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Everything You Need to Know About Disney Magic Bands

Though many may not realize it, it’s been almost a decade since the Disney Magic Band was released at Walt Disney World. But with Magic Band + launching last summer and Disneyland hopping on board to incorporate the wristband technology before the end of this year, there have been more questions than ever on these handy little devices.

Whether you choose a solid color or fun character design, read on to discover all that the Walt Disney Magic Bands have to offer parkgoers.

What are Walt Disney Magic Bands?


With many Disney lovers wondering, “Do you get wristbands at Disney World?”, we thought we’d step in to clear the air and provide all of the information you could possibly need on the trending Disney Magic Band.

The question is, do you still need Magic Bands at Disney World? And we’re going to go with yes! These flexible silicone bracelets will make your trip smoother than ever, thanks to the RFID tags hidden inside. From entering the park to shopping within it, the Walt Disney Magic Bands provide a whole new experience—one that is quick and convenient.

In this article, we’ll detail all you need to know about purchasing, connecting and using your Disney Magic Band for your next magical Disney World Vacation.

The Many Uses of the Disney World Magic Band


There are a number of reasons to purchase MagicBands for Disney World, as it can be used for many different things within the resort campus.

So, do you need a Magic Band at Disney World? Probably not, but it will definitely make your life easier.

WDW Magic Bands can be used to enter the park (as long as you have a valid ticket for the day), to gain access to Lightning Lanes, to purchase food and drinks or merchandise within the park, and to link photos taken by Disney photographers. Those staying at Disney resorts can also use the Magic Band as a room key.

By having Disney bands for Disney World travel, you eliminate the need to take out park tickets, the Disney app or even a credit card throughout the day.

With all of these reasons to use a Magic Band, it may be worth it to get your hands on a Disney World Magic Band to ensure a smooth trip.

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Differences Between the Magic Band and the Magic Band+


Disney leveled up the Magic Band by releasing the Magic Band +. With the release of an upgraded wristband, you may be wondering, do you need a MagicBand at Disney World or should I spring for the Magic Band +?

While Disney World Florida Magic Bands are a great option on their own, some added elements make the Disney Magic Band + even more exciting. In addition to a slightly different shape, the Magic Band + also has haptic and light-up features—which are especially exciting during the parks’ nighttime spectaculars.

The Magic Band + can also be used to take part in digital games and other immersive experiences, like Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunters, at the Walt Disney World Resort.

And, if you’re wondering, are Magic Band Plus waterproof, the answer is yes, just like the original Disney Magic Bands, the Magic Band + is waterproof for both water rides and swimming pools.

How Much are Magic Bands at Disney World?


Another question that many are asking is, do you have to pay for Magic Bands? And, unfortunately, the answer is yes. After all, Disney doesn’t offer much for free. But the pros just might outweigh the cons.

As for how much are Magic Bands at Disney World, it appears that the Magic Band + is all that is for sale right now on shopDisney. You may be able to find other options in the parks that are cheaper (starting at $12). The most basic Magic Band Disney World color ways are currently retailing for $34.99 while themed bands with designs are listed at $44.99. A select few limited edition bands are also being sold for $54.99.

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How to Connect Magic Bands for Disney World to the App


Now, we will reveal how to add a Magic Band to the My Disney Experience app. It’s easier than you may think.

After you’ve purchased your DisneyWorld Magic Bands and downloaded the app, open it and turn on the Magic Band by pressing the power button on the back one time. Tap the band to your phone and follow the instructions in the app, which will help you link it to your account, assign it to someone else and pair it with your cell phone.

Then, using the app, you can check the battery level of your Magic Bands for Disney World, link your park tickets and reservations, choose a custom light theme and adjust other wristband settings.

Using Magic Bands Disney World Within the Parks

After all of this, if you’re still wondering, do I need Magic Bands for Disney World, we’ll offer a few reasons that these wristbands are helpful within the parks and reveal how to use them.

