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Complete Guide to What Your Patronus Means About You

Expecto patronum! All Harry Potter fans at one point has wondered the question, “what is my patronus?” and what does your patronus mean? Ever since Harry and his friends learned to protect themselves from Dementors with these adorable, yet powerful charms, all Potterheads needed to know which was theirs.

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What is a Patronus and What Does Patronus Mean?

what does your patronus mean

So, what is a patronus? If you’re wondering about your patronus and their meanings, you might be curious as to what patronus actually is. In the Harry Potter universe, books and films, witches and wizards are able to perform spells and charms with their wands. The patronus charm is cast and used as a shield or a guardian between you and a Dementor. A Dementor can feed on its victims hope, happiness and will to live, but a patronus charm acts as a shield, covering you with positivity and happiness.

The patronus charm is a concentration of the happiest moments of your life, forming literal protective magic into a spell from powered from those memories. Each patronus charm is meant to represent an animal and an aspect of your personality that can take form and fight alongside you. That’s why so many people are trying to figure out which Harry Potter patronus would you have.

What is Harry Potter’s patronus?

Harry Potter’s patronus is the stag, which is the protector of animals and closely related to his mother’s patronus, which is a doe. Harry is rather young when he is able to cast his first stag patronus charm, at only 13 when taught by Professor Lupin in Defense Against the Dark Arts.

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How to Find What Your Patronus Is – What is My Patronus?

what does your patronus mean

When you choose your patronus, you might be wondering where to start and how to do so. Many Harry Potter fans were very excited when the website launched and we were able to officially sort ourselves into Harry Potter houses. Now, you are able to take a short quiz which will tell you how to find your patronus charmofficially! It is rather simple, and we will walk you through how to find your patronus!

How to find your patronus

  • Go to
  • Find the Discover Your Patronus Quiz
  • If you don’t have an account you’ll have to make one
  • If you haven’t sorted yourself into an Official Hogwarts House, you can do so!
  • Take the patronus quiz! Answer questions about yourself and then cast your own patronus charm!
patronus meaning

We took the “Which Harry Potter patronus are you?” quiz and got a Tonkinese cat!

What is the most common patronus?

If you’re wondering, “how common is my patronus?”, don’t fret. There are over 100 different patronus options, so even if you end up getting one of the most common patronuses, it isn’t all that common.

According to Wizarding the most common patronus are the following:

  1. Dolphin
  2. Tonkinese Cat
  3. Manx Cat
  4. Nebelung Cat
  5. Fox
  6. St Bernard Dog
  7. Weasel
  8. Bassett Hound
  9. Black And White Cat
  10. Hedgehog
  11. Deerhound
  12. West Highland Terrier
  13. Siberian Cat
  14. Tortoiseshell Cat
  15. White Stallion
  16. White Mare
  17. White Swan
  18. Osprey
  19. Borzoi
  20. Ragdoll Cat

But like we said, having a common patronus isn’t a bad thing and with over 100 of them, they are all unique in their own way!

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What Your Patronus Means

what does your patronus mean about you

So, what does your patronus say about you? Now that we know what your patronus charm is, we can figure out what does your patronus mean. This next section is going to cover a description of your patronus and what that means about you and your personality!

What is every patronus in Harry Potter?

Here is a complete Patronus list and meanings:

  • Aardvark
  • Abraxan Winged Horse
  • Adder
  • Badger
  • Bat
  • Basset Hound
  • Bay Mare
  • Bay Stallion
  • Beagle
  • Black Bear
  • Black Mare
  • Black Mamba
  • Black Stallion
  • Black Swan
  • Black and White Cat
  • Blackbird
  • Bloodhound
  • Borzoi
  • Brown Bear
  • Brown Hare
  • Brown Owl
  • Buffalo
  • Buzzard
  • Calico Cat
  • Capuchin Monkey
  • Cheetah
  • Chestnut Mare
  • Chestnut Stallion
  • Chow Dog
  • Crow
  • Dapple Grey Mare
  • Dapple Grey Stallion
  • Deerhound
  • Doe
  • Dolphin
  • Dragon
  • Dragonfly
  • Dun Mare
  • Dun Stallion
  • Eagle
  • Eagle Owl
  • Elephant
  • Erumpent
  • Falcon
  • Field Mouse
  • Fire-dwelling Salamander
  • Fox
  • Fox Terrier
  • Ginger Cat
  • Goshawk
  • Granian Winged Horse 
  • Grass Snake
  • Great Grey Owl
  • Grey Squirrel
  • Greyhound
  • Hare
  • Hedgehog
  • Heron 
  • Hippogriff 
  • Hummingbird
  • Huskey
  • Hyena
  • Ibizan Hound
  • Impala
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • King Cobra
  • Kingfisher
  • Leopard
  • Leopardess
  • Little Owl
  • Lion
  • Lioness
  • Lynx
  • Magpie
  • Mastiff Dog
  • Manx Cat
  • Marsh Harrier
  • Mink
  • Mole
  • Mongrel Dog
  • Mountain Hare
  • Nebelung Cat
  • Newfoundland
  • Nightjar
  • Occamy
  • Ocicat
  • Orangutan
  • Orca
  • Oryx
  • Osprey
  • Otter
  • Peacock
  • Pheasant
  • Piebald Stallion
  • Piebald Mare
  • Pine Marten
  • Polar Bear
  • Polecat
  • Python
  • Ragdoll Cat
  • Rat
  • Rattlesnake
  • Raven
  • Red Squirrel
  • Rhinoceros
  • Robin
  • Rottweiler
  • Runespoor
  • Russian Blue Cat
  • Saint Bernard
  • Salmon
  • Scops Owl
  • Seal
  • Shark
  • Shrew
  • Siberian Cat
  • Snowy Owl
  • Sparrow
  • Sparrowhawk
  • Sphynx Cat
  • Stag
  • Stoat
  • Swallow
  • Swift
  • Thestral 
  • Tiger
  • Tigress
  • Tonkenise Cat
  • Tortoiseshell Cat
  • Unicorn
  • Vole
  • Vulture
  • Weasel
  • West Highland Terrier
  • White Mare
  • White Stallion
  • White Swan
  • Wild Boar
  • Wild Rabbit
  • Wildcat
  • Wolf
  • Wood Mouse

Next we are going to go in depth on each of the patronuses and their meaning to help you figure out a little more about yourself! So after you figure out your Harry Potter patronus, make sure to find yours on this list and see if you agree with our analysis!

