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Best Things to Do at Universal Orlando for the Holidays

Universal Orlando is such a special place to Theme Park Today, and that is especially true during the holidays. It is my favorite time to head over to Universal, as there seems to be an enchanting cheer around the parks during those times. That’s why we’re writing this guide to tell you all the best things to do for the Universal Orlando holidays.

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Universal Orlando Holidays

If you’re debating on going for the Universal Orlando holidays, we’re here to tell you to do it! Not only is it much cooler in Florida temperature-wise, it’s also the most magical time to see the Universal Parks. There’s holiday decor, shows, treats and a vibe that is sure to put you in the holiday spirit!

What are the best things to do at Universal for the holidays?

  • Grinchmas
  • Macy’s Holiday Parade
  • Nighttime Ride in the Sky
  • The Wizarding World (Both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade Village)
  • Find Earl The Squirrel
  • Tribute Store


Grinchmas is probably the top reason to head over to Universal Orlando, especially if you’re a fan of the Jim Carrey version of the movie. Seuss Landing is decorated from top to bottom with Who-liday cheer, as well as, special shows, character meet and greets and more.

Grinchmas Must-Do’s

  1. Meet the Grinch: Don’t miss the chance to meet the star of Grinchmas himself. Snap a photo and maybe even catch a mischievous smile! – Know the wait can get VERY long especially closer to Christmas.
  2. Watch the Grinchmas Who-liday Spectacular: Enjoy this heartwarming live performance that brings the story of the Grinch to life right before your eyes. It is seated, indoors and is definitely the highlight of the celebration.
  3. Explore Who-ville: Wander through the whimsically decorated Who-ville, immersing yourself in the festive spirit and intricate details of this magical place.
  4. Meet the Who’s: Join the Whos as they gather around for a festive sing-along, filling the air with holiday cheer. Ask for a selfie, or story or just enjoy the Who-liday fun!
  5. Enjoy Themed Treats: Indulge in Grinch-themed treats and beverages available throughout the park, perfect for sweetening your Grinchmas experience.
  6. Grinch Character Breakfast: Start your day with a fun-filled breakfast featuring the Grinch and his Who friends (requires a separate ticket and reservation). If you don’t want to wait in a very long line, this is what we suggest for those who don’t mind paying a little extra!

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Macy’s Universal Holiday Parade

The Macy’s Day Parade at Universal is a unique attraction at Universal Studios. It’s a must-see attraction, featuring a collection of spectacular floats and balloons straight from the iconic New York parade, alongside unique Universal creations. We love waving to Shrek and Fiona, or even Gru and the Girls on their incredible floats during this parade.

Pro tip: Head over to the New York land right by the big Christmas tree. Typically that is one of the areas for the best viewing spot, and you get a little touch of extra cheer with the tree!

This seasonal event promises unforgettable holiday memories for all attendees, making it a top holiday highlight at Universal.

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The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train … at night

If you’re all about the sights and sounds of the holidays, then we definitely suggest a nighttime ride on the Seuss Sky Trolley Train. This enchanting journey above Seuss Landing illuminates the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss in a whole new light, particularly during the festive season when the park glows with holiday cheer. As you glide through the sky, you’re treated to spectacular views of the park’s dazzling decorations and lights, making it a must-do for families seeking to capture the spirit of the holidays.

It’s a unique way to see the park’s transformation into a winter wonderland, offering not just a ride but an unforgettable aerial tour of Seuss Landing’s holiday magic. This gentle, merry ride is perfect for guests of all ages, making it a fantastic addition to your holiday itinerary at Universal Orlando.

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Holidays in the Wizarding World

The Wizarding World is one of the biggest draws of both Universal parks, and I am here to tell you that they are worth the visit during the holidays. There is something special about being in sweaters and scarves and drinking hot butterbeer in Hogsmeade Village. So, whether you’re looking to see Diagon Alley dressed in festive garland or see the snow-capped rooftops of the houses in Hogsmeade, you won’t regret it.

  • Hogsmeade Village – See festive lights, garland, and the Christmas Lights Show on Hogwarts castle to top the night off! When the sun sets, make your way to the iconic castle and watch lasers, projections and sounds of Harry Potter Christmas. There is also the Frog Choir he Frog Choir – At the stage located just outside of the Hogwarts Castle entrance, you’ll find alternating performances of the Frog Choir and the Tri-wizard Spirit Rally. The two shows generally have 6 showings each throughout the day alternating every hour from 10 am to 7 pm.
  • Diagon Alley Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees Performances: Head over to Diagon Alley’s shaded stage area for captivating shows by Celestina Warbeck. She belts out Wizarding World’s top hits in 9 daily shows, happening hourly from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm. Make sure to wander through the streets of Diagon Alley, beautifully adorned with festive decorations, offering a magical Christmas atmosphere to get lost in

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Find Earl the Squirrel

Have you seen Earl the Squirrel? Earl is adopted mascot of Universal Orlando has become a rather huge phenomenon for the holidays. You can look for Earl in the giant tree in the New York Section of the park, or even find him in the Tribute Store. Last year, there was an entire Holiday Tribute Store section that was Earl’s House! We love searching for special Earl treats, photo ops and scavenger hunts to make our holiday stay even better.

Holiday Tribute Store

No matter what time of year it is, we highly suggest stopping into the Tribute Store. If you love immersive experiences, the Universal Tribute Store will make you feel like you’re stepping into another Universe. In the past years, we’ve seen multiple themes through the rooms such as – Wizarding World Yule Ball and Owl Post, The Whoville Post Office, a New York holiday and more!

There is always plenty of merchandise and a bakery section at the end, with deliciously themed treats. The Tribute Store is a must-do for Universal fanatics!!!!

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Ready to Embark on a Magical Theme Park Journey?

We hope this guide sprinkles a little magic on your plans for Universal Hollywood. Our insights come straight from the heart of the parks, where the magic happens every day. We’re thrilled to share our firsthand experiences and tips to help you create unforgettable moments!

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