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Guide to the Aventura Hotel vs Cabana Bay Beach Resort 2024

This article is your complete guide to Universal Aventura vs Cabana Bay! One of the toughest choices of planning a vacation is choosing the right hotel for you and your party’s needs. At Universal Orlando, there are plenty of budget options for maximizing the fun, but not breaking the bank. Cabana Bay Beach Resort and Aventura are two of the most popular hotel choices for Universal Orlando guests due to the proximity to the parks and incredible perks! This article is going to help you choose which Universal Orlando hotel is best for your stay; Cabana Bay vs. Aventura Hotel.

2024 Aventura Hotel VS Cabana Bay Overview


Universal Orlando Resort has many different hotels to choose from with incredible theming. What we love about Aventura Hotel or Cabana Bay, is that both are in affordable ranges being “prime value” Universal resorts. Where you save in price, you don’t lose out with amenities or theming. While being Universal value hotels, you can still find features like a lazy river at Cabana Bay Beach Resort or awesome in-room technology at Aventura Hotel.

But which is best for your next Universal vacation?

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2024 Universal Cabana Bay vs Aventura Hotel Locations

Which is the best hotel between Aventura and Cabana bay in regards to location? Well, both Cabana Bay and Aventura Hotel are two of the farthest resorts from Universal Orlando theme parks. With that being said, neither Cabana Bay or Aventura are closer to the parks. They are right across the street from each other on Adventure Way. Both hotels offer the same transportation, where guests can either walk on the Garden Walkway or take a Universal Orlando bus to the entrance of CityWalk. If we want to be technical, Cabana Bay is a bit closer than Aventura (walking distance).

There is one positive to Cabana Bay and that is it is basically a Volcano Bay resort hotel with how close it is. Some rooms at Cabana Bay Beach Resort have views of the incredible Universal water park, Volcano Bay, and are within a 5-minute walking distance.

What are the Cabana Bay vs Aventura Prices?

When it comes to price, Aventura Hotel and Cabana Bay Beach Resort are fairly similar. Both hotels are Universal prime value resorts, which means they are in the same pricing bracket. Currently, both resorts are priced at $140 a night based on a 4-night stay. The prices do fluctuate depending on the time of year and demand. Typically, we see Cabana Bay being the more affordable of the two resorts.

Cabana Bay Prices Vs Aventura Resort Prices

  • Cabana Bay standard room – $140
  • Aventura Hotel standard room – $140

What are the Cabana Bay vs Aventura Amenities?

aventura hotel vs cabana bay

Per Universal Orlando Resort website, both hotels offer the following amenities:

  • Early Park Admission to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Universal’s Volcano Bay up to one hour before the park opens. (Valid theme park admission required. Select attractions.)
  • Complimentary shuttle bus transportation or walking paths to the theme parks and Universal CityWalk
  • Unlimited club-to-club access to select CityWalk venues for the length of your stay. Simply show your room key at participating locations and then enter the clubs.
  • Resort-Wide charging privileges with your room key
  • Complimentary delivery of merchandise purchased throughout the resort to your hotel.

Cabana Bay vs Aventura Pools 2024

When on vacation in Central Florida at Universal Orlando Resort, it’s always pool time! That’s why when comparing Cabana Bay and Aventura, the pool space is a very important feature.

Cabana Bay Beach Resort has two two massive pool areas with plenty of space to soak up to sun. The first pool is located in the Atomic Courtyard, featuring zero-entry pools, a sand beach, a dive tower themed water slide, poolside bar and more. The second is located in the Lazy River Courtyard which also has zero-entry pools, a sand beach and everyone’s favorite … the lazy river! There are also plenty of poolside activities such as hula hoop contests, dive-in movies, ping pong and pool tables.

Aventura Hotel features just one pool made with a space-efficient upscale design. This pool is a smooth sparkling blue, with plenty of lounging chairs for sun bathing.The pool area also features a splash pad, hot tub, and a fire pit to cozy up to after the sun sets. If this pool doesn’t stack up to your expectations, don’t forget that Volcano Bay is right around the corner!

