Complete Guide to Pop Century Vs Art of Animation

This article is your complete guide to Pop Century VS Art of Animation resort! We know when deciding on which Disney resort to stay in, there seems like an endless amount of options. When thinking of fairly inexpensive, kid friendly, and fun themes, Pop Century and Art of Animation are two unique choices. When doing your research, you’re not sure which to choose, Disney Art of Animation or Pop Century. This guide will help you choose which hotel is the best for your next trip.

Pop Century Vs Art of Animation Similarities


The same layout idea was instilled in each resort. Both resorts have designated sections dedicated to different themes, with the main building consisting of the lobby, food court, and a store at the front of the resort. Each resort has multiple pools as well. The resorts use the Magical Express to take you to the airport, bus transportation to the parks, the ability to participate in Extra Magic Hours, ability to book Fastpasses 60 days in advance, and provision of Magic Bands.

The coolest feature? Both resorts are located on the Skyliner route for easy transportation to Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and other resorts.

If you want to walk from Pop Century to Art of Animation, it’s super easy! These resorts are connected by a walking bridge that crosses over Hourglass Lake, so you can always hop from one resort to the other.

Disney Pop Century Vs Art of Animation Differences

While there are many similarities between the two resorts, both have differences that make them unique.

When Was Art of Animation Built?

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort opened on May 31, 2012. Since then, all the rooms at Art of Animation have been refurbished. Art of Animation rooms are also 17 square feet bigger than the rooms in Pop Century.

When Was Pop Century Built?

Disney’s Pop Century Resort opened on December 14, 2003. However, it was refurbished in early 2018 and now consists of hardwood floors in the rooms.

Art of Animation or Pop Century Themes


Pop Century’s theme features decades and dates from the 1950s up to the 1990s. Each section is its own decade. In each section, you will see different decorations and hear different music. It’s a fun time exploring each section and feeling like you’ve thrown yourself into the decade.

In Art of Animation, the resort takes you through the process of bringing animated Disney films to life. However, their focus moves towards the animation of Cars, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid. Each section has rough sketches from the four movies as well as bright colors. There is so much art supplies surrounding you you’ll feel like you’re the artist.

Disney Art of Animation Vs Pop Century Food Courts

The Art of Animation food court called “Landscape of Flavors,” is divided into The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Cars, and Finding Nemo-themed seating areas. The food court at Art of Animation is also separated into five distinct food shops where each section is its own theme, including both international and American fares. This casual dining venue serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily.

The Pop Century food court is “Everything POP Shopping and Dining.” This space serves everything from small and large plates, breakfast to dessert. There are various stations serving up different and similar foods from one another, and in the middle of the food court is a refrigerated area for “quick grab items” and beverages.

Does Disney Pop Century Have Microwaves?

Although there are no microwaves in the rooms, guests are able to find microwaves for their use within the Everything POP Shopping and Dining section. You can ask the nearest Cast Member for help.

How Many Pools Does Art of Animation Have?

Art of Animation consists of three pools:

  1. The Big Blue Pool– Inspired by Finding Nemo, the pool contains over 308,527 gallons of water. The zero-entry pool includes set pieces on Nemo, Crush, and other beloved characters. The little swimmers can enjoy the Schoolyard Sprayground, and there are drinks and snacks at the Drop Off pool bar.
  2. Cozy Cone Pool– The cone-shaped cabanas are a staple at this Cozy Cone Motel swimming pool inspired by the movie, Cars. Life-sized models of the beloved Cars characters greet you around the pool.
  3. Flippin’ Fins Pool-Dedicated to the Disney movie, The Little Mermaid, this pool features the “Under the Sea Orchestra” conducted by Sebastian.

What Time Does the Big Blue Pool Close?

The main pool at the Art of Animation, the Big Blue Pool, is the single largest hotel pool at Walt Disney World Resort. Every day of the week, the pool opens at 10AM and closes t 8PM.

How Many Pools Does Pop Century Have?

Pop Century has three pools:

  1. Hippy Dippy Pool– Vibe with this 60’s themed pool. The largest of the three, the pool consists of flower-shaped water jets and a relaxed vibe.
  2. Bowling Pool– This 50’s inspired pool is shaped like a bowling pin for fifties fun!
  3. Computer Pool– If you can guess it, this pool is shaped as a computer to match the 90s theme. It also includes a giant floppy disc and keypad.

What Park is Art of Animation Closest To?

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is adjacent to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. The Art of Animation Resort distance to Magic Kingdom is about an 11 minute drive, a little over 6 miles.

What Park is Pop Century Closest To?

Pop Century is closest to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, as they’re both only 3 miles from the resort.

Does Pop Century Have Family Suites?

Pop Century features a standard room, a standard pool view room, a preferred room, and a preferred pool view room. Each room sleeps up to four adults. However, it does not have a family suite.

Does Art of Animation Have Family Suites?

Art of Animation can accommodate parties up to six people in their family suites and are inspired by some of the fan-favorite animated movies. Family suites include a bedroom with one queen-size bed, one double-size convertible TableBed, one double-size sleeper sofa, a living room, two bathrooms and a kitchenette. The Art of Animation family suite square feet is 565.

What is a Disney Preferred Room Vs. Standard?

A standard vs. a preferred room at Walt Disney World depends on location. Preferred rooms are located closer to the main transportation center, the pool, or the dining area. If you choose a preferred room, you will be paying extra per night as opposed to a standard room.

What are the Art of Animation Vs Pop Century Room Rates?

Both Pop Century and Art of Animation hotels are Value Resorts, meaning you are getting some of the cheapest rooms on Disney property. It’s worth staying here for the great deals and fun themes as well as the amenities and quality rooms. Typically, the Art of Animation rooms are usually more expensive than the Pop Century rooms. However, prices are always changing due to the time of year and crowds.

Art of Animation Prices

On average, Art of Animation rooms (based off the standard Little Mermaid Rooms) range from $200 to $250 per night. The Family Suites typically range from $540 to $560 per night.

Pop Century Resort Prices

Typically, Pop Century rooms range from $190 to $240 per night.

If you want some Pop Century and Art of Animation insider tips…we always think it’s best to get a feel for Disney’s busy season using our crowd calendar. This will help plan with ease and help to avoid busy seasons and score cheaper deals!

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