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11 Fun Facts About Cinderella’s Castle

We all know the iconic Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom. You know, that tall structure you see when you’re walking down Main Street? Well, it’s mote than just a gorgeous piece of architecture. Disney is always full of hidden treasures (we’re still trying to find all the hidden Mickeys), so it’s no surprise there are some Cinderella castle facts. We’ve founded up some fun Disney castle facts that you’ll be sure to share with your fellow Disney lovers.

  1. How Tall is Cinderella’s Castle?
    The castle seems huge when you’re standing in front of it, doesn’t it? So if you’re wondering how big is the castle at Disney World, you’re going to guess big numbers. But, Cinderella’s Castle is only 189 feet tall. The reason that the castle is only so tall is because at the time the castle was built, if any structure was 190 feet or taller, it would required a red, flashing aircraft beacon on top. Can you imagine Cinderella’s Castle with a red light up top all the time? Not the kind of light show we’d want to see!
    However, when talking about the Sleeping Beauty vs. Cinderella castle, Cinderella’s got Sleeping Beauty beat, with her castle only being 77 feet tall.
    Princess Fun Fact: How Tall is Cinderella? If you want to play the role of Cinderella in Disney World, you have to average 5’3-5’7.
  2. The Disney Forced Perspective
    When you’re walking on Main Street, you may (or may not) notice that the buildings that surround the area may seem to narrow towards the street as you walk closer to the castle. Each story of in the building has smaller windows, awnings, and more to make it seem as if the castle stands tall about them. And it’s not just Main Street. Every land has their own Cinderella Castle forced perspective to make the castle seem taller at every angle.
  3. It’s Not the Tallest Structure at Walt Disney World
    With the knowledge of the castle having a forced perspective, it almost seems believable now that the castle isn’t the biggest structure throughout all the parks. The tallest structure title belongs to Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom, reaching 199.5 feet tall, and then the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror reaching 199 feet tall.

  4. Can You go in Cinderella’s Castle?
    You can go through the castle, and when you do you’ll see beautiful stained glass art. However, did you know there’s more inside Cinderella’s Castle than just a walk-through?
    Inside Cinderella’s Castle Disney World, you can actually eat with Disney Princesses. Cinderella’s Royal table is inside the Disney World Castle and you can dine like a princess. Guests will enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner feast as they overlook Fantasyland, surrounded by over 40 Coats of Arms that symbolize someone who played a large role in the history of the Walt Disney Company. Guests will also get greeted by Disney Princesses, including Cinderella herself. Plus, you get to make a magic wish when you wish upon a star.
  5. The Mosaics Inside the Castle are Italian
    When you walk through the archway, you see the stained glass that tells the story of Cinderella. These 5 mosaics were created using over 300,000 pieces of Italian glass. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the glass is infused together using real 14k gold. No wands were used during the making, either.

  6. There’s a Secret Suite You can Stay In
    The original reason for the suite was so Walt Disney, his family, and executives could use it when visiting Walt Disney World. Unfortunately, Mr. Disney passed before it opened, and the suite remained unfinished for years. It was then used as a call center and dressing room, and then transformed into a beautiful 650-square foot “royal bedchamber,” that could hold 6 guests. From January 2007 to December 2009, the “Dream Site” was used as a prize for the Disney Dreams Giveaway. Now, it’s reserved for VIP guests of the Walt Disney World Company, celebrities, and giveaway winners only.
  7. There’s a Grandfather Clock that Won’t Make it to Midnight
    To add to the Disney World Cinderella Castle facts inside the structure, there’s a grandfather clock that stands in the Cinderella Castle Suite that features an enchanting detail. The clock sits at 11:59 pm, and does not move. This is so the guests’ magic will never have to end, and no carriages will turn into pumpkins.

  8. There is a Secret Show Not on The Schedule
    Many people don’t know about this two-minute show because it’s not found on the online schedule or available in the My Disney Experience app. This show is commonly known as the “Kiss Goodnight,” and it occurs about 30 minutes after the park officially closes for the night. It features Cinderella’s Castle twinkling, listening to “When You Wish Upon a Star,” and hearing part of Roy Disney’s Walt Disney World dedication speech. Think of it as Magic Kingdom’s way of saying goodbye.
  9. The Walt Disney Statue Secret
    Disney World castle facts don’t just stay inside or on the castle. The Partners Statue, which features Walt Disney and his buddy Mickey Mouse wasn’t added to the castle’s courtyard until 1995, 24 years after Magic Kingdom opened. Blaine Gibson was a former Disney animator and Imagineer, and hes the one who designed and sculpted the statue. He based his depiction of Walt on a bust he created in the 1960s. Gibson created the statue in 1 year. This was the second Partners Statue to be added to the parks (the first being in Disneyland in 1993). There are now 5 Partners Statues worldwide.

  10. The Castle is Inspired by Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
    The story of Cinderella was originally based off a story from Brothers Grimm, who were from Germany/German writers, so it only makes sense the castle was inspired by a German structure. The Neuschwanstein Castle is located in Bavaria, Germany, and features a white limestone façade and blue turrets, which looks pretty similar to Cinderella’s castle if you ask us!
  11. The Castle is Energy Efficient
    Not only are the approximate 200,000 LED lights beautiful to look at on the castle during the holiday season, but they’re also super energy efficient. In fact, all of those lights use about the same energy to power as it would to work an average clothing dryer.