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How to Get From Sanford Airport to Disney World

In this article we are going to break down your options for transportation from Sanford to Disney World. The Orlando Sanford International Airport is located in Sanford, Florida, near Orlando. If you’re not flying into Orlando International Airport, this is the next best place to fly in to, as it’s so close and still provides most of the same transportation services to get to Disney World. So if this is your plan, here’s how to get from Sanford Airport to Disney World with ease.

How Far is Sanford Airport From Disney World?


The Sanford to Disney distance is about 42 miles, making the distance from Sanford Airport to Disney World around a 45 minute drive.

Directions From Sanford Airport to Disney World

If you’re taking ground transportation from Sanford to Disney, the best routes to take involve either 1-4 E, FL-417 Toll N, or both.

What is the Best Transportation From Sanford Airport to Disney World?


There are various options to take ground transportation from Sanford Airport to Disney. Options include drive share, taxi, or shuttle. While there’s more than on mode of transportation from Orlando Sanford Airport to Disney, travelers can choose and plan what works best for them.

Shuttle From Sanford to Disney


The Sanford Airport to Disney shuttle can be booked through multiple shuttle services throughout Orlando. These shuttle providers can take you full distance from Sanford Airport to Walt Disney World at fair prices, with some round-trip deals, making it the cheapest way to get from Sanford Airport to Disney World.

Traveling the Distance from Sanford, FL to Disney World by Ride Share

Ride share is convenient and easy, making it a reliable option for Sanford to Disney transportation. However, one trip can cost an average of $45-$55 because of how far the distance from Orlando Sanford Airport to Walt Disney World is.

Sanford Airport to Disney World by Renting a Car

The SFB Aiport has their own designated section for car rentals. You can plan this ahead for added convenience for your travel, and you’ll be able to be in control of where and when you want to go. However, unlike the Orlando Sanford/Disney shuttle, you’ll be paying much more to get you from point A to point B.

Overall, when you think of the question, “how far is Sanford from Disney World,” you get to make the ultimate decision on the best method that works for you and those you are traveling with. Plan your trip, think about your budget. But most importantly, if you decide on shuttle or car services, plan ahead!

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