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The Complete Guide to Christmas at Disney Springs

Disney World during the holiday season can’t be beat, as it’s a magical display for all its guests to see. When we think of Disney decorating for the season, we think of the parks and even the hotels that are covered in beautiful scenery and loaded with festivities. However, Disney Springs also joins in on the holiday spirit with décor and activities that shouldn’t be missed. A Disney Springs Christmas is worth seeing, so here’s what you need to know about the Disney Springs holiday.

Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail

You won’t be shy of seeing a Christmas tree in Disney Springs. The Christmas Tree Trail Disney Springs is one of the most popular events that happen during Downtown Disney Christmas. Essentially, you follow a path to see these magnificently decorated Christmas trees. These Disney Springs Christmas trees each have a different theme, and many are based off of movies. Some of the magnificent Spring Christmas trees from last year included “Frozen” and “Star Wars,” and others were based on Disney World attractions, including Haunted Mansion.

Where is the Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs?

To ensure social distancing, the 2020 Disney Springs trail was spread all throughout the four neighborhoods of Disney Springs. There were about 12 Christmas trees in Disney Springs to be explored. Although we are not sure about this year yet, there may be some similarities to last year.

There is typically a Disney Springs map for the Christmas tree trail to help you find your way and identify which tree you find at each location. In 2020, the map includes a Disney Springs Christmas scavenger hunt. The map included stickers that represent each tree’s theme. When you get to one of the trees at Disney Springs, place the corresponding sticker onto the correct blank space. Once you’re done with the hunt, you can head to a redemption location for a festive prize.

Santa in Disney Springs

Of course, there has to be a Disney Springs Santa to kick off the holidays! In the past, guests were able to meet Santa at his chalet at the end of the Christmas Trail. However, 2020 brought meeting Disney Springs Santa Claus to a whole other level. Santa and Mrs. Claus floated by on Lake Buena Vista in a Winter “Waterland,” featuring colorfully festive pontoon boats.

Disney Springs Santa Schedule

Just like the current character experiences happening in Disney World, Santa and Mrs. Claus appear at frequent, random times throughout the day. According to My Disney Experience, the Disney Springs Santa times can range from 11 AM to 5 PM, but may also continue the appearances until dark.

The Disney Springs Christmas Store

The Christmas shop Downtown Disney is called Disney’s Days of Christmas, which has everything Christmas, from ornaments, to stockings, and so much more. In the past, every Disney Springs tree lighting on the trail had an ornament that could be found in the Disney Christmas store in Disney Springs. If you want a commemorative from this exciting extravaganza, then look into the Christmas shop at Downtown Disney Orlando.

Disney Springs Christmas Dinner

If you’re looking for spirited holiday bites, Downtown Disney Orlando at Christmas has a lot to offer. Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar was one of the restaurants who went all out during the holiday season. Not only did they match the energy of decorating like the festival of trees in Disney Springs, but they also created delicious themed food. Some examples include Papa Noel’s Churrasco, adult milk and cookies by the fireside, Jack’s Holiday Nog, and Grandma’s Favorite Sliders.

Other delicious holiday-themed treats could be found around Disney Springs at places like Amorette’s Patisserie, The Daily Poutine, Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop, and more! The perfect treats after exploring the Christmas tree trail in Orlando. And while you’re eating on the go, you can enjoy walking around and seeing the Christmas lights at Disney Springs and all the other decorations they have to offer.

Disney Springs on Christmas Day

Like all of Disney World, Disney Springs will most likely be crowded on Christmas Day due to the Downtown Disney Christmas tree lightings and other magical events. With kids, parents, and other Disney lovers having off from school and work, everyone wants to experience the holiday magic at Disney. We suggest planning as much as possible before your trip to ensure a fun experience. As long as you are prepared to share the holiday joy, you’re in for a sweet treat!

Christmas in Disney Springs is not to be overlooked, as there’s so much to see (and eat) while you’re visiting. So next time you’re in Orlando for the holidays, be sure to check out Disney Springs during Christmas time!