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Different Patronus Meanings

Aardvark patronus meaning

Aardvarks are nocturnal, burrowing animals that are knowing to be fearless and unstoppable when it comes to finishing tasks. In the face of a dementor, an aardvark is a master of darkness and wouldn’t hesitate to protect with strength and tenacity.

Abraxan Winged Horse patronus meaning

As a magical creature, the Abraxan winged horse knows what it wants and is selective about what they allow into their life. Their breed of winged horse is gigantic, powerful and are free-minded and require careful handling. An individual who has an Abraxan winged horse for a patronus must be strong-willed and determined.

Adder patronus meaning

An adder is the representation of precision and level-headedness, but when provoked, deadly. Serpents are known to symbolize wisdom and power, and those with the adder patronus must be intuitive and have a good sense of judgement.

Albatross patronus meaning

Albatross soar among the rock and sea with grace and stamina, as they are able to do so for hour. Albatross are a symbol of luck to those who are familiar with the ocean, who say that their presence brings calm winds and protection to travelers. Their wingspan is also 11 feet, which is bound to scare away a dementor.

What does your patronus mean – Badger patronus

Known for being the main symbolism for Hogwart’s Hufflepuff house, we know that those associated with the badger are loyal, determined and grounded. A badger is a stubborn creature, but also aggressive when attacked which makes for the perfect patronus.

Basset hound patronus meaning

Any hound dog is known for how intelligent they are, but also how devoted they are to their owners. Basset hounds have huge personalities and are very set in their ways and determined to complete tasks. A basset hound patronus is perfect for those who want a loyal companion who will go all the way to keep them safe.

Bat patronus meaning

Bats happen to be among the rarer patronus to be found, because it takes a special bond for a bat to trust. Bats are sensitive animals, that have extreme precision and intuition that is often misunderstood by others. Bats are perfect for those who have a close small circle that they can depend on to help them seek out their goals.

Bay mare patronus meaning

A bay mare or bay stallion is named that way for the color of the horse’s coat, which is a reddish brown color. All horses represent strength, freedom and nobility, meaning horse patronus owners are strong in their values and live their life to the beat of their own drum.

Black and white cat patronus meaning

No matter what cat patronus finds you, all cats represent guardians and seek out to watch over and keep the safety of their loved ones top priority. Cats are animals that require a bond and respect of each other to start a relationship. The black and white cat, or “tuxedo cat”, are known to be strong-willed, independent, amazing hunters, but also loving.

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Black bear patronus meaning

All bears represent power, but specifically the black bear is known for its curious nature and significance throughout many Native American cultures. Bears reserve their inner strength for when it matters most and tend to impress others with their ability to use strategic might. A black bear patronus coming to you means that you’ll do whatever you can to protect those you love.

Black mamba patronus meaning

A black mamba patronus represents the strength of a sharp mind and the ability to hold out for the perfect time to attack. Black mambas are known for the ability to hold a grudge and always strike when the time is right. Black mambas are calculated, patient and known to deliver the”kiss of death” to its enemies.

Black Mare/Black Stallion patronus meaning

Black coated horses are uncommon compared to the coats of other breeds and is known to be majestic and striking. A black stallion or mare has a powerful spirit with a lot of enthusiastic energy. A black mare patronus means that you are probably passionate about what you love and are dedicated to protecting it.

Black swan patronus meaning

A black swan is a patronus for those who feel a lot of emotion and are driven by their love and loyalty. A black swan needs to develop, from an untamed youth to a beautiful, powerful swan. Black swan patronus represent change, healing and the inner need to protect others.

Blackbird patronus meaning

Blackbirds are extremely intelligent and are known to be deep thinkers, yet allusive and mysterious. Blackbirds keep the secrets of those they trust and will do anything in their power to protect those who need it most. Those with a blackbird patronus love to learn and soak up information about the world.

Bloodhound patronus meaning

Bloodhounds are precise and known for their amazing ability to use their noses to solve crime. Bloodhounds are wonderful companions and are happy to offer their intelligence to their favorite witch, wizard or muggle. They are dedicated and will go to any measure to help, which is the same said for those who have this patronus.

Borzoi patronus meaning

Borzoi’s are for those with sophisticated taste and were known to be pets for Russian Tsars and nobles for years. Borzois are gentle, but also ready for action at any second. Borzoi’s like their own space and will become aggressive if they are over-handled mistreated. Know that you are safe and comforted when in the presence of a borzoi.

Brown bear patronus meaning

Brown bears are massive in size and extremely intimidating to all other predators they encounter. They are extremely smart and resourceful, making them extremely impressive animals and a courageous protector. Those with a black bear patronus are strong and have nothing to worry about with a fierce protector behind them.

Brown hare patronus meaning

The brown hare is a timid animal that is reserved and weary. They are quick and powerful when threatened and usually underestimated. Those with a brown hare patronus needs to build relationships to form trust and is quick witted.

Brown owl patronus meaning

A brown owl is a symbol of wisdom, as well as protection and guardianship. Brown owls are known to be fearless and extremely loyal to the ones they love. Therefore, if you have a brown owl patronus, you are intelligent and protective.

