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How to Get to Universal from Disney World and Back!

This is your complete guide when planning on how to get from Disney world to Universal Studios! Orlando, Florida is full of fun and adventure. Sometimes, it may seem near-impossible to try and squeeze all of it into a short vacation. But what if we told you there was a way to maximize your fun?

Universal Studios and Disney World are two of the biggest theme parks in Orlando (coincidence how both have a “global” theme to it?). Just trying to do all of their parks in a short amount of time seems tough, but you want to maximize your time spent in the Florida sun. We’ve got some ways to get the most out of your trip by planning how to get from Disney World to Universal Studios and vice versa.


How Do I Get from Disney to Universal Studios?

Disney World and Universal Studios are roughly around 8 miles apart. Depending on traffic, the average travel time between the two is about 20 minutes. Which, generally, doesn’t make getting to Universal from Disney World too difficult. But, how do I get to Universal Studios from Disney World if I don’t have my own means of transportation?

Here are some ways to get to Universal from Disney:

  • Arrange shuttle transportation
  • Take an Uber
  • Rent a car in Orlando

Is There Transportation From Disney Resorts to Universal Studios?

If you’re looking to take transportation from Disney to Universal, both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando offer shuttle services between their resorts and affiliated theme parks. Transportation from Universal Studios Orlando to Disney World and vice versa may include transferring shuttles from one to the other. Typically, the shuttle from Universal to Disney World runs every 20-30 minutes depending on which entrance of the Universal or Disney property you depart from.


What is the Shuttle to Universal Studios Orlando from Disney?

The Disney World to Universal Studios shuttle is run by the Mears Transportation Group. This popular option helps many families transfer from Disney’s on-property resorts to Universal Studios.


How Much is the Shuttle Transportation Between Disney World and Universal?

Now with the Mears Connect replacing the Magical Express, we expected that Mears might also change the pricing of their Orlando area shuttle service. The shuttle to Universal Studios Orlando from Disney is a shared shuttle experience with others staying in the area.

Round trip Universal Orlando transportation from Disney costs $24 per person, and free for children under 3. It looks as if children over the age of 3 are the same price as adults.

Mears Shuttle Service Prices – Disney to Universal Studios

  • Round trip per person – $24
  • One way per person – $12

How to Get From Universal Studios to Disney World via Ridesharing Apps

You can get from Universal Studios Orlando to Disney World easily through Orlando’s ridesharing services. The rideshare may cost a little more depending on popularity and time of day, but transportation between Disney and Universal is easy, as you don’t have to pay for parking or worry about making multiple stops on the route.


How to Get to Disney from Universal by Taxi

Although rideshare apps seem to be taking on the country by storm, you can still find a traditional taxi in Orlando. They are usually conveniently located outside of your hotel and you don’t need a smartphone to help you out. There are a few different taxi companies in the area, however, Mears Transportation Group (the same company as the shuttle) is the most popular/biggest to get you from Universal Studios Florida to Disney World.


Getting from Disney World to Universal Studios with a Rental Car

This will definitely be the most expensive Universal Studios transportation from Disney World, but if you like to be in control of your own time, then this option is for you. Having your own car allows you to get from Universal to Disney Orlando when you want to on your own schedule, and you don’t have to rely on a public transportation route. This makes getting to Universal Studios from Disney resorts much easier and convenient. Plus, it gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace.

You can typically get a rental car (with advance notice) at the airport, but Disney also offers Disney’s Care Care Center, which is a full-service automotive center offering auto repairs and roadside assistance for guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort.

However, not only is a car rental pricier than public transportation, you also need to consider parking fees for the garages and lots at both Universal Studios and Disney World. Regular parking at Universal for the park is $20, while standard parking at Disney World is typically $22. This makes travel from Disney to Universal a bit pricey.


How to get From Downtown Disney to Universal Studios

Disney Springs, formally known as Downtown Disney, is a great place for shops, dining, and entertainment. If you want to balance a day of thrill-seeking rides at Universal Studios with a calmer day of cuisine and shopping at the Springs, then a combination of the two seems like a great day to us!

Getting from Disney Springs to Universal Studios is easy and similar to the other solutions. You can take the Line 303 bus from the Disney Springs Superstop as well as another bus, taxi, or rideshare. The Line 303 bus takes about 30 minutes and costs about $2, which makes it a cheap and efficient way to get to the park.


Universal Studios Orlando Tickets With Transportation from Disney World

You can get Universal Studios Orlando tickets with transportation from Disney in a bundle package if you wanted to add a little Universal to your Disney trip. If you are staying at Disney World, you can purchase a Universal Studios 1-Day/1-Park pass, or a 2-Day/2 Park pass. These Universal tickets with transportation includes round-trip in the shuttle provided by the Mears Transportation Group, making getting to Universal Studios a breeze.

The Best Way to get From Universal Studios to Disney World


All in all, you decide on what the best way to get from Disney to Universal is depending on your needs and desires. And sometimes, figuring out how to get to Universal from Disney World may be the hardest part of planning. But now that you know how to get from Universal Studios to Disney World, and the opposite, you can hopefully start planning your exciting, fun-filled trip with endless possibilities.

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