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The Complete Guide to Getting from Cabana Bay to Universal Orlando

This article is your complete guide to getting from Cabana Bay to Universal Studios! Transportation can be one of the largest hassles of planning vacations. This guide will give you all the information you need for getting to Universal Orlando from Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

We are going to talk about all transportation from Cabana Bay to Universal and what are the best ways you can use it!

Cabana Bay to Universal 2023 Overview


Cabana Bay Beach Resort is a popular hotel option for families of all kinds that travel to Universal Orlando Resort. Your family can enjoy retro-style rooms designed for fun and affordability. Relaxing at Cabana Bay is a breeze with the 1950’s classic Florida beach theming and plenty of pools for fun. Cabana Bay is a great choice if you are looking to book a budget stay at Universal Orlando Resort.

Universal Orlando is one of the largest theme parks in Central Florida. Between two theme parks (Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure) a water park (Volcano Bay) and Universal Citywalk Orlando, there is so much to do! But how do you get there?

Universal Orlando is known for having free and reliable transportation throughout their theme park, which definitely comes in handy when wondering how to get from Cabana Bay to City Walk and the Universal Parks. That’s why we’re going to cover all your options to make sure you’re maximizing the fun and not wasting time.

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Where is Cabana Bay Beach Resort?


Cabana Bay Beach Resort is located directly next to Loews Sapphire Resort sitting just south of Islands of Adventure. It is conveniently on the east side of I-4, separated only by Hollywood Way from Universal Orlando Resort. There is even a short walk guests can take from Cabana Bay Resort to City Walk.

How far is Cabana Bay from Universal Orlando?

So, exactly how far is Cabana Bay from Universal Orlando? The distance from Cabana Bay to Universal Orlando is only about a mile, making it a very short distance for travel. The walk from Cabana Bay to Universal Studios takes takes about 20 minutes to walk into the theme parks via Garden Walkway.

Which is great if you don’t feel like using the Universal Cabana Bay Shuttle, because you can easily walk to Universal Orlando theme parks by foot. It is important to keep in mind how much walking you will be doing during your Universal days. Most times, we opt for the free, quick and efficient Cabana Bay bus.

Parking at Cabana Bay Beach Resort

If you park your car at Cabana Bay Beach Resort, the overnight guest parking fee at Cabana Bay is $18 per night for self-parking. For daytime guests, parking is $10 for up to 30 minutes and $45 up to 24 hours. If you park at Cabana Bay during your stay, we don’t recommend driving to Universal Studios because you will have to pay for parking there as well. Instead, take the free transportation

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What is the Transportation from Cabana Bay to Universal Studios 2023?


Since Cabana Bay Beach Resort is so close to Universal Orlando, it is very convenient and easy to travel to. Cabana Bay Beach Resort is not a premier resort, therefore there are no watercraft transportation options. Not to worry though, there are still very simple, quick ways to get into the parks! The two options of getting to Universal Resort from Cabana Bay are walking and shuttle busses.

Cabana Bay Transportation Options

  • Complimentary shuttle bus to CityWalk entrance
  • Garden walking path

Is there a shuttle from Cabana Bay to Universal?

Yes, there is a complimentary shuttle to Universal Orlando CityWalk, which is where the main security hub is to get into the parks. The shuttle from Cabana Bay to Universal runs about every 15 minutes and picks guests up at the designated shuttle area. We will talk about that more later on when discussing how to from Cabana Bay to Universal Studios.

Is there a Cabana Bay water taxi?

There is not an official Cabana Bay Resort water taxi, but the walkway can connect you to Sapphire Falls Resort, where water taxi docks are available to guests. Note that this can be timely, because after your initial walk, you will have to wait for the water taxi to arrive.

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Can You Walk From Cabana Bay to Universal Studios?


Getting from Cabana Bay to Universal Orlando by foot is a great option for those who like a scenic view. Universal Orlando has provided a brief, serene walking path for guests looking to skip out on transportation crowds. The Cabana Bay walking path to Universal gets you into either park in under 30 minutes.

The walk from Cabana Bay to to CityWalk is less than a mile long, and lets you skip the central security point, which is often very busy. The Garden Walkway is definitely the slower of the two options. Therefore if you chose this method, make sure you plan out your day correctly to not waste any time!

How far is the walk from Cabana Bay to Universal?

The walk on the Garden Pathway is about a mile long, and should take you about 25 minutes to complete. The Garden Walkway is peaceful and lined with beautiful landscaping and greenery, which makes the brief walk quite nice! The walk to Volcano Bay from Cabana Bay is only about 5 minutes and is one of the best perks of staying on property.

Where is the Cabana Bay Walking Path to Universal?

So, where is the Cabana Bay walking path to Universal? On the northeast corner of the Cabana Bay Resort, you will be able to find the Garden Walkway. This walkway will take you past Sapphire Falls and Royal Pacific Resorts and over the Garden Bridge. This walkway will bring you into a side entrance of CityWalk, right next to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. From there, Islands of Adventure is only a few minute walk, and Universal Studios is across the waterway on the other side of the CityWalk bay. The total walk will take you about 20 minutes and is technically the slowest method of transportation.

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2023 Cabana Bay Shuttle to Universal

The Shuttle Bus is the fastest method of transportation from Cabana Bay Beach Resort to Universal Orlando. The Cabana Bay shuttle bus service is the preferred method of travel due to the swiftness and efficiency of the bussing system. The Cabana Bay Beach Resort bus schedule has busses arrive every 12 minutes near the lobby of the resort. The bus ride to Universal Orlando is short, only being between 5-8 minutes.

The busses begin running one hour before Early Park Admission and run continuously until 2 a.m. Once aboard, the Cabana Bay shuttle will arrive at the Universal CityWalk drop-off area. From there, it will be about a 5 minute walk to the entrance of either Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure.

While this is the faster option, it is the most popular option. That means that at peak times, you may be in line waiting for a bus for a while.

Unfortunately, the Cabana Bay but shuttle does not run to any Disney World property and will only transport guests to the Universal CityWalk entrance.

Cabana Bay Beach Resort Shuttle Schedule

  • Busses start running one hour prior to Early Park Admission and run until 2am.
  • Busses arrive every 12 minutes to take guests to the CityWalk entrance.

Another popular question we receive is, how long is the shuttle from Cabana Bay to Universal Orlando? And, the shuttle from Cabana Bay to Universal Studios is about 8-10 minutes long. The shuttle to Universal Volcano Bay can be even shorter as that hotel is right next door to Cabana Bay.

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Can you Walk to Volcano Bay from Cabana Bay Beach Resort?

Yes, and it is one of the best perks of staying at Cabana Bay Beach Resort. Cabana Bay Beach Resort guests have a private walkway entrance to Volcano Bay. Right past the two towers in the South Courtyard, Cabana Bay guests may walk alongside Volcano Bay until you reach the private entrance. With only a very short walk and your resort keycard, you can soon enjoy the water park within minutes! A great trade off for a lengthier journey to Universal Orlando.

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