Buffalo patronus meaning

Buffalo are animals known to be dangerously protective and extremely strong. At 2,000 pounds, buffalo will never backdown when feeling threatened with their strong-willed and outgoing personalities. Those with a buffalo patronus can be intimidating when their loved ones are threatened, but also most comfortable around family.

Buzzard patronus meaning

Buzzards are typically birds that are known as scavengers and feast on the remains of other animals. Buzzards are resourceful and play a large role in the natural circle of life. This patronus symbolizes the start of anew and those who have it are innovative and resilient.

Calico cat patronus meaning

As mentioned above, all cat patronus are natural guardians and will do anything to protect the ones they care about. Calico cats are extremely outgoing and bring a certain flare with their feline attitude. Those with calico cat patronus are bold and like to try new things to experience the world.

Capuchin monkey patronus meaning

A capuchin monkey is a playful and energetic animal, that thrives with creativity and an ever changing environment. The capuchin monkey patronus will be able to adapt quickly is problems arise and not hesitate to protect itself and others. You are most likely a person with a fast-paced lifestyle and ambitious goals in life.

Cheetah patronus meaning

Cheetahs are known for their lightning fast speed and top notch predator skills in the wild. They are fierce, graceful and respected among the animal community. Cheetah patronus come to those who are solitary but intense when threatened.

Chestnut Mare/Chestnut Stallion

All chestnut breed of horses are known for their fearless attitude and unwavering courage. A dementor would never stand a chance against a horse so intense. Any witch or wizard with the chestnut mare or stallion patronus is energetic and headstrong.

Chow dog patronus meaning

Chow dogs need to have a strong bond with their partners before they extend any of the normal dog companionship. Chows are extremely protective and can have a temper if under pressure or threatened. A chow patronus means that you value being a guardian and take trust and loyalty very seriously.

Crow patronus meaning

Crows are extremely loyal and giving birds when entrusted with their friendship. Crows are dark and mysterious, but still thrive with a community. Crows show extremely intelligence and thrive off of having ambitious goals.

Dapple gray mare/stallion patronus meaning

The dapple gray is a breed of horse that is graceful and full of light and positive energy. They are proud horses that will stand and protect what is most important to it. The dapple gray patronus says that you are the comfort friend when others need you and you tend to be a positive force in other’s lives.

Deerhound patronus meaning

Deerhounds are natural born hunters that are precise and protective. Sirius Black’s Animagus form was a Scottish deerhound in the Harry Potter films. These dogs are friendly and docile, and any those with this patronus are brave and like to please others.

Doe patronus meaning

Just like that of Severus Snape and Lily Potter, the doe is a special patronus to have. The doe is a loving and gentle caretaker, with the intuition to be a vigilant protector. Both Lily and Snape showed their loving and protective nature and willingness to sacrifice anything for others.

Dolphin patronus meaning

Dolphins are playful and social by nature, making them one of the most adored animals. Dolphins are well-rounded and intelligent always looking to take charge on a new task. A dolphin would able to solve any problem arising with dementors, which says the same for those casting the spell. Both thrive in complex situations and tend to be the head of the group.

Dragon patronus meaning

A dragon is a magical creature with many different abilities and unstoppable to any enemy. Those with a dragon patronus are deserving individuals who have proven themselves worthy of great power. Whether it be fire breathing or incredible might, the dragon patronus is lucky beyond measure.

Dragonfly patronus meaning

Dragonflies symbolize change in its most needed form to help discover the truth self. While incredibly small, the dragonfly is wise beyond its years and packs a punch from the spiritual realm. Dragonflies are beautiful and magical and are respectable patronus.

Dun Mare/ Dun Stallion patronus meaning

The dun breed of horse is known for its glowing appearance and independent spirit to follow your heart. This horse symbolizes freedom and adventure in the great wild of the world. You are most likely hard to trust others but like to take risks to change your life for the better.

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Eagle patronus meaning

The eagle is a symbol for leadership and courage and are typically paired with those who are fearless. Eagle patronus types will run into battle first to save those they care about and can guide a team to victory.

Eagle owl patronus meaning

Eagle owls are swift and territorial birds that wouldn’t back down from a fight. They tend to be introverted, but also the one to stand out in a crowd. Eagle owl patronus types are thoughtful, but protective of the small group of friends they have.

Elephant patronus meaning

Elephants are the most respected animals in the animal kingdom and are known for their strength and grace. Elephant patronus types have big families that are extremely important to them. An elephant would risk anything to save their young and use all of their might for protection.

Erumpent patronus meaning

An erumpent is a special magical creature that has the power and features of a rhinoceros and a horn that can pierce through metal. Typically docile, these animals are friendly until provoked but can do some serious damage to enemies. Erumpent patronus types have a short fuse with any threats, but are typically lovable.

Falcon patronus meaning

Falcons are swift and and fierce that have incredible accuracy with their hunting skills. Falcons are a symbol of flying free toward the light and overcoming all obstacles. If you have a falcon patronus, you are resilient and ready to accomplish all of your goals.

Field mouse patronus meaning

Field mice are very resourceful and have amazing traits to help them evade predators. They are quite kind and loving animals and can sense when something is about to go wrong way before it happens. Field mouse patronus types have great intuition but overanalyze many tasks.

Fire-dwelling salamander patronus meaning

If you represent the fire-dwelling salamander, you embody the ability to rise from any challenge or hardship. These animals are born from the fire and thrive on chaos and challenges. A dementor is no match for a fire-dwelling salamander.

Fox patronus meaning

Foxes are strategic and a bit of a natural trickster when it comes to survival. Those with the fox patronus use their wit to survive and are extremely observant of the world around them. Foxes are able to get what they want by any means possible, especially with charm.