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Cabana Bay vs Aventura Dining

If you’re spending a decent amount of time at your resort for your Universal Orlando stay, knowing what options you have for food can make or break your trip! Both Aventura and Cabana Bay have plenty of options to choose from just steps away from your hotel room. Let’s compare!

Universal Aventura Hotel Dining

  • Urban Pantry Food Hall
  • Bar 17 Bistro
  • barVentura
  • Bar Sol

Aventura Hotel has three main dining locations featured right in the lobby of the resort. If you are looking for a quick bite, you might want to stop by the Urban Pantry food hall. Here you will be able to find all your favorite quick service global dishes. The lobby also features barVentura for a cocktail and Starbucks for a caffeinated drink. Bar 17 Bistro is Aventura’s upscale bar with amazing views and even better food! Aventura also has room service to order via the tablet provided during your room’s check-in.

Cabana Bay Beach Resort Dining

  • Bayliner Diner
  • Galaxy Bowl
  • Atomic Tonic
  • Hideaway Bar and Grill
  • Swizzle Lounge
  • Shakes & Malt Shoppe

Cabana Bay Beach Resort has affordable food in mind, with the huge Bayliner Diner food court which features many grab and go American classic dishes. There is also Galaxy Bowl, where you can take the family for a fun night of bowling, or a dine-in experience with a menu that includes appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and hot dogs. There are also two outdoor dining locations, the Atomic Tonic and Hideaway Bar and Grill, both featuring typical bar food like wings, pizza, sandwiches and cocktails. You can also get pizza delivered to your room by room service at Cabana Bay Beach Resort! As of 2022, Cabana Bay Beach Resort has a shake shop! Right next to Bayliner Diner, guests can enjoy delicious shakes and ice cream. Our favorite is the PB&J shake and Banana Pudding ice cream.

Universal Aventura vs Cabana Bay Theming


While both Cabana Bay and Aventura are both prime value resorts. Their theming is very different and depending on your style, you may prefer one or the other. Let’s talk about it! Universal Orlando describes the Aventura as “vibrant, free-flowing and calming,” in this modern resort. This resort is sleek and stylish with an elegant, high-techno vibe. you’re looking for an upscale resort with the price of a budget hotel, the Aventura may be your choice.

On the other hand, Cabana Bay Beach Resort has vibrant, throwback theming bringing guests back to the 50s and 60s. The stylish, vintage design has unique, retro feel, making any guest feel like they’re on an old-time Florida beach, soaking up the sun. If colors, sunshine and vintage designs with an affordable price sound great, Cabana Bay Beach Resort might be your choice.

2024 Universal Cabana Bay vs Aventura Rooms

Aventura hotel has the least amount of rooms out of all Universal Orlando resorts, coming in at only a little over 600 rooms. On the other side, Cabana Bay has almost four times the amount with 2200 rooms to choose from. Both Cabana Bay and Aventura have rooms roughly the same sizes but have vastly different theming and attributes inside.

Aventura Hotel Rooms

Aventura rooms are controlled completely by a tablet, everything from the A/C control to room service. The view is unbeatable, with the Orlando skyline on one side, and a full theme park view on the other. Aventura even has special delivery robots for room service!

Cabana Bay Rooms

Cabana Bay Beach Resort rooms are more standard, just with bold, vibrant, retro-neon theming. With so many rooms to choose from, there are plenty of versions indoors, outdoors and the best poolside access. It truly feels like a beachside resort, with views of Volcano Bay and of the many swimming pools offered at Cabana Bay.

Both rooms offer standard free wifi for all registered guests with the hotel.

Which is better – Cabana Bay or Aventura?

That is completely up to you! Both value resorts offer amazing amenities with a convenient location for all Universal Orlando guests. Cabana Bay is a wonderful option for large families or parties that plan on maximizing plenty of time at the pool and enjoying unique recreational activities like the Galaxy Bowling Lanes. Aventura Hotel is for those looking for upscale, high tech resort life in mind. With everything done conveniently from your tablet, and a calming design in mind, Aventura offers relaxation at its finest. No matter which resort you choose, both have plenty of perks, that neither Aventura Hotel or Cabana Bay Beach Resort will be a bummer!

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