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Guide to Disneyland Club 33

This article is your complete guide to Club 33 Membership 2022! Located in the heart of New Orleans Square, not far from popular attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion, lies Disneyland’s Club 33—and it’s likely that you’re dying to find a way in.

Most of the shows, rides and restaurants at Disneyland Resort are open to everyone. After all, the theme park giant didn’t become The Happiest Place on Earth by limiting its guests. However, there is one exclusive spot that continues to impress: Club 33.

Because Disneyland Club 33 is not open to the public, the dining experience is an elusive luxury that not all get to enjoy. But that doesn’t stop them from trying. A Club 33 membership is highly coveted, as it provides special access to all that the dining club has to offer.

But what is Club 33 at Disneyland, and why is it called Club 33? Read on to discover a little bit about the experience as well as how to become Club 33 members.

What is Disneyland Club 33?

Club 33 at Disneyland offers one-of-a-kind experiences to its Club 33 members as well as a range of specialty benefits. This hidden gem features a restaurant and the Salon Nouveau lounge as well as a gift shop with exclusive items that can only be found here.

How Did It Start and Why Is It Called Club 33?

The history of Disneyland Club 33 dates back to 1967, not long after Walt Disney passed away. One of the last projects Walt himself worked on, Club 33 was inspired by private lounges he saw at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. By opening Club 33 in California, Walt created a space where he could host executives, business partners and other VIPs in the theme park with some added privacy.

There are a number of rumors that have circulated over the years when guests ask, “Why is it called Club 33?” One thought as to why it is called Club 33 is that Disney named the club after the number of original investors in Disneyland Park while others claim, if you turn 33 sideways, you get “mm” for Mickey Mouse.

But, officially, to answer the question of why is it called Club 33, Disney says that it’s as simple as the address of the building: 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square.

So, Tell Me How to Join Club 33?

Your wish is my command.

Figuring out how to join Club 33 may be harder than you think. With a Club 33 membership waiting list that is typically years long, you’ll find you won’t be able to just sign up and step inside. In fact, some members waited as many as 14 years before they were able to join. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the wait.

When determining how to get into Club 33 Disneyland, the first step is reaching out to see if the waitlist is open (as it often isn’t). To do this, call the club directly at (714) 300-7747. In recent years, memberships are typically granted to those who are referred by current Club 33 members. Without this crucial component, you may not even be considered.

While the original Disneyland Club 33 remains the most popular, some may be wondering how to get into Club 33 Disney World. There is likely a wait there as well, but you can send an email to to inquire about adding your name to the Disney World Club 33 waiting list.

And those that want to know how to get into club 33 Disneyland without a membership? Your best bet is to find a friend or acquaintance that is already a member. Otherwise, the only thing you can do is simply join the Disney Club 33 waitlist.

How to join club 33 membership waiting list?

  • Call the club directly at (714) 300-7747
  • Email to
  • Ask a friend or acquaintance

How Much Does Club 33 Cost?

If you’re wondering, “How much is Club 33?”, you’re not alone. But the price tag might surprise you. While Disney does not reveal exactly how much the experience goes for, there have been hints from Club 33 members over the years.

So how much does it cost to join Club 33? Well, there are two charges that Club 33 members have to pay: an initiation fee and annual dues. Right now, the initiation fee is thought to be between $25,000 and $30,000 while the dues tend to average around $10,000 a year. There are different levels of membership that afford you different benefits.

What Benefits Do Club 33 Members Receive?

The main appeal of any Club 33 membership is the exclusive dining experience that takes place within the park. Open for lunch and dinner, diners are surrounded by lavish décor and special Disney touches while they savor innovative cuisine. Although a lot of the historical components were removed when the space was remodeled almost a decade ago, it now features a luxurious, modern atmosphere.

Aside from a chance to visit this exclusive restaurant, Club 33 members enjoy a number of other benefits as well. Though these are not officially published anywhere and are subject to change, they usually include things such as complimentary access to the California parks, passes for guests, a special identification card and valet parking. In addition, Club 33 members may rent out the club for special events, buy exclusive merchandise, receive behind-the-scenes tours and other perks.

Members are also granted access to 1901, a bar in Disney California Adventure Park’s Carthay Circle Restaurant that is reserved for Club 33 members.

What are the Club 33 benefits?

Where is Club 33 Located?

One of the most popular questions associated with this secret club is, “Where is Club 33 in Disneyland?” The easy answer is New Orleans Square. Originally, the entrance was a single door located to the right of Blue Bayou marked with a 33 placard. Now, since the renovation, guests enter through a new door, located further to the right along the same walkway. Spot the number 33 up high, etched in glass, with flickering lamps flanking the doorway.

In fact, simply looking up in New Orleans Square will give you a glimpse of the club, with the balconies above Pirates of the Caribbean housing its exclusive interior.

What Can I Expect When Visiting Club 33?

When visiting Club 33, a dress code will likely be in place. Typically, the club does not allow shorts of any kind. Other apparel that is not accepted includes tank tops, swimsuits, crop tops and flip-flops.

With limited capacity for seating guests, it’s recommended that you arrive within 30 minutes of your reservation in order to avoid cancellation. In fact, your best bet is to arrive at the park an hour before you’re scheduled to dine so that you have time to park, ride the tram and make the trek to New Orleans Square.

Push the speaker button to be granted access, then meet with the host or hostess to get your experience underway.

Do Any Other Disney Parks Have a Version of Club 33?

Historically, Disney fans have associated Club 33 with Disneyland Resort in California. But the exclusive offering has found its way into other parks as well. Find a Club 33 membership at Tokyo Disneyland as well as Shanghai Disney Resort, where the area has a “Fantasia” theme.

Walt Disney World actually has an iteration in each park, but they are lounges that lack the dining part of the experience. Each has a unique name—Captain’s Quarters near the Adventureland entrance at Magic Kingdom, the Constellation Club above the American Adventure Pavilion at Epcot, the Spotlight Lounge above the Brown Derby Restaurant at Hollywood Studios and Harambe House in Animal Kingdom’s Africa, the latter of which just opened in 2020.

Questions to ask when deciding if a Club 33 membership is worth it?

  • How often will I dine at Club 33?
  • What will the experience mean to me?
  • Can I afford the steep membership rates?
  • Am I willing to wait years for the chance to become a member?

All things considered, getting a Club 33 membership at Disneyland Resort isn’t an easy task. But it just may be worth the wait if you’re an avid Disney fan.