Fox terrier patronus meaning

Fox terriers are extremely energetic dogs that are task driven and love to please people. A fox terrier is a unique breed that is hard to wear down with their fearless attitude. Fox terrier patronus types can be impulsive when following their heart and thrive in school or training.

Ginger cat patronus meaning

Ginger cats are sociable and indulgent and thrive off of attention from their owners. A ginger cat is friendly to most and radiates positivity and love when around. Those with ginger cat patronus are likable and typically the friend that everyone turns to when looking for advice.

Goshawk patronus meaning

Goshawks are predators in flight, using their endurance to chase their prey though the winds. They prefer wooded areas to stalk down upon other smaller birds they’re considering for dinner. You are disciplined if you have a goshawk patronus, you are also nimble and drawn to the forest.

Granian winged horse patronus meaning

A famous Norse winged horse, the Granian is known to be as fast as the wind. With immense power and speed, these magical horses are no threat to a dementor. Granian patronus also are for those who have a direct path toward their future and want to change the lives of many.

Grass snake patronus meaning

Grass snakes are common, harmless snakes that live in the backyards of most common households. These snakes are docile and naive, but are also able to use their quickness to evade predators. Grass snake patronus types are misunderstood and willing to find a common ground in most conflicts.

What does your patronus mean – Gray squirrel

Gray squirrels are driven heavily by seasonal and environmental changes. If you are drawn to the gray squirrel patronus, you love to plan ahead and be in charge of big decision making. You are energetic and resourceful to brace for any hardship that may come your way.

Great grey owl patronus meaning

Great grey owls are skilled mimics and are known for their skills to adapt easily. You are a free spirit if you are drawn to the great grey owl patronus, specializing in so many different traits. You might even be a little competitive, which makes you stand out even more.

Greyhound patronus meaning

The greyhound is among one of the most intelligent and loving dog breeds that there are. They are very driven animals, with a high prey hunting instinct. Greyhounds can be misunderstood because while incredibly impressive, they love to lounge and remain calm.

Hedgehog patronus

The hedgehog is knowns for their loving ability, but also can be anxious and easily stressed. When a hedgehog is threatened, their sweet demeanor changes with a painful prick from their spikes. You are more known for your ability to be dangerous, but have an incredibly lovable interior.

Heron patronus

JK Rowling’s patronus is a heron, which should show individuals with them are determined and creative. Heron birds are known for their intelligence and determination, which holds true as to why they’re respected and admired animals.

Hippogriff patronus meaning

A patronus is a magical creature which is half horse and half eagle, and is known for how proud and dangerous they can be. In a group setting, you demand to be seen and respected. You are fierce and known to be protective of yourself and others.

Hummingbird patronus

Hummingbirds are almost unseen to the naked eye due to their swiftness and precision. They are beautiful birds that are able to captivate others if one is so lucky to catch a glimpse. Typically those with a hummingbird patronus are illusive, but also unique and able to get the attention of others.

Husky patronus meaning

Any patronus dog is a perfect companion and a loyal protector, but those with a husky are in for an energetic treat. Nothing will hold a husky back from feeling wild and free. They also are charmers and tend to win over other’s with their goofy and affectionate manner. If you have a husky patronus, you definitely share traits with your patronus charm. You probably don’t like to be tied down, but are charming and likable in social situations, even if you need to be outside away from others for a while.

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Hyena patronus meaning

Hyenas are a matriarchal driven community of fierce hunters and communicative packs and clans. Hyenas are survivors and are known to eliminate any enemy if they work together. Packs are extremely loyal and social animals that use their skills to be top predators. Any person with a hyena patronus is most likely fierce with their “pack” and will defend them against any harm.

Ibizan hound patronus

The Ibizan hound is the perfect companion if you’re looking for a pet to keep you on your toes. They are known to escape many different situations and use their intelligence to gain what they want. They are wonderful patronus charms for those who are quietly strategic and need the perfect partner. If you have an Ibizan hound patronus, you always play on your strengths, which is your intelligence and way to solve problems. These traits typically keep you and your Ibizan hound patronus charm safe in the face of a dementor.

Impala patronus meaning

If your patronus charm is an impala, you are in need of a partner known for their fleeting graceful abilities. An impala can outrun many different land animals, and use their intelligence to evade predators, including Dementors. They have many different survival skills and are experts in understanding their environment.

Irish Wolfhound patronus

Irish wolfhounds are hauntingly large dogs who are incredibly powerful but also gentle companions. The Irish wolfhound is a fierce protector and will take down any target threatening their loved ones. The same can be said for those who cast the Irish wolfhound patronus.

King Cobra patronus

Almost everyone is familiar with how deadly the King Cobra is and knows how precise and powerful their attacks are. The King Cobra has to be provoked to release deadly force, but would be wonderful partners to ward off any dark enemies.

Kingfisher patronus meaning

Kingfishers are not only clever, but also striking in appearance. They ofter drawn in the attentions from others and those with patronus are experts on your hobbies and special interests. Kingfishers love to learn about the world and are unique, special birds.

Leopard/Leopardess patronus

Both leopard patronus come from those who tend to have their heads and thoughts high off the ground. Leopards both attack and store their prey from high in the branches in trees to keep themselves protected. If you have a leopard patronus, people tend to look up to you and you tend to be the role model of your group.

If you are drawn to the leopardess patronus, you may be known to be protective of others and can lash out if feel threatened.

Lion/Lioness patronus

For centuries lions have been used as a symbol of courage and strength. The lion is the perfect symbol for Gryffindor Hogwarts house due to their bravery and nobility. Both lions and lioness are fierce leaders and hunters and live in a pride or community with others who benefit them.

Little owl patronus

Witches and wizards who have a little owl patronus is most likely timid, but observant, just like a little owl. They are solitary animals who tend to do great work for themselves without a lot of supervision. A little owl would devise an effective plan to keep themselves and any witch or wizard safe from a Dementor.

