant because it is all about Rizzo the rat, and if he were to open a restaurant in New York City. While the pizza might not live up to the NYC name, it is a great place for cheap Disney food prices.

Ronto Roasters

Location: Star Wars : Galaxy’s Edge

What to Expect: A quirky Star Wars themed quick service restaurant which specializes in a dish out of this world: The Ronto Wrap.

Type of Food: American cuisine

Must-Try Menu Items: Ronto Wrap ($12.99), Triple Suns breakfast wrap ($11.49), Tatooine Sunset ($5.99)

Tips & Tricks: There are not many places you can obtain something like a Ronto Wrap in this world, and we’d be lying if we didn’t say how absolutely delicious it is. Ronto Roasters is one of the best and cheapest ways to eat at Disney where you don’t have to sacrifice on taste or theming!

Best Cheap Snacks at Hollywood Studios 2023

Anaheim Produce – Fruit, mickey pretzels, churros

Market at Pixar Place – Num Num Cookies, nachos, chips

Best Cheap Food Disney Springs 2023

The Polite Pig

Location: Town Center

What to Expect: A popular quick service location that specializes in modern barbecue and Florida inspired cuisine.

Type of Food: American/barbecue cuisine

Must-Try Menu Items/Pricing: Southern Pig ($12.00), Low & Slow Brisket ($14.00), tomato and watermelon salad ($6.00)

Tips & Tricks: If you’re looking for the best cheap food at Disney Springs, look no further. The line to order at Polite Pig is always very long and very busy, so we suggest coming earlier in the day to try out all of the delicious barbecue they have to offer! It is located right outside of the Lime Garage, so you don’t have to travel far to your car either.

The Daily Poutine

Location: Town Center, near World of Disney

What to Expect: A small, outdoor kiosk with quick to-go style poutine.

Type of Food: American cuisine

Must-Try Menu Items/Pricing: Canadian poutine ($9.49), New Delhi poutine ($9.99), Korean barbecue ($9.99)

Tips & Tricks: While you may not be able to get a full meal at The Daily Poutine, you cannot go wrong with french fries and delicious toppings. There is a poutine here for everyone in the family, and while they only sell poutine and beverages, they are very large portions.

Marketplace Snacks

Location: Across from Marketplace Co-Op

What to Expect: This small kiosk offers sweet treats and specialty unique snacks.

Type of Food: Desserts

Must-Try Menu Items: Dole whip, strawberries and cream bubble waffle ($8.99)

Tips & Tricks: This place is a small hidden gem that can be easily missed when exploring Disney Springs. Located right next to Ghirardelli, this area can get congested and there is very little seating. We suggest that you grab your favorite sweet treat and head to waterfront seating near the Star Wars store.

Earl of Sandwich

Location: Marketplace

What to Expect: A quick service sandwich shop with familiar eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Type of Food: American cuisine

Must-Try Menu Items/Pricing: The Earl’s Club ($8.99), Chipotle Chicken Avocado ($8.99), Holiday Turkey ($8.99)

Tips & Tricks: This location is one of the cheapest places to eat at Disney World with food that is filling and cheap! The food is satisfying and great if you’re heading out for a long day at the parks. We suggest that you mobile order beforehand and make sure you grab a table from their indoor or outdoor dining.

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