Those staying at Disney World hotels can charge purchases to their room—we’re talking food, drinks and even merchandise. This makes it super easy to keep up with the chaos of the parks without having to take your wallet out all of the time. Unfortunately, this benefit doesn’t apply to those who are staying off-property.

But when using Magic Bands Disney World also offers the chance to gain entrance to the parks, scan into Lightning Lanes and connect your PhotoPass pictures.

To use the Magic Band in the parks, simply tap your wristband to the appropriate tapstile. They will light up green and voila—easy as can be!

Do I Need a Magic Band at Disney?


Of course, for those asking, are Magic Bands required at Disney, the answer is no. They’re definitely not required. But follow that up with another question: do I need a Magic Band at Disney? To that, we say heck yes!

To get the full Disney experience Magic Band makes a huge difference. You will be more focused on what is going on around you and less likely to lose things are you rifle around in your bags. Plus, because of Disney Magic Bands waterproof qualities, you won’t even remember you’re wearing it, as you can leave it on all day and only use it when needed.

We say that the Magic Band—specifically the Magic Band ­+—is worth the money for the many uses you’ll get out of it, and all of the ways it will help make your vacation one to remember.

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Disney Magic Band and Magic Band + FAQ 2023


Q: What are Magic Bands?

A: The Magic Band is a device that can be worn on the wrist to enhance your park experiences and make your day easier. An RFID tag inside allows you to scan it to complete various actions, such as entering the park.

Q: What can you use a WDW Magic Band for?

A: The WDW Magic Band has many uses. Those staying on-property can use it as a room key as well as to purchase food, drinks or merchandise. Whether staying on-property or not, Magic Band users can scan their wristband to enter the park, access Lightning Lanes, connect PhotoPass pictures and more.

Q: What is the difference between Disney Magic Band and Disney MagicBand +?

A: The Disney Magic Band is the first iteration of the wristband. The newer version, Disney MagicBand +, has a slightly different shape, utilizes haptic and light-up features, can be used for in-park games and is rechargeable. It will also be able to be used at Disneyland, once Magic Band is rolled out on the West Coast.

Q: How much does the Magic Band cost?

A: There are various price levels for the Magic Band, with only the Magic Band + currently being offered. Basic versions currently started at $34.99, while patterned versions and limited edition bracelets are going for $44.99 and $54.99, respectively.

Q: How do you connect the Magic Band to the My Disney Experience app?

A: Download and open the app, press the power button on the back of the Magic Band once, then tap it against your phone and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up and adjust settings.

Q: How do you use the Magic Band in the parks?

A: Simply tap the Magic Band at relevant tapstiles. They will light up green and you know you are good to go.

Q: Do I need a MagicBand for Disney World?

A: These Disney World wrist bands may not be required, but we’d say yes, you definitely need one to mainstream your experience and make everything easier.

Q: Are Magic Bands waterproof?

A: Yes, Magic Bands are waterproof and can be worn both on water attractions and in swimming pools with no damage.

Q: Can you reuse a Magic Band?

A: Yes, Magic Bands are totally reusable! Use them as many times as you’d like—every time to visit the parks.

Q: Can you recharge a Magic Band?

A: While the original Magic Band is not rechargeable, the new Magic Band + is.

Q: Can you have multiple Disney Magic Bands to cycle through?

A: Yes, you are able to connect more than one Magic Band to your account.

Q: Is the Magic Band also available at Disneyland in California?

A: Disneyland is planning to roll out a Magic Band system this year; the bands are already being sold in the California parks, though there is no infrastructure yet to be able to use them. It should be in full effect by the end of 2023, if not sooner.

Q: Can you use the same Magic Band at Walt Disney World and Disneyland?

A: While Disneyland will not be capable of scanning original Magic Band wristbands, those with Magic Band + wristbands will be able to use them on both coasts.

Q: Where can I buy a Magic Band?

A: There are a number of places to buy a Magic Band, including:

  • Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs
  • Disneyland: Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure, Downtown Disney
  • Disney resort merchandise shops
  • Online: ShopDisney (pre-order for your trip!)

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