Lynx patronus

The lynx is an animal that likes to live alone and be unseen by the masses. They are amazing hunters because of their stealthy abilities when hunting to evading danger. A lynx patronus type can easily blend in when needed, but are also in touch with their senses and environment around them.

Magpie patronus meaning

Magpies are wildly underrated for how intelligent they are and have been known to be the smartest animals in the world. They like to feel comfortable in their surroundings and environment, but are easily drawn to interesting scenes or sights with their curiosity. A dementor would stand no chance against the smarts and intuition of a magpie.

Manx cat patronus meaning

The manx is more of a territorial cat that would be perfectly happy spending its days hunting mice and keeping watch. A manx cat is a fierce protector and defender of their territory and their loved ones, making them a wonderful patronus.

Marsh Harrier patronus

A marsh harrier is a bird of prey that has risen from the ashes of extinction. Being near mythical, they are rare and special animals that were made to survive all adversity. If you have a marsh harrier patronus, you are unique and meant to be protected by this special animal.

Mastiff Dog patronus

Mastiff dogs are humungous and intimidating on the outside, but lovable and loyal on the inside. They are gentle, humble and ready to spring into action for their owners if needed. Due to their size, they are bound to chase off any threat or enemy making an attack.

Mink patronus meaning

A mink is a swift and quick witted animal that are territorial and don’t mind going after those that threaten it. Minks need stable, rich environments to survive, meaning you probably also find comfort in stability. Minks spend a lot of time in and near freshwater, and are great hunters and swimmers.

Mole patronus meaning

Moles are underrated, underground mammals that thrive in solitary conditions. They dig and forage most of the day and can be destructive when let loose to their own devices. You’d be lucky to have a mole as a partner when in battle with evil. Mole types are also resourceful and can think on their feet.

Mongrel dog patronus

A mongrel dog is the same as what we would call a mutt, and we all know that mutts can be some of the best dogs in existence. Mongrel dogs always have the greatest love and protection to give to those who are in need of it most. Those with a mongrel dog patronus are natural caregivers and have huge hearts, tending over exert emotionally.

What does your patronus mean – Mountain hare patronus

Mountain hares are animals that survive on the fringe of society, living in polar climates and mountain ranges. Any hare patronus is a symbol of change, ambition and rebirth and should be taken as a sign of strength in chaos. These animals are fierce survivors and wouldn’t blink in the face of a dementor.

Nebelung cat patronus

Most people haven’t heard of the domesticated species of cat called the Nebelung. These cats are very quiet and observant, tending to stay away from the calamity and chaos of human life. They are proud and know their self-worth, and tend to be very particular of the humans they protect.

Newfoundland patronus meaning

Newfoundland dogs are ginormous teddy bear type dogs that were originally bred to help Canadian fishermen. Newfoundlands are just as sweet as they are huge and cuddly, but are extremely useful and tactical swimmers. You are drawn to water, just like your patronus, but you also value the comfort in your life.

Nightjar patronus meaning

Nightjars are similar to the lifestyle of certain owls, being nocturnal birds and even have familiar feather patterning to an owl. These birds have been known to be unnerving with their interesting call and the “goatsucking” mythology that comes with them. You are resilient if you have a nightjar patronus. You have overcome many different adversities in life and you have the power to handle it all.

Occamy patronus meaning

An occamy is an animal that can only be identified by a witch or a wizard and hold incredible growing and shrinking abilities. They are very rare magical creatures which are vibrant, flashy and a cross between a serpant and a bird. Those with an occamy patronus are adaptable and flexible in almost any situation. You are the peacemaker and can make nearly any scenario work out in the end.

Ocicat patronus

The ocicat is small in size, but pack full of athletic ability and not an ounce short on energy. Ocicats are beautiful animals that have both stripes and spots, commonly mistaken as a wild animal. The ocicat patronus type are usually the person who energetically approach all situations and are looking for the next task to check off the list.

Orangutan patronus meaning

Orangutans are very special animals that hold a lot of respect in the animal kingdom. They are kind, gentle animals that have many problem solving skills to help them survive in the forest. Orangutans are intelligent and agile, making them powerful partners to defeat dementors. If you have an orangutan patronus, you are most likely a respected leader among your friends or family.

Orca patronus

Orca’s are one of the sea’s most aggressive and accurate hunters due to their unmatched intelligence and group skills. Orcas are for those who are courageous and wise, but also have no issue having a bloody appetite for enemies and prey. Orcas represent a symbol of strength and should be respected as one of the ocean’s best guardians.

Oryx patronus meaning

The oryx is a genus term for four hoofed mammals that typically live in herds originating from Africa. The oryx has impressive specialized traits to survive in extreme conditions, like without water or in the harshest of desert conditions. The oryx is a gregarious animal that thrives in herds of 50-200 individuals. The oryx patronus type is for those who are social butterflies but are also nimble and able to evade stressful situations.

Osprey patronus

An osprey is a bird of the sea, and the same can be said for those who can cast it. Osprey’s love to hunt from the skies, with their incredible eyesight, they can spot prey from nearly the clouds. Osprey patronus types are brave and ready to take to the depths and heights to reach their ambitious goals. They are courageous and powerful birds, and make for great patronus partners against evil.

Otter patronus meaning

An otter patronus would be great to represent someone with a youthful or playful soul. You are good with your hands and are appreciated by others in your life for the good nature aura you have about yourself. Otters are driven by curiosity, but also relationships, as otters are known to be very attached to others in their social groups.

Peacock patronus meaning

If the peacock patronus happens to be yours, you might be a bit of a showoff or are eccentric and stand out. You love being the center of attention and typically like to perform or are in a performative career path. Peacocks can handle immense pressure and have strong personalities to challenge others.

