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The Best Food at Disneyland’s Lunar New Year Festival 2024

Disneyland’s Lunar New Year Festival is by far my personal favorite festival that Disney has to offer in any of its parks. I’ve been attending since the year of the Year of the Rat and haven’t missed one since! Not only do I love this festival, but I’m also a self-proclaimed foodie. That’s why I’ve put together this guide to give you some insight into what the best food items at the 2024 Lunar New Year Festival are!

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The Best Food at the 2024 Disneyland Lunar New Year Festival


We’ve been sampling food at the Lunar New Year Festival since 2020 and have fallen in love with the menus and delicious treats! The menus at this festival have their key players which stay the same from year to year. But I feel this is one of the festivals that pushes the flavor boundaries a little further each year (I’m looking at you Egg Cream Foam Iced Coffee). But this is one of the things we love so much about this festival! Each year we can look forward to new and interesting flavors inspired by traditional Asian cuisine. So, without wasting more time, here is my favorite Lunar New Year Disneyland food.

The Best at the Fest

  • Taro Vietnamese-style Iced Coffee
  • Strawberry Milk Tea Macaron
  • Strawberry Green Tea Churro
  • Korean-style BBQ Chicken

The Worst at the Fest

  • Egg Cream Foam Iced Coffee
  • Quessabirria Eggroll

While nothing was inedible, some festival foods were not as appetizing as others. Let’s start with the Egg Cream coffee. While it wasn’t as Eggy as the title would assume, it was extremely sweet. The combination of sweetness from the Egg foam and Condensed Milk in the coffee was a bit too much for me. As for the Quessabirria Eggroll, I really wanted to enjoy the hype around this dish. But I think the biggest letdown was the tortilla wrap eggroll shell. I think if a wonton wrapper was used instead it would have given that fried crispiness we know and love from an eggroll!

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Taro Vietnamese-Style Iced Coffee


Price: $7.00

Location: Bamboo Blessings Marketplace

Taste: Since I’ve officially been dubbed the coffee connoisseur of Theme Park Today, I can say with confidence that this is one of the best coffees at Disneyland. While the Black Caf Cold Brew in Galaxy’s Edge still is in my top spot, this coffee’s flavor profile is more than what you’d expect. While the deliciousness of the condensed milk in the Vietnamese-style iced coffee was present. The addition of the more earthiness of the chocolate taro sweet cream sent this coffee over the moon!

Kurt’s Tip: Mix the foam into the coffee for a better flavor profile! While the mixture of the purple foam and brown coffee makes for an unsightly gray-colored drink, it tastes much better combined.

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Mickey-shaped Strawberry Milk Tea Macaron


Price: $7.75

Location: Bamboo Blessings Marketplace

Taste: Everything you’d expect from a perfectly made macaron is here in the shape of Mickey Mouse! The outer shell was crispy and the inside was gooey and chewy. Where this cookie really took off was the strawberry buttercream and milk tea center. The strawberry flavor was sweet but wasn’t artificial tasting which was a really nice surprise! But the milk tea center stole the show for me. It was a rich, dense center of creamy black tea-flavored buttercream. I do wish they would have come up with a way to get the milk tea flavor more throughout the cookie. But still delicious nonetheless!

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Strawberry Green Tea Churro


Price: $7.25

Location: Terran Treats

Taste: This is quite possibly my favorite churro I’ve consumed at Disneyland. I think what made this churro so delicious was that the green tea powder was mixed in with the cinnamon sugar dust. The matcha was too forward of a flavor which is a good thing! If you’ve never had matcha before, it’s a very strong earthy flavor and too much of it can be quite bitter. And not only was it topped with a strawberry sauce, they added freeze-dried strawberry bits as well! Everything about this churro was well thought out and had flavor in every bite.

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Korean-style BBQ Chicken


Price: $17.99

Location: Paradise Garden Grill

Taste: Don’t be fooled by the price of this dish. The portion was massive and could easily be enough for two people! While I’m no expert in Korean BBQ sauce, there wasn’t anything that stood out to me as Korean except for the kimchi on the side. But with that being said, this was by far the juiciest, most mouth-watering chicken I’ve ever had at a theme park. The BBQ sauce tasted almost like a mix of traditional American BBQ sauce and a Chinese sauce known as Char Siu sauce. It was a little on the sweeter side of sauces and had a sticky texture. The kimchi also had a very strong seafood flavor which paired well with the rice!

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