Pheasant patronus meaning

The pheasant patronus is drawn to those who are creative and find themselves with wondrous imaginations. You tend to think abstractly, but still lead a noble path with a great moral compass and good judgement skills. You enjoy a colorful lifestyle and excel in art, music, writing and dance, which is what you use to express your emotions. Pheasants are also naturally born survivors, and tend to be resilient in times of peril.

Piebald Stallion/Mare patronus meaning

Those with a piebald horse patronus is drawn to those who tend to be unique and quirky, with specific special interests. Horses tend to be cautious in new situations and can be shy or nervous before trust is earned. You also probably enjoy your own free time and enjoy taking long walks in nature or at the very least, enjoying solitude most of the time.

Pine Marten patronus meaning

A pine marten patronus comes from those that might be underestimated as pine martens are small, but fierce. Those with a pine marten patronus are driven and are motivated to have great accomplishments in their life. You will stop at nothing to conquer your dreams no matter what fate comes your way.

Polar Bear patronus meaning

The polar bear patronus is given to those who are adaptable in the face of despair and always show their strong face no matter what. You’ve always been able to make the best out of a bad situation and lead the pack or a group to safety. The polar bear patronus is given to those who are natural born protectors.

Polecat patronus meaning

A polecat patronus is for those who are playful in nature, and can even be aggressive when need be. Polecats find a certain comfort in safe environments and find that around their groups of friends or family. Those with the polecat patronus are often in search of answers and love to learn about the world and what’s around them.

Python patronus meaning

A python patronus is perfect for someone who is reclusive from the world and tends to be an introvert. Pythons are extremely strong and have the capability of taking down prey much larger than it. Those with a python patronus would be protected not only with their own strength, but also the power and stealth of their serpent charm.

Ragdoll cat patronus meaning

A ragdoll patronus is well-paired with a person who is confident, but also carefree and bold among others. Ragdoll cats are very intelligent but also have a very playful streak that keeps them busy. Those with a ragdoll cat patronus are loving and have a natural way to charm others in genuine way.

Rat patronus

A rat patronus is an indictor of cleverness and resourcefulness, because rats are very intelligent animals and can survive nearly anywhere. Rats are friendly creatures and typically enjoy being around their loved ones. Those with a rat patronus are very insightful and wonderful problem solvers and make wonderful role models.

Rattlesnake patronus meaning

A rattlesnake patronus is perfectly paired with someone who tends to be patient, but when pushed hard enough, they will lash out. Rattlesnakes are venomous, dangerous, and deadly quick but only when in serious danger for their lives. Those with a rattlesnake patronus hold firm boundaries and are known for giving only one second chance. If you burn someone with a rattlesnake patronus twice, you might end up getting bit.

Raven patronus meaning

A raven patronus is given to those who find solace at night and are always curious about the world and everything in it. Ravens aren’t as social as crows and are typically alone inventing clever and cunning ways to get what they want. A person with a raven patronus is most likely someone who enjoys their alone time and love to learn. You most likely are closed off with your emotions and elusive at times.

What does your patronus mean – Red squirrel patronus

Red squirrels are known to be extremely resourceful rodents that are agile and attentively aware of their surroundings. Although cute, squirrels are actually quite stealthy and prepared for a variety of situations they might be presented. Red squirrels are also an endangered species and rare in the wild, so you’re probably one of a kind, as well. Someone with a red squirrel patronus is most likely a person who plans ahead and is very efficient when working alone because you trust few people.

Rhinoceros patronus meaning

The rhinoceros is an incredibly strong mammal known for its size, power and threatening horn that sits right on the top of it’s head. Rhinos are mighty herbivores that are typically mild and non-aggressive animals unless threatened or in danger, then it will charge. Those with a rhinoceros patronus are most likely the humble defender of the group and will do anything to protect their friends and family.

Robin patronus meaning

A robin is a beacon of hope in the natural word, a sign of spring and change as the world awakens with warmth. Robins are also fierce protectors of their territory and young and will attack much larger animals to hold its ground. If a robin is your patronus, you might be used to dealing with a lot of change in your life. You are resilient and bold, and know that your patronus charm will fearlessly fight alongside you.

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Rottweiler patronus meaning

Rottweilers are dogs known for being ferociously devoted to the ones they love and are protective and diligent. Rottweilers also have a bad reputation because of their ability to be aggressive, but are actually very sweet animals that love affection and are highly trainable. If you have a rottweiler patronus, you are most likely intense, but lovable and have been known to be overprotective of those who are a part of your inner circle.

Runespoor patronus meaning

The runespoor is a magical creature that lives within the Harry Potter univserse and is a serpent type of animal with three heads. This creature is a highly complicated animal, with each of its three heads holding a separate responsibility than the other two. If you cast a runespoor patronus, you most likely are a person that is highly critical of yourself, even if it means that you’re tearing yourself down. You tend to be conflicted, but also a deep thinker and quite unique from the rest of the crowd.

Russian Blue Cat patronus

The Russian blue cat is a lovable companion that is known to be sweet and very loyal to their owners. Russian blues also tend to be calmer than other breeds and have a mild temperament and is happiest when around their loved ones. If you have a Russian blue patronus, trust is one of the most important things to you when making friends. You need to feel comfortable around others, and you and your patronus hold complete faith in each other when fighting off dementors.

Saint Bernard patronus

Saint Bernard dogs are massive animals that are known for being gentle giants with mild attitudes and friendly demeanors. Saint Bernards are also highly intelligent and find purpose when trained for search and rescue missions among heroes. If you have a Saint Bernard patronus, you most likely are passionate about helping others, but are typically a relaxed and chill individual.

Salmon patronus meaning

The salmon is a natural explorer under the water, as we know they need fresh water and salt water for their life cycle. If you have a salmon as your patronus, that means you are a wise person that is outgoing and a probably the chosen leader of your friends group. You are adventurous and have no issue jumping head first into frightening situations that might arise in your journey along the way.

Scops Owl patronus

Scops owls are small, predatory birds that are known for their singular, distinct call, which makes them easy to identify. Any person with an owl patronus makes life choices with wisdom and are also solitary in nature and prefer to be alone. The Scops owl patronus can defend itself from things much larger, with it’s fierce, sharp talons, making it terrifying to fight. You and your patronus are unique, but memorable and truly an unstoppable force to any enemy.

Seal patronus

While seals are real animals, throughout history they have been linked to many myths and are mystical creatures in themselves. If you have a seal patronus, you are most likely a creative person and are drawn to the sea, even though you are tethered to land. You are curious of what lies in the deep beyond, and possibly feel as if you are drawn to your day dreams or imagination to explore what you don’t already know. The seal patronus is perfect for someone looking for a deep bond with their charm spell and is ready to jump into the unknown at any time.

Shark patronus meaning

Sharks are top predators of the ocean, but are often misunderstood and feared instead of adored. If you have the shark patronus, you most likely feel the same way, as you are intense and authoritative, but are longing for others to understand where you come from. You most likely have issues comforting yourself when your anger overtakes your mind, also making it difficult to make the right choices all the time. Just know that you will always be protected with the shark patronus at your side.

Shrew patronus

Shrews are one of the most ferocious tiny predators on Earth and are often under-appreciated for how diverse they are. If you have a shrew patronus, you are probably very skilled, and can be underestimated at times, but always have trick or two up your sleeve. Some shrew species are even venomous and can paralyze its pray or have been known to walk on water with its specialized feet. The shrew patronus should not be overlooked and neither should the witch or wizard casting it.

Siberian cat patronus meaning

The Siberian cat is a rather easy going animal that doesn’t mind much and is incredibly friendly and playful. An individual with a Siberian cat patronus is most likely the life of the party, but also someone that friends or family can turn to in times of need. You and your Siberian cat patronus most likely are adventurous and like to travel, meeting as many new faces and learning as much as possible along the way.

Snowy Owl patronus

A snowy owl is a rather rare patronus and only given to those who are close enough in personality it wield it. The Snowy owl is deathly fierce, and will do anything to protect the ones it loves. The Snowy Owl isn’t afraid of taking on predators much larger than it, so to have this patronus charm, the witch or wizard must be very powerful.

Sparrow patronus meaning

Sparrows are populous and ancient birds, existing almost everywhere in the world with an astounding amount of varieties. To have a sparrow patronus, you are most likely a person who likes routine and normalcy and tend to distrust those outside of your circle. You and your sparrow patronus are ambitious, which makes you the perfect pair to fight off Dementors, because you’re often underestimated.

Sparrowhawk patronus

The sparrowhawk is a small bird of prey with striking coloring and being a major predator of smaller, woodland birds. Those with the sparrowhawk patronus are likely to be stealthy, and easy to fly under the radar using the resources around you. Sparrowhawks are agile and very versatile with it’s hunting tactics, making it a deadly predator. A dementor wouldn’t stand a chance against you and your sparrowhawk patronus.

Sphynx Cat patronus meaning

The Sphynx cat is a very unique breed of cat that appears hairless and has an energetic and affectionate personality. If you have a sphynx cat patronus, you are most likely a person who doesn’t mind to show off a little for attention. You are most likely charming and a master at what you do for work or for hobbies. Dementors wouldn’t be able to suck the energy out of the pair of you, and you would easily defeat darkness with your light.

Stag patronus

The stag is the King of the Forest, and represents the ultimate protection for those is need. The stag is often paired with those that are noble and courageous, and always willing to fight for what they love. The stag patronus will be a guardian in times of darkness and pair up with you to defeat enemies as you are both natural leaders.

Stoat patronus

The stoat is a small animal in the weasel family, which is also known as an ermine. The stoat patronus pairs well with someone who is lighthearted, and tend to make others laugh with harmless tricks and their wits. Stoat patronuses are usually with those who make incredible friends or companions, despite having very individualistic characters. You are creative, ambitious and others may doubt you because of your mischievous nature.

Swallow patronus

The swallow has been a symbol of safety, hope and protection for years for those out to sea, making them incredibly lucky patronuses to have. The swallow patronus pairs well with those who are unwaveringly loyal, but also just and balanced in their decisions. You love deep, and provide a sense of safety to those around you. A dementor will not stand a chance against you and your swallow patronus, as their guiding light will overpower all darkness.

Swift Patronus

The swift is a bird who takes to the skies more often than not and can be seen soaring with grace and agility. A swift patronus means that you are a very efficient person, that can always complete their tasks quickly and with ease. Your strengths come with your positive attitude and your ability to do things right the first time around. Swifts can lighten the spirits of others, as well as, be the reliable resource for any situation you’re in.

Thestral patronus meaning

The thestral patronus is rare and can only be seen by those who have been close to death or witnessed death. Thestrals are actually kind and accepting creatures that tend to be misunderstood due to the fear and uncertainty of their appearance. You are very powerful for having the thestral patronus, and can offer comfort with your presence to those around you. Dementors will run from you and your thestral patronus when in battle.

Tiger patronus meaning

The tiger is a powerful big cat that is with a wide range found in all over Asia, Indonesia, India and Russia. The tiger patronus is given to those who are powerful and courageous, as tigers are considered the king of all animals in the Animal Kingdom. The tiger pairs well with those who are natural and fearless leaders and tend to be the top of the pack. Although you have a lot of willpower, you also hold yourself with lot of poise and grace, but should definitely be feared.

Tigress patronus meaning

The tigress patronus is given to those who thrive being independent, but also know how to take charge and be a leader when needed. A dementor wouldn’t stand a chance against the pair of a tigress patronus and a powerful witch or wizard with the same traits of fierceness, courageousness and passion. You are confident, and others are naturally drawn to you because you are a natural problem solver and hard worker.

Tonkenise cat patronus meaning

A Tonkenise cat patronus pairs well with someone who is young at heart, and generally has a more positive outlook on life. You’re an affectionate person, who seeks comfort in the presence of others, whether it be walks, hangouts or playing games. You and your patronus stay curious and attentive, which makes you the perfect match, because a dementor will never be able to sneak up on you. You’re diligent and very careful of your surroundings without being pessimistic or overly cautious.

Tortoiseshell cat patronus

The tortoiseshell cat patronus is a bit of a good luck charm for those witches and wizards who are paired with them, which is a huge positive. Those paired with the tortie cat patronus probably have a very strong personality, seeing as that these cats are very strong willed and can be short tempered at times. You have an electric personality, but can bite back if someone wrongs you or hurts your feelings. That’s why you and your tortoiseshell cat are the perfect pair against danger.

Unicorn patronus meaning

As one of the truly rarest patronuses, the Unicorn patronus only pairs with those who are the purest at heart. You are most likely the sunshine in everyone else’s life, who is friendly but also probably reserved with a bit of a mysterious side. You have poise, but are extremely powerful and probably have a secret skill that everyone is unaware of. You and your patronus are the ultimate magical match, in beauty, balance and grace.

Vole patronus meaning

If you have bonded with the patronus of a vole, you are most likely the person that everyone goes. You’re wise and helpful, and tend to try and keep balance with all of your friends and relationships. You are a thoughtful person, who is trustworthy and you will always use your vole patronus to keep others safe. You are one with your heart, and will run toward fire if it means keeping the ones you love away from danger.

Vulture patronus meaning

If you have a vulture patronus, you are most likely a person who is a realist and were built to survive and overcome whatever comes at you. You are the person who is reliable, and extremely resourceful. Those who are typically on their last legs reach out to you to pull them from the darkness, as you are comfortable with darkness and navigating through it. The vulture patronus will only heighten your senses as you take on dementors in battle, making you unstoppable.

Meaning of patronus – Weasel

If you are bonded with a weasel patronus, you are one that is highly magical and even slightly clairvoyant with your keen intuition. Your heightened senses makes you an underestimated predator, which is perfect for those who try and challenge you. You are most likely sneakier than others think you are and can “weasel” yourself out of situations with your intelligence. Rest assured, if you’re overpowered by dementors, you and your weasel patronus will be sure to escape with an elaborate plan.

West Highland Terrier patronus meaning

If you have a West Highland Terrier patronus, or a “Westie”, you probably have a very strong, but kind personality. You might be a little stubborn, and can tend to be the center of attention whether you plan on being it or not. You have no problem with communication, which your friends and family love about you, which makes you very valuable. The westie patronus will be as loyal as you are in battle and will remain being your faithful partner as long as you need it!

White mare/White stallion patronus meaning

White horses are rather rare and reserved for those who truly deserve it. The white horse has been known to be connected to the spiritual world, with power and wisdom bestowed upon its partner. Horses are fearsome, and tremendously strong – making a dementor no match for a wizard or witch partnered with the white horse. So, keep being true to yourself and others and you’ll make it to the top of the mountain and accomplish anything.

White Swan patronus meaning

If you are chosen by the white swan patronus, you most likely are highly empathetic. Swans are graceful and balanced, but also intune with their emotions and heart. White swans are ferocious and are fierce warriors when threatened, which makes them all around a threat. If you have a white swan patronus, you gave a pure soul and have a sensitivity to your emotions and those around you, as well.

Wild Boar patronus meaning

The wild boar is an animal with immense strength, and symbolizes power, independence and defense. If you are paired with the wild boar patronus, you guard yourself physically and emotionally and tend to protect those around you. You have no issue being the confrontational one, and will not back down until all issues are resolved. There is no match for you and your wild boar patronus, so dementors beware.

Wild Rabbit patronus meaning

The rabbit is a creature of the Earth, and is well grounded and aware of its surroundings. Rabbits run from confrontation instead of seeking it, making sure safety is number one priority. If you paired with a rabbit patronus, you are most likely a peaceful person, who is kind but also not afraid to protect yourself. The rabbit will be useful in darkness, as they are clever and intuitive.

Wildcat patronus meaning

Wildcats are incredibly powerful and accurate predators, who are resourceful and extremely independent. If you have a wild cat patronus, you might be cautious and observant before tackling any new situation. You are a survivor, and from your life skills, that makes you very adaptable and ready to strike at any moment. The wildcat patronus will fight alongside you as long as you earn the respect of it first.

Wolf patronus meaning

Wolves travel in packs and will do anything to ensure the survival of their family. Therefore, if you are paired with a wolf patronus, you can rest assured you will be fiercely protected at all costs. You are also not one to be messed with, as you’re a natural born fighter, as well. You have a strong moral compass and know how to use your strength to stay ahead of the pack.

Wood Mouse patronus meaning

The wood mouse is a creature of intelligence, and one that you might underestimate, but will prove more than useful. Mice are incredibly brave for their size, and are intelligent enough to retrieve items to assist in a battle. Some of the most powerful wizards and witches have mice patronuses, which are actually quite rare. Therefore, if you’ve gotten the wood mouse patronus, you’re a special person, who is deeply connected to magic with incredible intuition.

What Does Your Patronus Mean FAQ


What is Hermione’s patronus?

Hermione Granger’s patronus is an otter, which is a a playful, curious aquatic mammal, which is also JK Rowling’s favorite animal.

What is Snape’s patronus?

Professor Snape’s patronus was a doe, which is also the patronus of Harry Potter’s mother, Lily Potter.

What is Ron’s patronus?

Ron Weasley’s patronus is a Jack Russell Terrier, which is a small dog that is known for it’s herding and chasing abilities.

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